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Monday, December 25, 2023

Times Square - New York | History, Description, facts and travel information

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023
Times Square - New York | History, discretion, facts and travel information

Times Square - New York 

Times Square is a symbol of democratic America along with the statue of liberty. It is used for discussions and public speaking in New York. City residents often speak in the square to express dissent or make proposals for the development of the city and state.

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But almost all the time it plays the role of a tourist site and a place for recreation. Here everyone will find an institution to their liking: bars, restaurants and family cafes. Also here are the offices of publishing House's and television studios, so you can see famous journalists and presenters on the streets.

Times Square official website:

What is the nickname of times square?

Nickname: The Center of the Universe The Crossroads of the World The Great White Way The Heart of the World.

Where is

For tourists in the United States, one of the main goals is to visit Times Square. It's easy to find at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. You can get there by the 42nd or 47th Street, it is located at their intersection, so it will be problematic to miss.

History of Times Square:

In 1904, the New York area publisher Adolph S. The Ochs  moved his newspaper operations in the new building (now Times Square, 1 ) on 42nd Street in the heart of the district known as Longacre Square . He persuaded the then mayor of New York George B. McClellan  to build the same station metro and called Times Square. April 8, 1904 year, the square was solemnly renamed with the participation of the mayor, and after only 3 weeks on the wall of the bank at the corner of 46th Street and Broadway appeared the first advertisement.

The newspaper vacated the building in 1913, although it settled nearby. Now this house is famous in particular for the fact that every year on December 31 at 23h 59min. a crystal ball is lowered from its height, marking the beginning of the New Year. And the beginning of this tradition was laid by the New York Times on December 31, 1907, launching fireworks. Today, this main New Year's event in New York is watched by hundreds of thousands of people with their own eyes every year, covering the entire area and neighboring streets. During World War II, the tradition was replaced by a minute of silence, broken by the recording of the ringing of church bells.

In 1972 year an entertainer Dick Clark began an annual half-hour broadcast of the New Year in Times Square, accompanying its popular music and commentary from various US cities. On average, on New Year's Eve, 750,000 spectators gather in the square, and on New Year's Eve 2000, an estimated 2 million people gathered, filling not only the square and nearby streets, but also several blocks around, thus breaking the record since August 1945, when marked the end of the Second World War.

Times Square grew rapidly as a cultural hub, brimming with theaters, music halls and quirky hotels. Famous names such as Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, and Charlie Chaplin were closely associated with "Times Square" in the 1910s and 1920s. The atmosphere changed dramatically during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The area was filled with various peep shows, round-the-clock erotic cinemas and shops selling cheap souvenirs for tourists. This change is well printed for the works of Damon Runyon, on which the musical in 1955, was made into a film "Guys and dolls". For decades to come, the neighborhood was considered dangerous. The lean Times Square became a famous symbol of New York's danger and corruption from the 1960s to the early 1990s. Superseded and dark films like Midnight Cowboy and Taxi Driver have scenes in Times Square.

In the 1980s, as a result of long-term development plan approved by the mayors of New York Ed Koch and David Dinkins, in the region of 40's - 50's streets began a rapid commercial construction. Later, in the 1990s, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made great efforts to CLEAR DIR area, including the closure of all intimate establishments, improving the level of security, a ban on the activity of the "cleaners glass machines" and support the entertainment business for tourists ... As a result, many intimate shops were closed or moved to the industrial districts of Brooklyn and Queens, and in their place there were high quality establishments.

In 1990, New York State acquired 6 of the 9 historic theaters on 42nd Street. It was created by a non-profit organization The New 42nd Street General  designed to monitor the recovery and care of theaters. Theaters have revamped their Broadway show repertoire, repurposed for commercial projects, or closed down.

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Times Square Today 

Times Square - New York | History, discretion, facts and travel information

A huge number of neon signs, TV-style signage, and Broadway theaters made Times Square one of the integral symbols of modern, turbulent life in New York. Times Square is the only place in the city where residents are required to display bright advertisements. The number of neon advertisements in Times Square rivals those in Las Vegas. Officially, it is customary to call advertising in Times Square - theatrical. The Times Square Alliance, also known as the Times Square Business Improvement District, began operations in 1992. What is Times Square Alliance is an association of business centers designed to improve the quality of commerce, as well as the cleanliness of the area. Today, Times Square boasts the "Times Square Studio" owned by ABC. From this studio, "Good Morning America" ​​is broadcast daily live, which has been developed in part by renowned stores, famous restaurants of various world cuisines, as well as a number of famous cinemas. In addition, the square is home to many of the main offices of major publishing and media corporations such as MTV Networks or General Electric. A large police station contributes to security in the area.

What is advertised in Times Square?

