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Monday, December 25, 2023

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide

General information:

Official name: State of California (CA)

Capital of CaliforniaSacramento

Largest city: Los Angeles

Other major cities: Anaheim, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Orange, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Fresno, Beverly Hills, Sunnyvale, Riverside, Stockton, Fremont, San Bernardino, Glendale, Pasadena, Berkeley.

State nicknamesGolden State, Land of Heaven, Sierra State, Grape State.

State mottoEureka

• State Establishment Date1850 (31st in order)

• official website 

California Introduction & visitors guide:

The state of California is located in the Western United States and belongs to the Pacific states of the United States. The territory of the state is 423 970 km 2, California occupies the third largest area among the states of the United States (after Alaska and Texas). California is bordered by the states of Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east and Arizona to the southeast, Mexico to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The name "California" comes from the province of Las California's in the Viceroyalty of New Spain, a Spanish colony in North America that includes the present-day state of California (as well as the states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming). And the name of the province, Las California's, comes from a knightly novel that was published in 1510.

More information about California visit: and

State population

California ranks first in the number of residents among the states of the United States, with more than 37,250,000 people living here. If California were a separate state, it would be the thirty-fourth largest in the world in terms of population. Los Angeles County alone, the most populous of all counties in the United States, has more than 9.8 million people (the United States has forty-two states with a smaller population).

Racial composition of the population of California

Whites - 57.6%

Asians - 13%

Blacks (African American) - 6.2%

Native Americans (Indians or Eskimos of Alaska) - about 1%

Indigenous people of Hawaii or Oceania - 0.4%

Other races - 17%

Two or more races - 4.9%

Hispanic or Latino (any race) - 37.6%

The ethnic composition of California is extremely diverse, and although the population of the state is dominated by immigrants from Latin America (the Mexican community of Los Angeles is the largest in the United States) and northern European countries (as well as the general population of the United States), many people can be found in the state. other nationalities. More than a million descendants of settlers from the Iberian Peninsula (Spaniards and Portuguese) live in California, about six hundred thousand Armenians, more than half a million Iranians, many Arabs, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Greeks, Koreans, immigrants from the Balkan and Scandinavian countries.

The largest ethnic (national) groups in the population of California

Mexicans - about 25%

Germans - about 9%

Irish - about 8%

British - about 7.5%

The best time to visit california:

When is the season. When is the best time to go

California is an excellent travel destination all year round, where the climate is suitable for both beach lovers and those who want to go for a drive in the mountains. The best season to visit is directly related to what you want to get out of your holiday.


California's climate is mostly Mediterranean, with dry summers and rainy winters. In areas remote from the ocean, the climate becomes continental, with a large difference between winter and summer temperatures. 

Weather and seasons

Most of the state has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers without rain and winters with mild temperatures and high humidity. On the coast, the average daytime temperature does not drop below 21 degrees Celsius, and during the summer it stays at least 27 degrees.

Cold weather is rare here, even in winter. But California is a state of fogs that you can observe on the coast, especially in the area of ​​the town of Monterey (and north) in the summer. Farther from the coast and closer to the center of the continent, temperatures are slightly more extreme - with dry and hot summer months and winter temperatures that drop to zero degrees.

In the mountains, the weather is divided into four seasons, with a pleasant summer season, warm and beautiful autumn, cold and snowy winters and sunny spring (the season of waterfalls, as the snow begins to melt very actively).

Check here los Angeles, California live weather report

The best season to travel

Personally, I really love California in the summer for a warmer than usual ocean and for the atmosphere of such a real beach resort. But most of all, I like to fly here in May or September, when the weather is very summer in the state, but there are much fewer tourists.

California in summer

Most travelers choose to visit California during the highest summer season - from June to August. It is during this period that you will meet large concentrations of tourists in the area of ​​major attractions and in national parks. Also, many hotels will already be fully booked, and ticket prices are skyrocketing.

