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Monday, December 25, 2023

The Hamptons beach & towns in new york city

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

The Hamptons beach & towns in new york city
Hampton bays view 
Image source: Wikimedia

The Hamptons beach New York

The Hamptons is a great beach town that is an elite vacation spot. On the US map, it is located on Long Island, at a distance of 75-100 miles east of Manhattan. The definition of the Hamptons includes several coastal communities that are united under one name: South Hampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Bridge Hampton and Montauk.

Each of these villages is charming in its own way and they are all located on average, half an hour from each other. The holiday season starts in May and ends at the end of September.

The hottest month here is July, when the average air temperature varies between 29-35 degrees, and the coldest is January, although the air temperature here rarely drops below -5 degrees.

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The Hamptons beach & towns in new york city

The Hampton beaches are in high demand

both among the local population and among tourists, regardless of age and financial capabilities. Many celebrities like to relax here in the summer. Luxurious houses worth more than tens of millions of dollars, elite restaurants, the ocean coast with white dunes - and all this is not far from New York.

Most New Yorkers choose the Hamptons beaches as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, there are many ways to get there, for example, you can come to either of the two cities (Montauk or South hampton) by car, bus or train, or perhaps someone will choose to travel by seaplane.

Consider which of these modes of transport is most convenient, given the time spent, cost, pros and cons of the trip.


If you have your own car or rent a car, this greatly simplifies the task, since it is very close from New York to the Hamptons beaches. It is better to choose to travel along the Southern State Parkway or LIE, and then follow the Sunrise Highway, which will take you to the cities of Hamptons.

If you do not go to paid sections of the road and move in your own car, your expenses will be minimal - only the cost of gasoline. In time, the trip will be more than an hour and a half (from New York to Westhampton).

The advantage of this trip is that it is the shortest way to the beaches of Hamptons. The only drawback can be a nuisance in the form of traffic jams, which often happen on this road.

Bus Hampton Jitney

Buses of this line serve not only the Tri-State region, but also make flights over long distances, for example, Florida. Buses Hampton Jitney can be reached in Westhampton, Montauk or North Fork. Depending on which destination you choose, the fare will depend on this (from 19 to 33 dollars). By the way, tickets can be purchased online. You can hit the road from different points in Manhattan, as well as from Brooklyn and Queens.


In time, the trip will be about two and a half hours to Westhampton. The advantages of this method of transportation include the fact that buses run very often, so you can have time to take a good place. Comfortable buses are equipped with sockets and free Wi-Fi, so you will not be bored on the way.

The disadvantage is that there are many stops along the route, which increases travel time. In addition, "traffic jams" cannot be ruled out.

LIRR trains

A convenient way to get around is by traveling on the Long Island Railroad's trains to the East End. Ronkonkoma trains stop at North Fork all the way to Greenport, and Montauk trains arrive at South Fork, including stops at East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk.

The Hamptons beach & towns in new york city
LIRR train 
Image source: Flickr/Joe Shlabotnik

A one-way fare is about $20-29 (depending on which destination you choose, as well as the time of day of the trip). If you buy a ticket before boarding, then they are subject to discounts. Westhampton is a 2 hour drive.

A big plus is the absence of delays on the way due to “traffic jams”, in addition, during the season, the Cannonball Express runs additionally, which delivers passengers in an hour and a half from Penn Station to Westhampton, following without stops. Then you can take it to Southampton, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, and Montauk. The only drawback can be that there are always a lot of people who want to use this type of transport and there is a risk of standing along the entire route.


For those who are not particularly limited in money and value their time, there is an opportunity to get to the Hamptons by air.

Fly The Whale airline offers its services to travelers. The flight price is $550 and the time is about 45 minutes. The advantage of this type of transport is speed and a beautiful view that you can admire during the flight. The disadvantages include the fact that due to the weather, the flight can be cancelled, so you should not buy a ticket in advance.


The endless beaches of the Hamptons are a great choice for a summer holiday. This is an ideal place for surfing, however, lovers of a relaxing pastime will also be comfortable here.

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