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Friday, January 13, 2023

Baina Beach - Goa | Everything to know before visit

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Friday, January 13, 2023


  • Location:  South Goa
  • Coordinates:  15.389298,73.807234 (paste these coordinates into Google maps search bar and you will see the real position of the beach)
  • GPS coordinates:  15°23'21.47″N, 73°48'26.04″E
  • From Dabolim Airport:  1km
  • Nearest railway station:  Vasco Da Gama (600m)
  • Nearest city:  Mormugao
  • Best time to visit:  October - mid-March

  • Sights / Baina Beach: In addition to the underwater gallery mentioned above, you can visit the port of Mormugao (Mormugao port), as well as the Museum of Naval Aviation (Naval Aviation Museum).

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Baina Beach

Baina Beach Goa
Baina Beach Goa, India
image source: Joegoauk Goa/Flickr

Baina Beach is located in the western part of the Indian port city of Mormugao. The width of the sandy strip on Vasco Baina Beach is from fifty to one hundred meters, and the total length is just over a kilometer.

In this place, tourists calmly walk in the evenings, admire the sunrise, swim or go in for water sports. The beach has become more and more "cultural" and adapted for visitors over time, but it is still quite polluted.

Baina Beach in Goa often hosts all kinds of cultural events, such as beach festivals. This beach is visited by quite a few tourists who just walk around and enjoy the view of the ocean. Baina is considered a completely safe beach.

Next to Baina Beach in Goa is another beach - Velsao. 

Velsao beach can be easily reached on foot, taking a leisurely walk along the coast.

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Attractions in Baina Goa:

There is a lot to see in Baina. It is for the sights that you can stay here on vacation for at least a few days.

A lot of tourists come to Baina Beach and its surroundings to watch the planes, visit various Goan festivals that constantly take place on Baina Beach in India, enjoy sunsets, snorkel and enjoy the views of underwater life. Particularly impressive is the local underwater world.

You can also go to explore the port of Mormugao, which will impress many with its beauty. After visiting the port, you can get to the Naval Aviation Museum. The Indian Army is known for its unusual and sometimes bizarre elements of troop training.

At Baina Beach in Goa, boats are usually hired and sail to nearby islands. One of the most interesting such places is the islands of bats. The island is famous for its rich diversity of flora and fauna, as well as the large population of mice mentioned above.

We advise you to spend at least a day in search of beautiful views and nature, moving from island to island.

Opposite the beach there is a small island of Bats (Bat island) and several other small islands. You can rent a boat from Baina and go to Bat Island, where there are excellent places for snorkeling and diving.

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How to get there:

Baina Beach is located near Dabolim Airport. The easiest way to get here from the airport is by taxi.

You can get to Baina Beach from other parts of the state of Goa and India by public transport, reaching the bus station, or by train, reaching the railway station.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to relax on the beaches of India is from November to March. During these months, there is less precipitation, humidity is 60 - 70%, and the water temperature in the Indian Ocean is +29 degrees. There are many vacationers throughout the year. The mass flow of tourists begins in mid-autumn and lasts until the end of winter.

Where to stay near Baina beach

Most of the visiting vacationers stay in the city of Mormugao. There you can find an incredible number of guesthouses, hotels, hotels and rooms for rent.

A fishing village was located on the very beach of Baina in Goa. It also rents housing to Indians at the lowest prices, so the vacation will be budget-friendly for those who decide to stay here for a long time.

But because of the life of local residents, there are too many boats on the shore, fishermen and local children bathing in their clothes and splashing in the waves of the sea.

Baina beach hotels on the map with prices

There are few hotels in the beach area. To find the best prices and book a room, use the map or search form!

Best hotels near Baina Beach

Baina Beach Goa
Baina beach hotels

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Shopping in Bayna beach:

In the city itself there is a market of a local format, where spices, souvenirs, sea products are bought at low prices and even in bulk. Therefore, the best place for such purchases is right here.

It should be noted that trading on the market is not only possible, but accepted. First, the expensive price is called, and then they start to go down from it. It's like an auction, only for a lower price.

It will be good to stock up on local tea and fresh spices. And also buy various handmade jewelry, souvenirs made of bone, wood, and metals.

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Where to eat on Bayna Beach:

Mainly on the banks of the harvesters there are Shakes, where they serve dishes of Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and European cuisines.

Due to the large concentration of fishermen, there are queues of tourists in the morning to buy freshly caught fish. It is easier to buy food and cook here than to dine in a cafe. But visiting restaurants will not be a particularly expensive pleasure. It is worth alternating eating at home and eating in a cafe, as well as making unloading days on exotic fruits, juices and vegetables.

In the city itself there are shops and supermarkets with Indian and European food. No one will go hungry here.


There is a fishing village on the shore, so the beach is very littered, it is not recommended for a good rest. Near the port, railway station and airport, so noisy and not conducive to lying on the beach. Baina Beach is interesting for those who like to watch the planes and those who want to see the real, colorful Indian life.


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