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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Arambol Beach, Goa | Resorts, Hotels, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Arambol beach

Arambol is the largest and most suitable for tourism coastal village on the north coast of Goa. This resort is mainly popular with "savage" tourists: junkies, trancers, freaks and hippies. During the day, they fly kites, ride kites, meditate in the evenings, do yoga, and train fire show techniques.

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Arambol Beach, Goa | Resorts, Hotels, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

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Sunset on the beach in Arambol

Sunset on the beach is perfect for charging with positive, for communicating with nice people and for relaxation. You can just sit with everyone and look at the performance that is happening around you. Someone does capoeiro, contact improvisation, yoga, spins a hoop, dances, meets friends, sings, smiles at the world around, etc., all this joy is accompanied by the sounds of drums and other rhythmic musical instruments. Very impressive, I recommend.

Near the Hindu temple on Arambol mountain

In the middle of the beach, a little away from the sea, on a small hill (look at the map), a Hindu temple (Giroba Temple) was built, the temple is small and rarely visited, but great for watching the sunset.

On the rock of Kalach beach

My favorite place for Arambol sunsets is the rocks on Kalach Beach, there are almost never people here, always a great view of the sunset and a meditative way home. If you come here, then there is a high probability of meeting me here. :)

Arambol Beach, Goa | Resorts, Hotels, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
Image source: Joegoauk Goa/Flickr

What a tourist can do in Arambol

If you look at the map, it shows that Arambol consists of one single street that goes from the highway and ends right on the beach. You might think that Arambol is a boring place, because what could be interesting in a village with only one street? But no, life in this village will be more fun and diverse than on the mega tourist Calangute.

Food in Araboli Shek and street cafes

Eating delicious dishes of Indian and European cuisine, this is perhaps the most delicious Arambol occupation. In local sheks, everything is very tasty and inexpensive (unlike the more touristy places of Goa). You can eat in Arambol both in numerous beach shacks, of which there are a lot, and in small eateries on the only street, but I still recommend walking to the beach.

The only street in Arambol will lead you straight to the beach, i.e. an asphalt road just rests on a sandy beach. You can ride a moped to the beach and park your bike right on the beach. Near the parking lot you can find a cafe called German Bakery, where you can try both Indian and pseudo German sweets. The most popular desserts here are the following: banana, chocolate, mango, lemon and other exotic, and not at all German. 

On both sides of the entrance / entrance to the beach are the most popular cafes. On the right side there are cafes: Santana and Morning Star, here in the evenings there is live music and a lot of fun. On the left side of the entrance to the beach there are cafes: Fellini, Geckos and numerous Coconut. The listed sheks are open all year round and do not close during the non-tourist season, probably for this reason, these cafes are a cult meeting place for Arambol regulars.

A hundred meters to the north, where the beach runs into the rocks, there are several very atmospheric cafes located right on the rocky shore. Tables overlooking the sea fill up the fastest, so book your seats in advance.

If you walk along the beach towards Mandrem, then the abundance of shakes is even greater. It is difficult to choose the best beach shack, each one is somewhat different from the next and each has its own regular customers.

Each beach shack has its own sun loungers and umbrellas, a seating area closed from the sun and a WiFi hotspot, you just need to buy any dish or drink, and you can enjoy all these benefits - completely free of charge.

I recommend not limiting yourself to one shek, but tasting in different ones. In some sheks you can have a delicious meal, in others they make excellent fresh juices, and there are also those in which people are going to hang out and exchange fresh news. Food prices in most cafes in Goa are about the same, the difference is only in the atmosphere and popularity of the institution.

Yoga centers and retreats on Arambol beach

At the peak of the season, in Arambol you can find many schools and centers for meditation, yoga and other activities for self-development. Some are completely legal and useful, but there are also more controversial practices, it all depends on what you are looking for.

In coastal bungalow communes, all kinds of yoga are practiced, from the simplest, most accessible and everyday yoga, to Osho tantric meditations. If you walk along the evening promenade (on the Arambol beach), then there is a high probability of receiving an invitation to semi-legal practices, in the style of Vasco and the like. The organizers of such classes carefully select their adherents (at least they say so about it). They say there were sad cases of clouding of mind right during the Vasco ritual. Be careful in choosing entertainment.

Arambol Beach, Goa | Resorts, Hotels, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
Image source: Elen Dol /Flickr

Best session to go

The travel season in North Goa Arambol lasts from November to March. Sometimes the season can shift for a month in one direction or another. The rest of the months are too hot, plus it often rains monsoons.

If you take a one-way ticket to India Goa Arambol, then with a high degree of probability the road will lead you exactly here. During the tourist season, the weather is favorable, and the temperature rises no higher than 33 degrees. The water temperature is stable at 29 degrees.

How to get there

The remoteness of Arambol from Goa airport makes taxi trips very costly, but a taxi is the most convenient transport for vacationers.

You can use very budget buses that run around Goa. But there are no direct buses from Arambol to the airport, so you will have to travel with several transfers.