California in autumn

Autumn ,from September to November, it brings with it moderate temperatures (around + 20-25 ° C), and also paints plants in a variety of colors (especially in the High Sierra region).

This is the best period for those looking to visit California vineyards at harvest time. Moreover, San Francisco and other cities in the north of the state are finally getting rid of the fog and will delight you with sunshine. In addition, the influx of tourists is no longer as intense as in summer.

California in spring

It is believed that it is spring , from March to May, that is the most beautiful time of the year. Although it can still be cool in the highlands, the temperature is very comfortable for both the beach and the national parks.

Among other things, you will be able to see green hills and flowering fields (this is very rare, since most of the year the vegetation is scorched by the sun). And the prices will delight you, as spring is considered a low season in the travel industry.

California in winter

If you are planning a ski vacation, then keep in mind that most of the snow will be in the mountains from November to March. Therefore, you come here in winter.

Just be able to catch Christmas, which is so actively celebrated in the USA. Sometimes the snow stays even until April, so many resorts are still open throughout the spring. But even if there is not much snow, special snow machines will save your vacation and you will definitely go for a drive. Near the ocean, the temperature can drop to + 10-15 ° С, in the mountains it can drop below 0 ° С. The plus is that even in ski resorts there will not be a large crowd of tourists. The only exception is the Christmas holidays.

Distances and public transportation in california:

distances in california

California is an automotive state, there is little or nothing to do without a car. Everything is designed for road trips, including road infrastructure, a chain of gas stations, motels, cafes and signposts to attractions.

Public transport

In California, public transport is poorly developed, and it is definitely not worth relying on. The most you can use is a bus from the airport to the city and back. Los Angeles also has a subway, about which little is known even to the locals. In San Francisco, you can ride the local tram, but it's more for fun than getting from point A to point B.

Transport rental

It is very easy and inexpensive to rent a car in California. Gas also costs around USD 25 for a full tank, which is quite a bargain.

To rent, you will need a driver's license (in most places even a Russian license will do, but it is better, of course, to have an international one with you), as well as a credit card for a deposit. Always take full insurance for your car.  You can compare prices from different distributors. 

• How to rent a car while traveling in the USA?  - guaranteed a good car at the best price from both leading car rental companies and local car rental companies. We are happy with them, which is what we wish for you.

Things to do:

In California, you definitely won't have to puzzle over what to do. Most likely, the question will be different, how do you manage to get everything done?

Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking. I will write about the coolest ones that I tried myself and which I recommend to every traveler:

  1. Take a surfing lesson on the California coast.
  2. Ride the rides in one of the state's amusement parks (Universal Park will be more popular with adults, and a lot of adventures await children in Disney Park).
  3. Take a celebrity home tour of the Hollywood Hills and find your favorite celebrity's star on the Walk of Stars.
  4. Fly in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley for a wine tasting.
  5. See whales while cruising in San Diego.
  6. Explore the caves on the La Jolla coast by kayak.
  7. Sunbathe at one of the expensive and trendy beach clubs in Malibu.
  8. Cross the border into Mexico to dine on real Mexican tacos and return back to the US in a couple of hours.
  9. Spend the night camping in one of California's national parks.
  10. Drive through the real desert in Death Valley.
  11. Take a photo with the legendary Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  12. See fur seals on the beaches in the picturesque Big Sur.
  13. Dance all night at the world famous Coachella festival.
  14. Buy groceries at Sunday farmers market.
  15. Visit the only castle in the USA (with a swimming pool) Hearst Castle.

California landmarks  & tourist attractions:

In Los Angeles : Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Malibu Beach, Griffty Park, Walk of Fame, Grauman Chinese Theater, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive.

In San Francisco : Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Cable Car.

