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Monday, December 25, 2023

The Flatiron Building is New York City's architectural masterpiece.

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


Flatiron Building
Flatiron building apartments

Flatiron building NYC

As a rule, in any large city there is a building that acts as a business card.

For example, the capital of France (Paris) has the Eiffel Tower, the Russian capital (Moscow) has the Kremlin, India capital (Delhi) has the Taj Mahal and New York is famous for its unusual skyscrapers.

One of these famous buildings is the Flatiron Building, erected in Manhattan.

The Flatiron Building is New York City's architectural masterpiece.


Skyscraper Flatiron Building apartments is made in the form of an iron, its height is 83 meters, however, in spite of everything, it looks elegant. The building was built in the genre of classical and neoclassical architecture of the twentieth century. There is nothing superfluous and flashy in it.

The design is the simplest, the windows are decorated with large-scale images, an unusual relief is created due to the in-depth fit of the windows. The building is decorated with elements of various shapes (columns, lion heads, Greek-style masks, wreaths, geometric patterns).

The frame of the structure, made of metal, stretching upwards, has a terracotta cladding. The frame made of steel gives special strength to the structure - this was an innovation at that time.

The Flatiron Building is a symbol of New America because it was built on the edge of future progress in science and technology. If you look at the building, being next to it, it seems that you are standing in front of a giant ocean liner. The traffic moving around the building gives the impression that the skyscraper itself is in motion.

The skyscraper has 21 floors, the most fascinating view opens from the corner rooms of the building. It is interesting that from different angles the building looks completely different. It may look like a column, be like a ship, or rise up like a wall.

Flatiron Building
Flatiron building structure

Design and construction history of the building

Before the building was built, the area under it changed owners several times. The land was empty for a long time, while some disagreements between government agencies and property owners were settled.

As a result, the land was purchased by George Fuller, who was a shareholder in one of the well-known construction companies. It was he who came up with the idea of ​​​​creating this structure.


The triangular shape was popular during this period, as it looked like an ocean liner, which was the epitome of the technological development of the last century. The majestic and impregnable appearance of these ships became a source of inspiration for the creator of the project (architect and engineer) Daniel H. Burnham.

His professionalism was widely known, so the director of the Fuller Company hired this particular specialist in his field. The talented master managed to make the most of that piece of land at the intersection of two New York streets, which was allotted for construction. The triangular version of the Flatiron Building was an ingenious solution.

Construction began in 1901, and a couple of years later the building was ready. Frame technologies were used in the construction, therefore, the skyscraper is the first building consisting of a large number of floors, which was erected using metal beams.

The use of this design has significantly reduced the construction time. Today, the Flatiron Building is a decoration of the city, which is appreciated not only by local residents, but also by travelers who visit New York.


The history of the name

As a rule, tourists ask the question what does "Flatiron Building" mean? Translated into Russian, it sounds - "iron", but the name arose not by chance. At that time, all the buildings built at the intersection of three streets had just such names.

Initially, such a structure was built in Philadelphia, then in New York and was nicknamed the Flatiron Building. Even taking into account the fact that quite a lot of time has passed since the construction, the building still has a modern majestic look and attracts the eyes of tourists, while being the pride of local residents.

Subsequent history

After the commissioning of the skyscraper, some engineers and builders allowed themselves sceptical statements about him. For example, according to a journalist from a popular architectural publishing house, the building is clumsy and built without effort to give it an attractive appearance. In addition, there were often words of criticism against the many windows in the building.

But, despite the unflattering comments, the "iron house" was in demand among tenants. Already after six months of its existence, almost all the premises inside the building were leased for offices.


Because of this unique building form, many of the rooms were rented by famous artists and other creative people, so Fifth Avenue is considered one of the most prestigious urban areas.

Building use

For almost a century of its existence, the building was used as offices. During the First World War, it housed Russian military personnel who were engaged in the purchase of military equipment in America.

The skyscraper changed owners several times. In 2020, 50% of the building was bought by the investment company Sorgente Group in order to convert it into a modern comfortable hotel. Today, this idea is not yet feasible, because many tenants have long-term lease agreements.

skyscraper status

Today, the building houses several headquarters of well-known United States corporations, as well as a large number of popular publishing houses.

In addition, the building is not only a place for offices and a symbol of the city, but also a landmark of the state, which is listed in the US National Register. Therefore, many tourists tend to come here to take memorable photos against the backdrop of the Flatiron Building. It is one of the most visited and photographed places in the world.


The skyscraper is often used in TV commercials and documentaries as one of the most recognizable buildings in New York.

Interesting Facts

There is one funny thing about this building. At the beginning of this century, several women's clothing stores were located next to it.

Women going to the boutiques tried to bypass the skyscraper from the other side, as in one section of the path the ladies' skirts flew up due to the fact that the walls of the structure, converging together at an acute angle, created air movement similar to a wind tunnel.

This funny spectacle gathered crowds of onlookers here, and the fact itself became part of pop culture. There are many photos and postcards depicting an "iron house" and representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with skirts raised from the wind.


While in New York, you should definitely visit Flatiron Building this unique place, which is rightfully considered an architectural masterpiece. The building, for sure, will make a lasting impression on any tourist. 

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