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Monday, December 25, 2023

hollywood stars walk of fame ( Hollywood Walk of Fame) - Los Angeles, California

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


hollywood stars walk of fame ( Hollywood Walk of Fame) - Los Angeles, California

hollywood stars walk of fame ( Hollywood Walk of Fame):

AddressHollywood Boulevard, Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
Official website

Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of sidewalks on both sides of the street for fifteen blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks on Wein Street, which serves as a permanent public monument to the achievements of the entertainment industry. Awarded will receive a star based on achievements in film, theater, radio, television, and / or music careers, and contributions to charity. More than 2,500 five-pointed copper stars are embedded in terraced pavement slabs. The "Walk of Fame" features actors, musicians, producers, directors of music and theater groups, fictional and real-life characters, and many others for their contributions to the entertainment and arts industries. The Walk of Fame is run by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and is funded by the Hollywood Historic Trust. About 10 million tourists visit this place annually. More than TCL Chinese Theatre, the legendary Queen Mary liner and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It also plays an important role in the development of urban tourism. 

Where is the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

The Walk of Fame is located on either side of the street for fifteen blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks on Vine Street.

• The emblems symbolize five categories of the entertainment industry:

  1. The classic film camera for its contribution to the development of the film industry.
  2. Old TV for the contribution to the development of television.
  3. Phonograph for his contribution to the recording and music industry.
  4. Radio microphone for his contribution to the development of the radio industry.
  5. Comedy / tragedy masks for their contribution to the development of the theater (existed since 1984).

About 47% of the Stars are represented in the film industry development category, 24% in the television development category, 17% in the recording development category, 10% in the radio development, and less than 2% in the theater development. On average, about twenty Stars appear on the Alley every year. Out of 2,500 stars, you can hardly find a hundred famous celebrities.

Nineteen "special categories" of Stars are presented in other nominations with special emblems. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department Star emblem is a replica of the LAPD badge. The Apollo 11 mission to the moon, represented by a Moon-shaped Star on Vine Street. It contains the names of the astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin Jr. Michael Collins) and the date of the first moon landing (July 20, 1969).

History: In the early 1950s, the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce provided a loan to create the Walk of Fame. Initially, by 1956, 1,550 celebrities were selected by a California committee representing the four branches of the entertainment industry (film, television, recording, and radio). The committee included some of the most famous personalities in the entertainment industry, including Walt Disney. In 1959, the construction of the Alley was completed after two trials.

American film director and producer Stanley Kramer(1913, Manhattan, New York - Woodland Hills, California) was the first to be immortalized by a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 28, 1960. He is a master of poignant social dramas, including The Nuremberg Trials, Reap the Storm, Ship of Fools, and Chained. This one of the great filmmakers who has shown skill and passion on screens, his films have influenced the minds of many people.

During the long crisis in Hollywood in the 60s, eight years no stars were added. Since then, many famous personalities have contributed to the recovery of Hollywood after the crisis. A fee of $ 2,500 was established, payable by the person or entity that appoints the recipient, in order to fund the Walk of Fame and minimize taxpayer costs. The fee (currently $ 30K) is usually paid by the Nominating Organization, which may be a fan club, film studio, recording studio, journalists, or other sponsor associated with an assignment's current or ongoing project. In 1978, LA authorities named the Hollywood Walk of Fame a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Landmark.

In 1994, the Walk of Fame was expanded by one block west of Hollywood Boulevard, where it now ends at the silver Four Ladies of Hollywood. In the same year, Italian actress Sophia Loren was awarded the 2000th Star on the Alley.

In 2008, the reconstruction of the Alley began, on which $ 4.2 million was spent. 778 stars were repaired or replaced due to wear and tear. The Absolut Vodka Company became the first sponsor to donate $ 1 million, followed by the cosmetics company L'Oréal, who concealed their contribution. They were awarded stars of honor in front of the Kodak Theater, which ironically was the most damaged part of the Alley.

 Multiple stars. Initially, the Selection Committee wanted to recognize the contributions of certain celebrities in many categories as Multiple Stars. Gene Autry is the only one who has Stars in all five categories. Four celebrities have stars in four categories. Thirty people, including Frank Sinatra, have stars in three categories, and only five of them are women. Six music personalities have two stars for their contributions to the music industry, including Michael Jackson and John Lennon.

hollywood stars walk of fame ( Hollywood Walk of Fame) - Los Angeles, California

Charlie Chaplin is the only one to have been selected twice for a Star of the same category on the Mall. But in 1956, the Selection Committee expelled him due to his leftist beliefs and political views. And only in 1972, the Chaplin Star on the Alley was still laid, and he received an Oscar in the same year.

In 1978, the Selection Committee voted against awarding the Star to brilliant opera singer, actor and social activist Paul Robson. This time, representatives of the entertainment industry protested, joined by some politicians and many others. The committee changed its mind, and since then, Robson's Star (for contributions to the film industry) has taken its place on Hollywood Boulevard.

Ronald Reagan is one of the two presidents of the United States who has a Star (the other is Donald Trump ) and one of the two governors of California (the other is Arnold Schwarzenegger ). Pianist and composer Ignacy Paderewski- the only European head of government to have a Star (he was the Prime Minister of Poland in 1919).

