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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Short guide for a trip to Mormugao, Goa - India

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Thursday, February 9, 2023

Mormugao is a port city in India, located in the South Goa district, in the federal territory of Goa, with about 100,000 inhabitants and a typical charm.

Mormugao  Harbour
Mormugao  Harbour
 image source: Wikimedia

Is marmagao famous for shipbuilding?

Mormugao is famous for its port and not necessarily shipbuilding. The Mormugao Port is one of the major ports in India and is known for its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and efficient cargo handling facilities. The port plays a crucial role in supporting the shipping industry in Goa and facilitating trade and commerce in the region.

Discovering Mormugao in India

Mormugao is one of those destinations that is rarely taken into consideration when thinking about what to see in Goa, but it is also one of those places that truly amazes you if you decide to visit. A coastal town and port, it offers a pleasant atmosphere within which it is easy to get lost and mingle in the old world charm, fall instantly in love with its beaches and romantic sunsets. Fortified in 1624, the town still bears witness to Portuguese maritime supremacy during the 17th century. Dynamic and lively, thanks to the mixture of past and present, a visit to Mormugao is an interesting and enlightening experience.


After the colonization of part of Goa in the 16th century, the Portuguese saw their maritime supremacy threatened. It was in 1624 that construction began on the walled city, which still dominates the port today. Scenery of battles and invasions, it fell under Dutch rule from 1640 until 1643, when the Portuguese regained control and developed it to the point of making it officially, in 1683, the capital of the Portuguese possessions in India. It also played a very important role during the Second World War: Operation Creek took place right in its port, during which a German merchant ship that was secretly transmitting information to the U-boats was eliminated.


The city is located on the western tip of the peninsula, at the mouth of the Zuari River, about 30 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa, and about 5 km from Dabolim Airport.

Best Places To Visit In Mormugao, Goa


The Fort is one of the best known and most scenic constructions on the Goa coast. It is an ancient fort, which tells of numerous battles but, at the same time, it is also a unique panoramic point. Interesting inscriptions are clearly visible at the entrance to the structure, which also include the names of King Dom Philip and Viceroy Dom Francisco De Gama, in office during its construction period. The site, made up mostly of ruins, still retains the majestic ramparts and two splendid fountains. The original structure also included some prison areas and accommodation for soldiers.


A dash of thrill and adventure makes for a truly unforgettable holiday, and that's what Sahasea offers. Sahas is a Hindi word meaning - brave, daring, adventurous. In Sahasea, you can explore Goa's wetlands by kayak or stand-up paddle boarding through mangroves, gliding on calm rivers that meander through the mysterious hinterland. The area is an Eden of biodiversity, with over 500 species of birds and more than 250 of butterflies. It is also possible to go kayaking on the calm waters that lap at Hollant beach: the lucky ones may even come across dolphins!


Getting to know a place thoroughly means immersing yourself fully in its traditions. There are places where spirituality plays a fundamental role: the whole area of ​​Goa is characterized by a deeply heterogeneous religiosity, a mirror of the various dominations that have followed one another. Hindus make up two thirds of the population, Muslims just under a tenth, the Christian faith being the second most practiced. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a place to gather for a few minutes and get in touch with the most spiritual part of Mormugao: its recently renovated white facade attracts a large number of faithful and tourists.


It is made up of two exhibitions, the indoor one houses naval instruments and equipment, several illustrative panels as well as a simulator. In a special room there is also a tribute to the fallen in service. In the outdoor one it is instead possible to admire various aircraft used by the Indian Navy. Unique of its kind not only in India but throughout the Asian continent, it is one of the two museums in the country dedicated to military reality. 🔗Wikipedia


It is one of the most important natural ports in India and represents a meeting and exchange place, not only commercial but of ideas, food and traditions. He also has a certain fame in the world of cinema, for his role in the 1980 film with Gregory Peck and Roger Moore, entitled "The Wild Goose Strikes Again" ("The Sea Wolves"). Here it is possible to feel part of the atmosphere of freedom and the desire to leave, as well as appreciate the still evident traces of the Portuguese colonial era. Why not enjoy a fantastic sunset over the port while tasting one of the typical fresh fish dishes?

What to see nearby

The Goa area is certainly one of the most visited in India, in the vicinity of the port of Mormugao there is no shortage of points of interest and natural attractions not to be missed. Every corner is imbued with spirituality, and it is possible to get to know the three most followed faiths - Christianity, Hinduism and Islam - with an excursion to the main places of worship, such as the St. Cajetan Church, the Shree Shantadurga Temple and the Safa Masjid. Among the most interesting excursions there are also those to the spice plantations, at the end of which a traditional lunch is a must.

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