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Monday, December 25, 2023

The Rockefeller Center New York City's architectural masterpiece

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


The Rockefeller Center New York City's architectural masterpiece
Rockefeller Center New York

Rockefeller Center is located on a nine-hectare site. It was founded during the Great Depression (1930s). Thanks to the construction of the center over the course of nine years, over seventy thousand people were employed.

Rockefeller Center is the first building to feature both retail and entertainment facilities. There are huge office spaces, for which it is often called a "city within a city."

This building is one of the few in New York where you can take pictures against the backdrop of the Empire State building.

Lookout at Rockefeller

  Tours run daily.

  Time: 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

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The Rockefeller Center New York City's architectural masterpiece

Rockefeller Center is second in popularity only to the Empire State Building. On the roof of the building there is an observation deck, which is called Top of the Roch, which in translation sounds like “Top of the Mountain”.

The building itself is part of a commercial center and an architectural complex that includes nineteen buildings.

In 1985, Rockefeller Center was designated a city landmark, and two years later it was declared a National Historic Landmark.

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A little about the history of the center

The first fourteen high-rise buildings, which are considered the basis of the architectural ensemble, were built during the Great Depression (1930-1940). The idea of ​​creating the complex belongs to John D. Rockefeller Jr .. He also invested in the implementation of the project an incredibly huge amount (more than 125 million dollars).

A large team of builders, architects (including the famous Raymond Hood) and designers worked on the project. All buildings erected on the territory of the complex were built in the Art Deco style. The central place of the complex belongs to the unique 70-storey skyscraper General Electric Building (its height exceeds 259 meters).

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Rockefeller Center today

Currently, the Rockefeller Center is an architectural complex, which includes 19 buildings. Five buildings were built between 1960 and 1970 and are considered the youngest. In the main building of the ensemble, in addition to a huge number of offices, the main office of the Rockefeller center is located on three floors (54, 55, 56).

The complex is the main attraction of New York, which every tourist who comes here seeks to see. It also includes many restaurants, shops, bars, parks, a TV studio, various buildings, thanks to which the complex can play the role of not only a business center, but also a place where local residents and guests of the city can relax.

More than 60 thousand employees of various organization working there are concentrated in Rockefeller Center. Many buildings are connected by walkways. The 47th and 50th Street subway station is located in the center of the complex.

Rockefeller Center observation deck

This observation deck is located in the main building. It is called Top of the Rock. From the height of the 70th floor (there is an open area) an incredible panorama of the city appears. On the 69th floor there is a gallery bounded by glass shields, and on the 67th floor there is a room equipped with benches in front of windows that protect from wind and cold, as well as a glazed gallery. The observation deck occupies a huge space, allowing a large number of visitors to be there and move freely at the same time.

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The Rockefeller Business Center invites visitors to explore the following facilities:

Radio City Music Hall is one of the largest theater and concert halls in New York with a luxurious interior and a capacity of about six thousand people.

Various events are regularly held here throughout the year (concerts, shows, various presentations, meetings with celebrities, shows, etc.). Radio City Music Hall competes successfully with Carnegie Hall.

The Atlas Statue is a grandiose copper sculpture. It was made and opened in 1937. I must say that it has not lost its popularity to this day. Travelers from all over the world seek to see the statue with their own eyes and take pictures against its background. Its height is 4.57 meters, and together with the pedestal - 13.5 meters.

Christmas tree. Every year, at the end of November, a huge Christmas tree is put up in Rockefeller Center. This tradition has been going on since 1936. The height of the spruce reaches up to 20 meters and about 10 meters wide. The tree looks luxurious thanks to the incredible lighting. For this, more than 30 thousand LEDs are used, and the length of the electrical wiring is about 8 kilometer. Since 2004, at the initiative of the Rockefeller family, a unique star (manufactured by Swarovski) has been installed, the weight of which is 250 kilograms.

The Lower Plaza is an extraordinary place that gathers several hundred guests. On the square there are many shops, beautiful fountains, about 200 flags of different countries and a statue of Prometheus, 5 meters high. In winter, the square plays the role of a skating rink, where up to several hundred visitors can skate without experiencing inconvenience.

General Electric Building. Despite the fact that the building was built in 1931, it is still considered a modern architectural solution today. Brickwork, huge sculptures, wide corridors, comfortable elevators, clocks decorated with a logo and silver links, etc. - all this attracts a lot of tourists here.

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The article lists far from all the places of the Rockefeller Center that will please and give a lot of pleasant impressions from visiting. Be sure to visit the business center to enjoy the architectural masterpieces of the past century, which harmoniously fit into the modern rhythm of life in New York. A pleasant surprise will be that many places can be visited completely free of charge.

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