Your path will be as follows: from Goa airport you will reach the city of Vasco da Gama (10 minutes), then from Vasco da Gama to the capital of Panaji (30 minutes), then from Panaji to the city of mapusa (20 minutes), and from mapusa to Arambol (60 minutes).

The problem with local buses is that they will bring you to the intersection of the highway and the road to the resort village, you will have to stomp on foot to the beach.

From the train station to Arambol (step by step)

Early in the morning, the Goa Express train arrived in Goa. At South Goa Madgaon Station, life was seething and seething.

Here I am in Goa, my next task was to find housing. On my last trip to Goa, I often visited a popular and iconic place - Arambol. This time I decided to find accommodation in Arambol.

Having a little understanding of the logistics of Goa and the possibilities of local transport for the transport of passengers, my choice was the most budgetary Goan transport - local colorful buses.

The Madgaon railway station, in the city of Margao, confused me a little and I went out (following the majority of those who arrived) through the main gate to the street, but I had to go over the railway tracks and go a little up the road (from here it’s easier to leave by bus).

But this is India, and I didn’t have to wait long at the bus stop, an enterprising Indian in a minivan killed in the trash offered everyone a ride to the bus station at double the price of the bus, those who wanted to crowd twice as many as seats, it takes 10 minutes to go to the bus station, so all the service arranged. The fare from the railway station to the bus station is 20 rupees.

By the time the minivan arrived at the Margao bus station, the bus life on it was already seething and seething, barkers were shouting, merchants were trading, a few tourists were stupid in the morning, etc., in a word, the usual Goan life of the bus station. I buy a ticket for an express bus to the capital of Goa - Panaji and take a seat in a brand new Tata bus. The fare from Margao Bus Station to Panaji Bus Station is Rs 45.

Exactly 45 minutes later, I was already standing at the bus station in Panaji and, through the drawn-out screams of bus barkers, I was trying to find a bus in the direction of mapusa. Despite the many eateries and other train stations, I prefer to get to the famous market in Mapusa, which has several decent cafes. I find a bus to mapusa decorated according to all local rules and food. The fare from the Panaji bus station to the mapusa bus station is 20 - 25 rupees, depending on the carrier.

Half an hour later, I go out to the dusty market square in front of the market in mapusa and see that nothing has changed here since my last visit - that's good. Just like a few years ago, in the depths of a noisy market, a small cafe still operates. My breakfast cost a modest 50 rupees. I will write about this cafe and catering in Mapusa in the following posts about Goa. Be sure to visit the market in Mapusa - this is the most colorful place in all of Goa.

The next bus should take me to Arambol. The locals are helping with finding the right bus and the longest and most colorful bus ride of today is ahead. The fare from the bus station mapusa, before turning to Arambol 35 rupees. The duration of the journey strongly depends on the number of stops on demand, the bus route and the technical condition of the vehicle, under the most unfavorable circumstances, you will be on the road for no more than an hour and a half.

Arambol Hotels

Hotels and guesthouses in Arambol
Due to the fact that mainly budget tourists come to Arambol India, affordable bungalows can be found on Arambol beach. The cost of housing in Arambol ranges from 500-3000 rupees per house.

Pay attention to the guesthouse Ave Maria Guesthouse, located in the coastal zone. A room here will cost about 3,500 rupees per room. There are also many guesthouses located along the road. The cost of housing here is 2500-3500 rupees per house.

When looking for housing in Arambol Goa, always bargain with everyone. Because there is a high probability that you will pay for services several times more expensive than it really is.

If you have not booked accommodation in advance and are looking for it on the spot (many here do), be sure to bargain. Otherwise, there is a risk of overpaying twice or even three times.
If you plan to hang out in bars and you are not bothered by the noise from discos and the road, settle in the Main Road area. The most romantic place is in the rocks of Arambol, offering stunning views of the ocean, but there are also disadvantages: you have to climb up every day on foot, and at night there is no lighting and you can’t find your hut without a flashlight.

Those who come with a large company, especially for a long time, prefer to rent houses and villas. The cost of a house on the beach with two or three bedrooms is from 100 USD, a luxury villa with a garden will cost at least 200 USD per day.

Arambol beach reviews

Below we have collected the brightest reviews of tourists about Arambol beach.

It was busy but fun. If you love fun then this is the place for you.

Great ride after sunset. Drums, yogis, hang drums, Indian guitar. Here is the whole of Arambol in the evening. Lots of shek, lots of locals. All are cheerful and kind. In general, there is an atmosphere of celebration and relaxation every day. You can join any party and you will be welcome everywhere. If you want to show your talent, show it. In general, a miracle party!

Great beach, wide coastline, a sufficient number of sheiks, clean, not crowded, large parking for bikes.

Cool place, fun, a lot of interesting cool people, different musicians playing drums, guitars, harmonicas, and a lot of other things, there is something I may not have seen, but heard...))))

Favorite beach in North Goa, noisy, fun and the most beautiful sunset

Come in the morning - huge waves that turn over like in films, beautiful!

Arambol beach sunset video


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