In San Diego : Crystal Cathedral, Balboa Parks, Sea world and Legoland, a huge zoo in San Diego

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Venice Beach

Entrepreneur Abbott Kinney loved Venice so much that he dreamed of creating his own Venice in California. Construction began at the beginning of the 20th century. Now the pedestrian coastal zone, 4 kilometers long, is a classic beach, the dream of any movie about a luxury vacation. There is a lot of entertainment, street performers, restaurants. There is a "strong man's beach" here - a place where seasoned bodybuilders practice their art, demonstrating their strength to others.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Disneyland to California

Anaheim Disneyland is the most famous amusement park in the world, where the main characters - Disney cartoon characters entertain guests from all over the planet. The streets of Disneyland are designed in different thematic variants of cities and eras of America. A lot of fabulous attractions and cafes are at the disposal of the visitor. Disneyland is recognized as the best family park of all time, a place of joy and happiness, a source of inspiration. It should be noted that adults tend to go there even more intensely than children.

The Huntington Library is home to an art collection and botanical gardens. Very rare plants from all over the world grow here, there on excursions you can see Japanese rock gardens, an alley-exhibition of bonsai and glades of the most incredible cacti.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Los Angeles

Of course, it is impossible to visit California and not say separately about the city of Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in America. This city appeared at the end of the XXVII century, and before that Indian tribes lived on this territory. By the 20th century, Los Angeles was already completely modernized, there was even a public transport network and a centralized water supply to the city. By this time, the influx of immigrants from other cities and states of the United States increased, who arrived here in search of a mild climate and a calm measured life. Including Hollywood, which was then a separate village. With the twentieth century, Hollywood has its own local government and its own legislation. Today Los Angeles is the main economic tycoon of California. The film industry has a significant place, with nine out of ten American films hailing from Hollywood. Hollywood is famous all over the world, it can even be called a full-fledged city. Tourists who come here can visit numerous film studios, film sets and theaters, as well as stroll along the streets where the stars live. The Walk of Fame, which every second inhabitant of the planet dreams of visiting, is a long boulevard on which the names of those who made a significant contribution to the cinema and entertainment are written in plates in the form of five-pointed stars. The name "Hollywood" has become the collective name for the production location of all films that are made in Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the United States. which every second inhabitant of the planet dreams of visiting, is a long boulevard on which the names of those who have made a significant contribution to the cinema and entertainment are written in plates in the form of five-pointed stars. The name "Hollywood" has become the collective name for the production location of all films that are made in Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the United States. which every second inhabitant of the planet dreams of visiting, is a long boulevard on which the names of those who have made a significant contribution to the cinema and entertainment are written in plates in the form of five-pointed stars. The name "Hollywood" has become the collective name for the production location of all films that are made in Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the United States.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Graffite observatory

Arriving in the city of angels, the first thing to do is go up to the Graffiti Observatory! A huge Foucault pendulum is suspended under the dome of the building, showing the observer how the Earth rotates. Here you will also find a planetarium, where you can see interesting shows about the birth of the Universe, the value of water on the planet and the passage of time. It is noteworthy that you can visit the observatory free of charge. You will gain a lot of knowledge about the solar system and different galaxies, and from here you can see how the city is spread out under the observatory for miles!

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Fort Ross

California has its own Museum of Russian History at Fort Ross. It was formed on the site of the dwelling of the commandant of the fort, whose house has been preserved intact, and the rest of the buildings were reconstructed much later. Fort Ross was intended for the agricultural needs of the Russian settlement. Cattle, orchards and vineyards were grown here. The Russians lived here hand in hand with the Indians, the indigenous inhabitants of these places.

California keeps many secrets, one of them is the sunken city of Monticello. In the middle of the twentieth century, it was flooded before the construction of the dam. Now Montcello rests at the bottom of a huge lake. It has a huge funnel for draining water, and if you look at it from above, it seems that a multi-ton mass of water is being drawn into the bowels of the earth.