The Star of boxer Mohammed Ali is installed on the Walk of Fame. The committee decided that boxing could be called one of the theatrical forms. His Star is the first and only one to be set on a vertical surface. It is located on the wall of the Kodak Theater, which received requests for the placement of the Star. The boxer asked about this, as he did not want passers-by to step on the name of the Islamic prophet.

The star has a science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, based on his books, many films and television programs have been shot. Of the fictional characters who received a Star, Mickey Mouse can be distinguished.... In 1978, in honor of his 50th anniversary, he became the first fictional character to receive a Star. Seven Stars is owned by cartoonists and animators, including Walt Disney. During his career, the American animator, filmmaker and founder " of The Company About enterprise the Walt the Disney " Walt Disney (1901-1966) received a total of himself personally or his works 26 awards the prize " Oscar " and 64 times nominated for this award. This achievement is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The locations of the individual Stars were not chosen randomly. The stars of the legendary and world famous people of show business are located in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, and the Oscar Winners' Stars are usually located near the Dolby Theater. Laureates usually choose the location of their Star, although the final decision is made by the Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1994, the Four Ladies of Hollywood have been standing on a small "island" in the western part of the Walk of Fame. This "Star" is a tribute to women actresses of different nationalities. At the top of the obelisk is a small gilded sculpture in the style of Marilyn Monroe, depicting her in a "billowing skirt" (pose from the movie "The Seven Year Itch"). The domed structure stands at the top of the four women of Hollywood: African-American actress Dorothy Dandridge, Sino-American actress Anna Mae Wong, Mexican actress Dolores del Rio and American actress Mae West.

Theft and vandalism. The Four Stars, which weigh about 300 pounds (136 kg) each, were stolen from the Walk of Fame. In 2000, the Stars of James Stewart and Kirk Douglas disappeared from their locations during the reconstruction of the Alley. In 2005, thieves unsuccessfully used a saw to extract Gregory Peck's Star.

Vandalism occurs on the Alley on a regular basis, ranging from swear words to political statements written on the Stars with a felt-tip pen. Therefore, surveillance cameras are installed. In 2018, a man approached Donald Trump's star and began smashing her with a pickaxe he brought in a guitar case. All this happened in front of the guards, they tried to interfere with the man, but could not detain him, since only the police have the right to do this.

Each year, the Selection Committee selects approximately 20 celebrities to receive Stars on the Walk of Fame over the next year. One Death Star is also given every year. Nominations not selected are "returned" next year for reconsideration. Those not selected for two consecutive years are “demoted” and must be re-nominated for further consideration. Living recipients of the Star are required to give their consent and personally attend the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony of the posthumous Star must be attended by a relative of the deceased. These ceremonies are open to the public.

Who owns most of the stars on the Walk of Fame?

Gene Autry is the only artist to have stars in all 5 categories. Mickey Rooney, Tony Martin, Roy Rogers and Bob Hope have 4 stars. 30 artists have stars in 3 categories, including Frank Sinatra, Danny Kay and George Barnes.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The idea for the Hollywood Walk of Fame came from silent film star Norma Talmidge by accident. Leaving Grauman's Chinese Theater, Norma stepped into the wet cement, leaving a footprint. Now on the sidewalk at Grauman's Chinese Theater there are hand and foot prints of Charlie Chaplin, Jack Nicholson, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Marilyn Monroe and other stars.
  2. Alla has prints not only of living people, but also of fictional characters. In 1978, in celebration of his 50th anniversary, Mickey Mouse became the first fictional character to receive a Star. Other fictional characters - Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Shrek, Oh, those kids! and The Simpsons.
  3. Some superstars are absent from the Alley for various reasons. For example, Julia Roberts and Clint Eastwood abandoned their Star. George Clooney was nominated but refused to appear at the Star's opening ceremony. Others simply do not have someone willing to appoint them to the selection committee, or they have worked for less than five years in a particular entertainment industry.
  4. The location of the individual Stars is not accidental. The stars of the legendary and world famous people, the so-called "licensed stars of show business", are in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater. The stars of the Oscar winners are near the Kodak Theater, where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards ceremony is held annually.
  5. The Four Stars, which weigh about 300 pounds (136 kg) each, were stolen from the Walk of Fame. Vandalism occurs on the Alley on a regular basis, ranging from swear words to political statements written on the Stars with a felt-tip pen.
  6. Sometimes names on the Stars are misspelled. For example, TV and film star Don Haggerty was originally installed with the name "Dan." The bug was discovered a few years later by television actor Dan Haggerty, who also received a Star.
  7. Two Stars mysteriously disappeared from the Alley. The Los Angeles Times, which documented and photographed every Star in the Mall, was never able to locate the Stars of Richard Crookes and Geraldine Farrar. It remains unclear whether these Stars were once removed from the Alley, or were moved to an unknown location.
  8. There are also Walk of Fame in Birmingham (England), Cannes (France), Kiev (Ukraine), Mexico City (Mexico), Delhi (India) Vyborg (Russia) and other cities.
  9. Traditionally, the Stars of the members of the selection committee, other than its chairman, are not laid on the Alley, so as not to abuse their position and discourage the lobbying of celebrities and their representatives.
  10. Each year, an average of about 200 Walk of Fame  nominations are submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and Selection Committee. Anyone, including fans, can nominate any celebrity active in a specific entertainment category.

for more information please visit : Hollywood walk of Fame- Wikipedia

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