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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Baina beach - Located in Port town of Mormugao - Goa travel guide

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Sunday, February 5, 2023

There is a port in the natural harbor of Mormugao, and, accordingly, there is no beach in this area. However, the place is very colorful and attracts photographers and lovers of antiquity from all over the area with a preserved Portuguese fort and several Catholic churches

Baina Beach, Mormugao, goa
Baina Beach, Mormugao, goa 
Image source: Flickr/Joegoauk Goa

Baina Beach

Baina Beach in South Goa is famous for its shape - its several kilometers long coastline formed a lunar month. Here, according to local legends, new lives and destinies are born.

Next to Baina Beach in Goa is another beach - Velsao. 

Velsao can be easily reached on foot, taking a leisurely walk along the coast.

Baina Beach in Goa is located on the territory of the town or city of Mormugao. The beach is clean and deserted, which attracts lovers of peace and tranquility.

Nevertheless, within a radius of 5 km from the harbor - port there are indeed classic beaches. These places in Mormugao include three beaches: the closest to the port is the coast near the Japanese Garden, to the south - a very small Monkey Beach and, finally, the largest and most suitable beach for tourists - Baina.

It is Baina Beach that is usually presented when mentioning a beach holiday in Mormugao. The length of this beach is about 600 meters, the width is up to 70 meters. The coast is covered with fine sand.

Baina, Mormugao does not have a resort hotel sector, but you can find very inexpensive typical city hotels: without pools and with small rooms. There is enough budget housing in this area, all options on the map:

Hotels near Baina Beach, Mormugao - Map

Recreation and entertainment

There is no resort infrastructure on the shore: you can’t find sun loungers and snack bars so familiar to tourists in Goa. Mostly locals rest on this coast, and the beach is not popular among tourists due to its location near the port and the lack of amenities. In addition, Baina was extremely dirty for a long time, until in 2018 the authorities demolished the slums on the coast. As a result, the situation has improved - it has become noticeably cleaner on the shore, it has become much easier to find a clean site. Among the shortcomings, it is also worth noting the overpass under construction along the coast, which was promised to be completed in 2019. Tourists note all the shortcomings in reviews of Baina beach in Mormugao, where you can also find up-to-date information about the state of the coast.

Despite the lack of normal infrastructure, swimming off the coast is not prohibited, and local landscapes can give odds to some central beaches, especially during sunset. Tourists sometimes stop here for a few days to relax, have fun and fully enjoy the beauty of the local nature. People come here for beach festivals, cultural programs, amazing sunsets and a rich underwater world.

Baina is often used as a starting point for boat trips to nearby islands. The most popular island is Bat island, known as the island of bats. The name was not chosen by chance, it is here that a huge population of these amazing animals lives. But they come here mainly to see with their own eyes a one-of-a-kind underwater gallery. To see ocean life in all its splendor, use a special snorkel mask, which, like other equipment, can be rented on the beach.

Not far from the beach is the Mormugao port and the Naval Aviation Museum.

Near the beach there are shops with souvenirs, jewelry and other items made by local artisans from bone, wood, and metals. Inexpensive, and most importantly fresh, seafood is sold at the nearest market. It also sells spices, tea, fruits. Do not forget that here you can and should bargain, so a large price at first glance is easily halved.

Where to eat

There are almost no establishments on the shore. Only in the northern half of the beach there is a cafe serving various dishes of Indian and European cuisines. Therefore, the best option would be to get out to the city, where there are shops and supermarkets, as well as a market with fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Baina Beach in India is from October to March. During these months, a pleasant and cozy atmosphere reigns here.

At this time, stable warm weather is established with a minimum of precipitation. There are cafes on the beaches, various events and festivals are organized.

How to get to Baina Beach in Mormugao:

The location of the beach is near the small village of Baina. Nearby is the largest bus station in the Dabolim area - the Vasco da Gama bus station. On foot or by transport from the  airport to Baina beach in Mormugao about 4 km. You can take any flight to the Vasco da Gama bus station, and then it remains to walk about a kilometer to the coast. There are also trains from Margao to Vasco da Gama.

From other cities of Goa, including from the capital Panaji, you also need to get to the Vasco da Gama bus station. Travel time depends on the number of transfers, so it is more convenient to order a transfer, and, for example, combine a visit to the beach with an overview of the seaport or visit Mormugao before departure without staying too long.


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