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Monday, December 25, 2023

Discovering Central Park Statues in a space of music, fairies and angels

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

You can explore it on foot, by bicycle, by carriage, rollerblading, skating or camping. Everything is possible respecting the rules.

Central park, NY
Central park, NY

Central Park is almost 4 km long and about 800 meters wide. From 59th Street to 110th Street, and between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, this large rectangle of vegetation stretches out, which is a lung for New York City.

It is surrounded by some of the most exclusive residential buildings in New York and has some very popular neighborhoods as neighbors to the North.

Central Park: discovering statues

You can explore it on foot, by bicycle, by carriage, rollerblading, skating or camping. Everything is possible respecting the rules.

In its fountains, accesses and paths, you will be able to find more than 50 sculptures that you will enjoy very much when you find them. It is easy to get lost and I have never been able to see them all in the same route, because it is inevitable to get distracted and forget about the map that we add here, trying to help you to see them all.

The most emblematic monument of Central Park is the Bethesda Fountain, thousands of times filmed and recorded in movies and series.

Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Fountain
image source: Wikimedia

Walk of the Literati (Literary Walk)

Between the Bethesda Fountain and 65th Street you'll find the Literary Walk, part of Olmsted's original project to house most of the park's sculptures.

Since almost all the statues were of poets and writers, people began to call it Literary Walk.

Hans Christian Andersen statue, central Park
Hans Christian Andersen statue, central Park
Image source: Wikimedia

There you will find statues of key figures in English letters, obviously Shakespeare in a privileged place.


Alice in Wonderland

To the northeast of the walk of the literati, at the height of East 74th Street, is the statue of Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland.

Alice is together with the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and other characters from Lewis Carroll's story.

Alice in Wonderland statue, central Park
Alice in Wonderland statue, central Park
Image source: Wikimedia

The set is located to the north of the Conservatory Water, a shallow pond where young and old alike go to play with their model boats.

This huge sculpture was specially designed for children to climb. So feel free to climb on Alicia's skirts to take a fun photo.

Strawberry Fields

Although not exactly a statue, the Strawberry Fields Memorial (near the intersection of Central Park West and 72nd Street) is one of the most visited monuments in Central Park.

Strawberry fields, central park
Strawberry fields, central park
image source

The famous Imagine mosaic - a tribute to John Lennon in Central Park- is located in the center of a square that attracts many tourists and where it is common to hear street musicians in exchange for tips.

Duke Ellington Statue

Duke Ellington statue
Duke Ellington statue image source: Flickr/David Jones 

This statue is a tribute to jazz, which often goes unnoticed as it is far from the traditional tourist routes (5th Avenue with 110th Street).

The Central Park Obelisk

The oldest sculpture installed in Central Park is "Cleopatra's Needle" (located behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Central park obelisk
Central park obelisk
Image source: Wikimedia

It measures almost 22 meters and weighs close to 200 tons. It is worth getting closer to literally feel the weight of the years.

This is an authentic Egyptian obelisk commissioned by Thutmosis III around 1500 BC, which was donated to the city of New York by the Government of Egypt, as a gesture of appreciation for the help in the construction of the Suez Canal.

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