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Monday, December 25, 2023

The High Line - Walking tour & things to do in High line park

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


The High Line
The high line park NYC

The High Line

One of the most famous urban parks in the world, High Line is a unique mix of the industrial past, modern architecture, constantly changing art exhibits and incredible views of the city. The former railway-overpass, from which the urban oasis was made, is a favorite place for citizens and tourists to meet and walk.

High Line Map PDF→

Where is the High Line Park

Spread along Manhattan's 10th Avenue, the 2.5-kilometer-long park runs through the western part of the city - from the Meatpacking District through Chelsea to Hudson Yards.

Entrance of the high line park
Entrance to the park on Gansevoort street
Image source: Wikimedia

It is better to start walking through the park from its southernmost point, which is located here  - Google map (intersection of Gansevoort Street and Washington Street), the end of the park is located on the unfinished section of the Hudson Yards area on West 34th Street.

Between these two points, access to the High Line is possible via stairs and/or elevators at nine locations, as follows:

14th Street, 16th Street, 17th Street, 20th Street, 23rd Street, 26th Street, 28th Street, 30th Street near 10th Avenue; 30th Street at the intersection with 11th Avenue.

Walk in the High Line

You can also, of course, explore New York's High Line on foot! By the way, admission to the park is free, and this is the ideal route to get to Greenwich Village via Chelsea from the new Hudson Yards or vice versa. Here is the High Line route I recommend:

You can get to the very beginning of the High Line on 34th Street between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues. Entry to the High Line is via a wheelchair accessible ramp. Before you start your walk, visit the Hudson Yards area to take a look at the Vessel building with its impressive architecture. The same area is home to The Edge, New York's highest open-air observation deck.

It is best to walk at your own pace. You can stop to admire the view and take beautiful city skyline shots in this typical New York City industrial area. While walking through the High Line, you will see the following famous places:

  • Transition to them. Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone between 25th and 27th streets. You will climb to the very tops of the trees.
  • Tenth Avenue area overlooking 17th Street. Take a seat in this open-air amphitheater and look out over the bustling city. Performances are also held regularly at this venue.
  • Chelsea shopping arcade between 15th and 16th streets. Take a break for a bite to eat at Chelsea Market. This market is located on the site of a former biscuit factory (Nabisco).
  • Tiffany & Co. site Foundation overlooking Gansevoort Street. Here you will see the street that forms the southern boundary of the High Line. Behind it, in the 1980s, new housing began to be built on the site of the railway.

Passing through the High Line, you will reach the busy streets of New York at the intersection of Gansevoort Street and Washington Street. From there you can walk to Greenwich Village NYC. The area is known for its relaxed atmosphere and filming locations for several TV series!

Address: high line park, 529 west 20th street, suite 8w, new york, ny 10011

Opening hours:

The park is open from 7 am every day and closes at 19:00 or 23:00, depending on the season.

High Line Railroad

The High Line is located on a former railway freight train trestle built in 1930. By the way, its length is 2.3 kilometer. Since 1934, the railroad, parallel to Tenth Avenue, was intended for freight transportation to warehouses and businesses located in midtown Manhattan. Over time, trucks began to be in great demand, and the railway overpass was no longer needed. In 1980, the last freight train passed along this line.

In 2003, it was estimated that $150 million was needed to build the park. The city authorities refused to allocate such an amount. But due to the growth of the real estate market in the area of ​​the park, the mayor's office decided to build this grandiose project.

In 2006, construction began on the first three parts of the park, and in 2009 the first part was opened to visitors. In July 2011, the second part of the park opened. After the completion of the last works, the park started operating in September 2014. In the summer of 2019, an additional section of the High Line called the Spur opened above Tenth Avenue and 30th Street. This section is the last remaining part of the original rail construction.

Things to do in High Line

The park is hardly suitable for active pastime, but lovers of leisurely walks and relaxation in sun loungers under the rays of the sun will like the place. The constant change of art installations, thoughtful landscape design and stunning urban views will delight connoisseurs of beauty.


The Highline aerial view New York park Chelsea

Since the park rises 9 meters above the streets and lanes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unusual panoramas.


High line street art
53.HighLinePark.Chelsea.NYC -
image source: Flickr/Elvert Barnes

Temporary public art objects, exhibitions, performances, plays  and video screenings are developed and approved by Friends of the High Line. A calendar of these events, times and venues can be found here→


The high line
High line park
Image source: Wikimedia

Do not pass by famous architectural structures, both old and new, such as:

  • Chelsea Market (Chelsea Market) - a building built in 1890. It used to be the Nabisco factory where the famous Oreo cookies were made. It is located between West 15th and West 16th streets.
  • 520 west 28 - the project of one of the most famous women architects in the world, Zaha Hadid.
  • IAC Building - the creation of the famous American architect Frank Gehry and the headquarters of the Internet corporation InterActiveCorp.
  • Chelsea Nouvel is a 23-story high-rise residential building designed by architect Jean Nouvel. 

Tour of the High Line

If you want to learn more about the history of the High Line (dating back to 1847!), book this walking tour. During the 2-hour tour, you'll learn about New York's "West Side Cowboys" and the variety of plants that make the 2.33 km park so special. After a walk through the park, you will visit the White Star Pier, where passengers who survived the wreck of the Titanic landed, as well as the Nabisco factory, where the famous Oreo Cookie was invented. I recommend going on this tour at a time when everything in the park is in bloom. This is from March to October.

Where to stay near The High line

Where to eat in the High Line

High Line Park offers several cozy picnic areas. Fortunately, there is a food court on site, which is located between West 15th and West 16th streets. Show on map →

Since the park runs through several districts, there are a large number of different establishments along the High Line.

We recommend visiting:

  • Chelsea Market is a large mall with over 35 cafes. 
  • Gansevoort Market is an  indoor market  with over 15 cafes. 
  • Artichoke pizza is one of the most popular pizza chains in the city. 
  • Standard Biergarten - for the thirsty cold German/Austrian beer, with snacks like grilled sausages and salted pretzels. 
  • Empire Diner is a classic diner with a modern twist. 
  • Hudson Yards is the city's newest mall and has some good cafes and restaurants. 

The park also has public toilets in the 16th Street area.

Travelerlifes advice:

In my opinion, the High Line Park is a unique and unusual place in New York. The park has beautiful alleys, a unique view of the city and urban nature. The High Line is especially beautiful in spring and summer. You won't see any foliage in winter, but the park is still worth a visit.

High Line park NYC - Manhattan - New York City

Where does the High Line start and end?

The High Line Park runs between Gansevoort Street and 34th Street and has several entrances along the way. You can go in any direction, so there is no beginning or end in the High Line.

How long does it take to walk around the High Line?

The High Line Park in New York is 2.4 km long and takes about 30 minutes to walk.

Why is the High Line so popular?

The High Line Park is located on an abandoned railway overpass. It is a green oasis with stunning views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Read more about the popular park here.


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