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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Saturday, May 4, 2024

It is simply unthinkable to visit the "Big Apple" and not look at the legendary New York bridge "Brooklyn Bridge". The Brooklyn Bridge is the guardian of the spirit of the city and the whole of America. It was erected in 1883, long before the Statue of Liberty. For 20 years after its appearance, it was considered the longest of the existing similar architectural structures in the whole world. The Brooklyn Bridge is currently the oldest operating American bridge and the most famous tourist Attraction place in New York.

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Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts
Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts
John Augustus Roebling

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. The length of the structure, designed by engineer John Augustus Roebling, is 1,825 meters. The construction, which cost $ 15 million, took 13 years - the bridge began to be built in 1870, and was opened on May 24, 1883. Three spans connect the two stone Gothic-style support towers. The bridge was a real "engineering miracle" of its time. At the time of completion, it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world and the first to use steel rods. 

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts

The bridge Stretching over the East River for almost 2 kilometers, the Brooklyn Bridge overlooks its waters from a maximum height of 41 meters, and the width of the three strips of the structure adds up to 26 meters. It is designed so that there is a pedestrian and bicycle zone in the middle, and cars move in opposite directions on either side of it. The path for walking and cycling and the roadway are at different levels, which ensures the safety of all road users.

The structure of the bridge includes 4 reliable cables about 40 centimeters in diameter each, into which 5434 steel strands are woven. They hold the roadway, and they themselves are attached to two pylons, made in the Gothic style and looking out of the waters of the East River at 84 meters. The bridge serves as a transport artery between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Every day, the structure is tested for the strength of about 145 thousand cars. And this building is being tested with success. The Brooklyn Bridge is generally a unique architectural phenomenon in many ways. But numerous rumors, legends, and events are also associated with it - impressive, insane, tragic.


The first name given to the Brooklyn Bridge was “New York-Brooklyn Bridge”. Its modern name, known to many residents of the United States and other countries of the world, appeared in 1915

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Construction of the Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts
Bridge construction began image January 3, 1870

Since the early 19th century, American engineers have puzzled over how to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan. The first idea was to build an underground tunnel. But the project remained at the level of the idea. Numerous studies have shown that the implementation of such a plan would require a large financial cost and effort. The solution was suggested by design engineer John A. Roebling in 1869. He proposed to build a suspension bridge using steel instead of cast iron. This thoughtful and technically sound initiative was approved, and construction began on January 3, 1870, according to Roebling's design. Unfortunately, the architect died during the construction of his brainchild, but his son Washington continued his father's work. But the project was once again in jeopardy after the injury received by Roebling Jr. And then his wife Emily came to the rescue. So the Brooklyn Bridge is the merit of the whole family. It took about 13 years to build it. May 24, 1883 - became the official date for the completion of construction. The total cost was just over $ 15 million, and the names of John, Emily and Washington Roebling were inscribed on a plaque attached to the bridge structure.

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After Brooklyn bridge construction finished:

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts

The opening of the Brooklyn Bridge attracted the attention of many honored guests. The ceremony was attended by both the American Head of State Chester Arthur and New York Mayor Franklin Edson. The day was declared non-working so that everyone could enjoy the new structure. The solid structure was tested on the first day by 2,000 cars and about 150,000 pedestrians who made the walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back.

A week later, rumors began to appear among the people about the fragility of the bridge and its possible sudden destruction. To prove the opposite, to demonstrate the true capabilities of the structure, the authorities had to rent 21 elephants from a circus touring nearby. So the animals managed to walk across the bridge.

The bridge is used for both car and pedestrian traffic. Along the way, it is divided into three parts. The side lanes are used by cars, while the middle one is for pedestrians and cyclists. Initially, a fee of 1 cent was charged for crossing the bridge. Now you can do it for free. The bridge is especially popular with tourists as it offers excellent views of the skyscrapers in lower Manhattan.

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Brooklyn Bridge Facts:

Brooklyn Bridge - story, history, construction & facts

Name of the Bridge: Brooklyn Bridge

Country/ State: United States, New York

Built:  1869-1883

Crosses: East River

    Address: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038, United States

    Bridge Type/ Disign/ Architectural style: Hybrid bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, Neo-Gothic bridge

    Designer: John Augustus Roebling

    Constructed by: New York Bridge Company

    Opened: may 24, 1883

    Height: 84 m

    Area: 8 ha

    Width: 25.9 m (85 ft)

    Total length: 1,834 m

    Longest span: 486.3 m (1,595ft)

    Daily traffic: 105,679 (2016)

    Carries: 6 lanes of roadway (cars only) Elevated trains (until 1944) Streetcars (until 1950) Pedestrians and bicycles

    Maintained by: New York City Department of Transportation

    Toll: Free both ways

    • The fact that the Brooklyn Bridge was built, as they say, for centuries is evidenced by the curious fact that during the "cold" confrontation between the States and the Soviet Union, a real bomb shelter was built here, equipped with everything necessary. The entrance to it was discovered only a few years ago during renovations.

    • Unique in its construction, this bridge in the Gothic style is also considered a real architectural masterpiece, to emphasize this fact, a special illumination was installed, which favorably emphasizes the main aesthetic features of the structure. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is on the list of the main National Landmarks of the United States, is the most popular tourist attraction destination.

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