Times Square - New York | History, discretion, facts and travel information
advertising panels in Times Square

Advertising prices in Times Square can vary greatly depending on location, screen size and quality, and the length of the ad. There are more than 230 advertising panels in Times Square, differing in size and image display methods. In the past, billboards were difficult to buy and advertisers were forced to make deals with a range of companies that owned the space. Today ad groups are working to automate the buying process. Advertisers can now update digital campaigns on the fly, giving them more flexibility.

Times building:

Times Square - New York | History, discretion, facts and travel information
Iker Alonso/ Flickr

The editorial office of the legendary newspaper The New York Times occupied the building at 229 West 43rd Street for almost a century. By the beginning of the 21st century, the old building became cramped, and the publication announced a competition for the construction of a new office. The winner was renowned Renzo Piano, author of the Pompidou Center in Paris and the NEMO Museum in Amsterdam. The Italian designed a skyscraper with a simple silhouette and a "two-layer" facade: a building with panoramic windows is covered with special pipes.

πŸ‘‰ The first floors, called TheTimesCenter, are open to the public. There is a conference room, a performance room with a stage and a stylish lobby in orange colors.

The "cladding" of the 52-storey building consists of ceramic profiles that diffuse sunlight entering the interior of the offices. The pipes at the bottom of the building bear a huge Gothic inscription - the name of the newspaper. Working journalists can be seen behind the transparent windows - an idea that symbolizes the openness and impartiality of the New York Times team.

Times Square shopping mall and restaurants:

Times Square shopping malls

Times Square is a major shopping and financial district. Tourists are attracted by a giant glass cube - the Apple store, the luxurious house of sweets Hershey's, the world's largest toy store toys Us, a fairy-tale world with huge statues from Lego constructors and spider men soaring from the ceiling.

πŸ‘‰In times Square, you can register your marriage with the services of the Naked Cowboy with a Guitar. This unusual street musician has long been a symbol of New York and is popular with locals and tourists alike. By the way, he has the most official license to perform a wedding ceremony.

Times Square Restaurants

Kitchens, service, restaurant interiors, discounts - all this can be found in Times Square for every taste. For those on a budget, one of the Restaurant Row cafes (46th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues) is a good option, where three-course set dinners are relatively inexpensive. For connoisseurs of beauty, the legendary Sardi's restaurant (234 West 44th Street, the center of the Theater District) is open, an institution that is more than 80 years old, with an exquisite menu and a leisurely atmosphere.

πŸ‘‰ The Times Square Steakhouse prides itself on the fact that Albert Einstein once dined here.

Foodies can feast on deli meats at Keens Steakhouse (72 West / 36 Street, Times Square). The old building with the preserved atmosphere of the beginning of the last century emphasizes the brutality and originality of the restaurant. The menu includes tenderloin steaks, lamb chops, and bone-in dishes, which cost USD 28-64 per serving.

Interesting Times Square facts and  New Year's Eve:

The famous Times Square is located between Seventh Avenue and Broadway. This place is one of the liveliest and most vibrant in New York. It is in Times Square that various parades, performances of stars and festivals take place. And on New Year's Eve, a luminous glass ball falls on the square and more than a billion people watch this stunning event.

Interesting Times Square facts

• Until 1904, this square was called Longacre Square, and only after the New York Times publishing house was built on its territory, it was renamed Times Square. It is worth noting that the size of this famous square is not so great, but you can see musicians singing live on it, watch live news and even buy a painting from local artists.

• During difficult times for New York, many businessmen whose offices were located in this square went bankrupt and numerous cinemas opened to replace them. After that, until 1990, this place became the most dangerous area in the city. And this has been facilitated by numerous adult theaters, sex shops and other unwanted places. Currently, there are more than 40 Broadway theaters in just 10 streets near the square.

• This amazing square is crowded even at night and it is never quiet and calm. Moreover, many can see how famous artists and singers shoot clips or films on it and even take part in the crowd.

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Times Square New Year's Eve

A real shock for you can be New Year's Eve, when a million city residents (and a billion viewers) watch a huge luminous ball 3.5 m in diameter descend along the spire in The New York Times skyscraper for a minute. The ball reaches the roof at exactly 00:00, marking the beginning of the new year.

πŸ‘‰The tradition of launching a ball on a skyscraper originated in 1907.

Having felt the soul of Times Square, feeling its rhythm of life, stormy, bright, expressive, restless, daring, looking into her wide-open eyes, it is impossible not to fall in love with the city. At least a piece of your heart will definitely remain at: USA, New York, 200 W 47th St, Manhattan, NY 10036, Times Square.

How to get there

Times Square - New York | History, discretion, facts and travel information

It is located at a distance of one kilometer from the central station of the city. Therefore, for tourists it will be the easiest way to get to it first, and then take a walk to the square itself.


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