The US state of California is known for its unique museums and exhibitions, natural landmarks, historical sites, cultural centers, restaurants, beaches and recreation for all tastes.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Golden gate bridge

If you arrive from the Pacific Ocean to the famous city of San Francisco, we have a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The almost three-kilometer bridge is a miracle of the engineering mind of mankind, it is the symbol of San Francisco. The night fogs in which the bridge plunges in summer and early autumn can be considered a separate miracle. When the air temperature drops, the mists turn into thick milk. Be sure to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

The Getty Center is a former exhibition of the American millionaire Paul Getty, who was very passionate about collecting valuable antiques and art objects. After Getty died, with the funds he founded, a plot in the foothills of Los Angeles was bought and the Getty Center was built. Today there are five pavilions where paintings, sculptures, and other arts and crafts are exhibited. Everything is strictly sorted and displayed in the order of the chronology of events and eras.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide

Hollywood is a Los Angeles, California area located northwest of downtown. Traditionally, Hollywood is associated with the American film industry, as there are many film studios in the area and many famous film actors live. But we should not forget that Hollywood is primarily an area in which life is in full swing.

Visit California | Travel Tips, Information and visitors guide
Walk Of Fame

The famous Walk of Fame is lined with over 2000 slabs of polished marble, each marked with a star and a name. Here you can "meet" stars of cinema, radio, television, music, since 1960. Earning the status of a star worthy of your own slab on the Walk of Fame is not easy. For this, the candidate must be nominated for the appropriate title. His candidacy must be approved by the Chamber of Commerce, in addition, it costs $ 7,500 to install each slab on the Alley.

Travel Tips and Information: Visit California state

Few tips for those who decide to visit the state of California:

• At any station, you can find out the flight schedule of a special tourist bus Hop On - Hop Off, which translates as Popped in - Popped out. This bus itself will take you to the most interesting places for tourists.

• It is necessary to accurately calculate the routes, purchase tour cards, because on a number of excursions you can save a lot.

• It is not possible to fish everywhere without a license. It would be nice to clarify this issue and the fishing rules at the hotel where you are staying or the nearest tourist center.

• If you drove your car to nature reserves or natural parks, as well as stopped on the track for the night, do not forget that at night you can be disturbed by bears - quite smart and cunning animals that can figure out a way to steal your food.

• Use the Cash Back service if you run out of cash. To do this, when making a purchase in any supermarket, you can ask the cashier to write off an amount greater than the value of the goods from your card, then the difference will be given to you in cash. Moreover, it does not require additional payment, as in an ATM.

• But you better take your medicines with you. There are no pharmacies in our usual form. The doctor dispenses medicines to his patients or prescribes a prescription, so you won't be able to buy medicines just like that.

• If you are under eighteen years old, then do your best to be home before midnight. Because from this hour until five in the morning, you can only move here when accompanied by an adult.

• Motorists should be aware that after driving on a red line or crossing a double solid line, as well as parking in the wrong place, you should be ready to part with $ 270 in favor of the state treasury. And you can get to the Stop sign for $ 103. And if you don't have enough entertainment, then throw the garbage out the car window on the track, you will be collecting cigarette butts and candy wrappers along the sides of the track until the evening. This is probably why California is famous for its discipline and respect for the law.

• Every part of the state of California has its own special flavor. It is impossible to get a complete impression without visiting literally everywhere, you want to explore every corner of this part of the planet with amazing nature - mountains, beaches, plains, forests, rivers and lakes. But knowing California, it can be argued that you have learned all of America!

Travel for people with disabilities

For people with physical problems in California, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Special services, access to all buildings and attractions, access to trekking routes. Moreover, the entire infrastructure is constantly being improved.

If you have vision or hearing impairments, speaking or anything that might affect your ability to make or receive phone calls, dial 711 to get a specially trained communication assistant to relay phone calls for all your calls while you are in California.

Many cinemas are equipped with hearing-impaired headphones.

Airlines, rental offices also provide additional options for people with disabilities. It is enough to call there and inform about your wishes.

For information specific to travelers visit:  and

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