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Monday, December 25, 2023

9 amazing facts about Madison Square Garden in NYC

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

The 'MSG' is considered by the sports and entertainment industry as the most famous and important arena in the world

Madison square garden
Madison square garden (MSG)
 image source: Wikimedia

One of the many tourist jewels that New York has is the Madison Square Garden located in the district of Manhattan, between the seventh and eighth avenues of 31st and 33rd streets. 

It is the most famous multipurpose arena in the world for its location and for hosting impressive international events of different kinds, from sports to music and exhibitions. 

What makes Madison Square Garden so special? 

The main reason for its fame and appreciation in the entertainment industry is because it has a prestige and vast history of events organized within it since the complex was completed in 1968 to date. 

Then we leave you with nine data to know the arena and its current importance. 

9 amazing facts about Madison Square Garden in NYC

1. When was the MSG built?

The MSG opened on February 11, 1968, but its construction dates back to the 1870s. 

2. How many Madison Square Gardens are there?

Currently there is only one, but prior to this version, there were three Madison Square Gardens in New York that were open to the public for music and sports events. 

The first was built and opened in 1871 with a racetrack, a cycling track, arenas for boxing matches, and areas for circus performances; the second opened in 1890 in the same place as the first, but with a huge 32-story tower and the third opened in 1925 with star shows such as hockey, basketball and boxing games. 

Almost 40 years later the current version was opened, according to the official site of the arena. 

3. Madison square garden origin of name

The arena was named Madison Square Garden from its earliest concepts due to its location near Madison Square Park. 

4. How big is the Madison Square Garden? 

The current MSG measures 820 thousand square feet, almost 76 thousand 180 square meters. Its capacity depends on the event it cradles. For basketball games, up to 19,812 people are received; hockey 18 thousand 500; concerts 20 thousand, boxing exhibitions 20 thousand 789 and theater 5 thousand 600. In total it has 20 thousand 789 seats. 

5. Main events currently at MSG 

It is the official home stadium of the NY Knicks and Rangers NBA teams. In addition to its presentations, the venue receives in conventional years musical presentations by international artists, exhibitions of professional boxing and wrestling, mainly. 

6. Who has sold tickets to Madison Square Garden the fastest?

According to NY Facts, Justin Bieber holds the record for the fastest sales at the Madison. Two of his arena performances during the 2012 Believe tour sold out in 30 seconds. Taylor Swift set her own record in 2009 when she sold out all the seats in one minute. 

7. MSG: A Charity Center

The venue has had some of the largest benefit concerts in history. 

After the attacks in NY, The Concert For New York City was held to raise funds and help those affected by the disasters. 

It also received a musical benefit for the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy with a collection of almost $50 million dollars for each cause.

8. He had each Beatle separately 

All four Beatles have performed solo in the arena, but have never performed together. 

John Lennon's penultimate appearance, before his death, was at MSG when he was invited by Elton John in November 1974. 

9. Which artists have played the most times at MSG?

Throughout the history of the arena, countless celebrities have passed by, but few have been lucky enough to make history on its stages.

Billy Joel is the singer who has performed the most times, with 65 concerts, followed by Elton John with 64 and The Grateful Dead with 52. 

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