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Monday, December 25, 2023

What about the Meatpacking District?

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


Meatpacking District
Meatpacking district NYC
Image source: Ajay Goel/ Flickr

What about the Meatpacking District?

When we talk about fashion stores, we are immediately represented by Fifth Avenue or at most Soho, but I don't see talking about the Meatpacking district. If you haven't heard of this new icon of New York Fashion yet, I'll give you some information

When we talk about fashion stores, we are immediately represented by Fifth Avenue or at most Soho, but I don't see talking about the meat district. If you haven't heard of this new icon of New York Fashion yet, I'll give you some information.

Meatpacking District  is a small area of ​​Greenwich Village that is along the Hudson River. Until very recently, animals were only slaughtered here in more than 200 slaughterhouses, from where the meat was distributed to restaurants and butcher shops in the city and surroundings. Today there are only 35 meatpackers left, some along Horatio and West streets. Some visionaries, or rather entrepreneurs with few financial resources, opened some bars here in the 1980s. Whores, transvestites, drag queens, club kids and nightlife in general, mixed until the wee hours of the morning with rats the size of rabbits and other fauna. In 1985, the Florent restaurant was opened, which serves food 24 hours a day and is a myth in the district. Then came alternative rock clubs like Baktun and The Cooler. And from here on, the hunting season opened for the best place for shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. The first to settle feared the worst because of the turn that this interest was taking by some of the most prestigious businessmen and new rich. For this reason Florent Morellet (owner of Florent) and Jo Hamilton created an association called "Save the Gansevoort" as a desperate cry for Meatpacking not to follow in the footsteps of Soho and Tribeca. The distress call served so that on September 9, 2003 a part of the area formed by 12 blocks was named Historic District. However, before this happened, a hotel had already been planted that stands out and far above all the low houses in the neighborhood. The hotel, of course, is called Gansevoort and it's a luxury hotel, with a roof terrace with a heated pool and a party area for the beautiful people. Fashion designers have also opened their boutiques such as Stella McCartney, Jeffrey Kalinsky, Lucy Barnes or Alexander McQueen.

The Meatpacking restaurants and cafes are the talk of the town. Florent went first. Do not expect luxury, not even a spectacular facade. During the day, if the sun shines, you will see people sitting at the metal tables and chairs on the sidewalk of this restaurant that is open all day. Pastis is the most famous restaurant. Its red awnings can be seen from afar. This restaurant belongs to Keith McNally, a guy who was born with a star and his business is synonymous with success. It is a French style cafe, cozy, always crowded. If you don't know this restaurant, it won't be because it hasn't appeared dozens of times in the Sex and the City series, as it was a regular meeting place for the four protagonists. The third in contention is Markt. Be prepared to go from one side of the long bar to the other to get served.

And to go out at night? Well, get handsome or pretty and go to Heaven, Lotus, Double Seven or PM.

This is roughly the new oasis of Manhattan. On your next visit I recommend you not to miss it. Take the subway on the ACE lines and get off at the 14th Street Station.

This is the north end of Meatpacking district. Go down south, heading for 13th and Gansevoort streets. Perhaps you will be a little hesitant due to the lonely and dilapidated atmosphere of some streets. Don't worry, it's an authentic atmosphere (yet). If you dare, do not miss the sunset. The reflection of the sun at sunset with the cobblestones on the ground is wonderful.

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