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Monday, December 25, 2023

Santa Rosa, California - rest in the city and its suburbs

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Santa Rosa, California - rest in the city and its suburbs
Source: Flickr /Jim G

Santa Rosa is the name of a city located in the state of California with a population of about 200 thousand inhabitants. It is no coincidence that this place is very popular among tourists, including those from India. Santa Rosa offers various school tours to America, visits to festivals and other events, the exchange of delegations with Russian and India cities, etc.

Briefly about the history of the city. In the 19th century, as a result of joint activities, numerous monuments to the history of the Russian-American company were created here, many Russians moved to the state of California. In 1812, a Russian settlement named Fort Ross was founded north of San Francisco.

The city of Santa Rosa was built a little later than Fort Ross. Its first building was a small adobe house built in 1837 at the intersection of ancient Indian paths. Its ruins have survived to this day not far from the Church of St. Eugene. It began to be called the city of Santa Rosa in 1858, and ten years later it was the eighth largest city in the state of California. In 1870, a railway connection was carried out to Santa Rosa, which contributed to its even more intensive development.

Santa Rosa, California - rest in the city and its suburbs

When choosing a destination in the United States, travelers first of all take into account the peculiarities of climatic conditions and weather. In that regard, such destinations as San Barbara or Miami (Florida) are considered more attractive. However, Santa Rosa is also in demand and popular. This is a famous "wine country" with beautiful vineyards, ancient wineries, interesting and informative excursions.

Santa Rosa, California - rest in the city and its suburbs

Description of city attractions

Near Santa Rosa there is a resort area of ​​the Russian River, which the first settlers called the Reka Slavyanka River. An interesting attraction is the Jack London Ranch and House, which are located on the Sonoma hillside on the east side. Tourists enjoy excursions to the sequoia state reserve. There is a tree with a height of 94 meters, it is called Pastor Jones's sequoia, in addition, here you can see an old-time tree, which is over 1,400 years old - Colonel Armstrong's sequoia.

The suburbs of Santa Rosa are also of interest to tourists. In 1906, as a result of a powerful earthquake, which brought a lot of destruction to the city, entire streets were preserved in their original form, which consist of buildings from the first half of the 19th century. Old Victorian mansions are located mainly on the outskirts of the city. They are located in lush gardens with many old trees. In the wild thickets, raccoons and possums are found, and of birds - herons (white and black).


Particular emphasis should be placed on the cultural life of Santa Rosa. It houses the Charles M. Schultz Museum and Research Center, which displays unique comic drawings by the renowned master caricaturist, including drawings depicting Charlie Brown and Snoopy the dog. In the city park you can see the house and greenhouse of the famous gardener Luther Bernank , visit his grave. The park has a unique collection of cacti, various types of herbs, beautiful roses, and walnuts, which serve as a reminder of a great man.

On the plain above Santa Rosa, stands the mansion of Thomas Harris, founder of the New Life Brotherhood. His extraordinary philosophy found a lot of responses not only among Americans, but also among foreigners.

Many people associate Jamaica

with the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", however, Santa Rosa can also boast that its cityscapes can be seen in many photos, as well as in various films (about 20 paintings), including the legendary comedy titled "This Mad, Mad , Mad World "(Stanley Kramer)," Shadows of Doubt "(directed by Alfred Hitchcock). Probably, there is something attracting the attention of famous directors in this city, located 80 kilometers away from the famous San Francisco.

In addition to cultural sites, there are a lot of sports facilities in the city, among which a modern sports center is very popular, where you can practice any kind of sports.


According to the reviews of tourists who visited Santa Rosa, this is a special city that does not leave indifferent anyone who has visited it. When planning a tour to Santa Rosa, you should correctly plan your vacation. There are a lot of hotels in the city for every taste, however, many of them are not intended for families. There are also those that do not populate tourists with children, fortunately, there are not many of them.

Basically, they offer their services in organizing large-scale business meetings, including at government levels. As a rule, these are luxury expensive hotels.


When choosing a hotel for accommodation, pay attention to the photos of rooms, territory, etc. Oftentimes, a photo can provide more information than a textual description. A lot of information can be obtained by reading guest reviews. 

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