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Monday, December 25, 2023

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles:

The most interesting streets to visit in Los Angeles, California. The streets of Los Angeles, which are little known to a wide range of visitors to the city, but interesting from the point of view of tourism.

Most tourists will not name a single street in Los Angeles, well, maybe except for Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Boulevard, which flashed in the movie "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Now Hollywood Boulevard is an uninteresting, but visited street in the city, which you will still go without my advice.

I will name five more interesting streets of Los Angeles from my point of view, which are worth going to if you want to see something more than the hyped and boring sights of Los Angeles.

All the streets and places named below are absolutely safe, hot neighborhoods and other shady corners of the city are a topic for a separate article.

East 3rd Street, Arts District in downtown los angeles

The Arts District is rapidly gaining popularity due to East 3rd Street, which runs right through the center of the neighborhood. The place is interesting both culturally and gastronomically. This street is home to many popular establishments such as Wurstk├╝che, Jewel and Cafe Gratitude. In part, we talked about some of them in the article Where to eat in Los Angeles.

The area is practically safe, and the parties and traffic go on until late at night.

On one side of the street is the Southern California Institute of Architecture, which always hosts a variety of student exhibitions. On the other side is Eighty Two hip bar. There is also the Angel City Brewery - in addition to beer, playing darts and other board games. The place is practically not visited by tourists due to its lack of knowledge.

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles
Majyd / Flickr
Arts District in downtown los angeles

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Broxton avenue

Hollywood premieres are taking place on Broxton Avenue  at the Westwood Theater, and movie fans are almost unaware of this. The theater is located in the center of the street - easy to find.

There are many shops and restaurants along Broxton Avenue, the most famous of which is Diddy Reise, located on the opposite side of the street from the theater. Out of the ordinary - $ 1.50 ice cream sandwiches - delicious.

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles
Broxton Ave., Los Angeles, Diddy Riese

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Larchmont Blvd

Larchmont Blvd is another typically hipster neighborhood in  Los Angeles that makes you forget that you are in a huge metropolis. Shops, cafes, yoga centers and provincial charm. One of the best places in Los Angeles for family walks that also has no tourists. In addition to its provinciality, Larchmont Boulevard is famous for the fact that here you can meet Hollywood celebrities on a walk.

Sawtelle, Little Japantown

There are  two centers of Japanese culture in  Los Angeles - Little Tokyo, which is not crowded with tourists and Sawtelle Japantown - the second little Tokyo that no one knows about. Oriental food, karaoke bars, art galleries and the newest trendy restaurants in town. It is in Sawtelle or Little Japantown that  you can taste the  best Asian cuisine in Los Angeles and the best Japanese beer. Even burgers are prepared here with an oriental accent - the most delicious can be tasted at the popular Plan Check burger restaurant. The prices will also pleasantly surprise you.

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Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

Sunset is a very long boulevard and is conventionally divided into two parts. One is touristy and famous, the other is a lesser known version called the East Side. East side stretches from Sunset Santa Monica Junction towards Silver Lake. This part of Sunset Boulevard has the best Mexican food, funky bars and some interesting art galleries that bohemians love to spend their time in.

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles
Drew Tarvin / Flickr
Echo Park lake in Los Angeles

Echo Park Lake is just a block from this part of Sunset Boulevard. It is a green oasis with a hiking path along the lake. The park offers the best views of downtown Los Angeles.

The most interesting hipster streets and places in Los Angeles
Echo Park in Los Angeles

Of the good restaurants in this place, I recommend the Mexican establishment Guisados, which offers the best tacos in the city, this is such a Mexican dish - tortillas with various spicy fillings.

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