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Monday, December 25, 2023

City of Riverside - Inland Empire of California

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

City of Riverside - Inland Empire of California
Downtown Riverside, California image source: Flickr/Ken Lund

Where is Riverside located? On the US map, the city of Riverside is located east of Los Angeles, 60 miles from the metropolis. The town is located on the territory, which is called the "Inland Empire".

This is the name of the territory of the state of California, which is inhabited by calm and wealthy Americans. Riverside is surrounded by hills on all sides, as if hiding it from the rest of the world. The internal empire has a certain way of life and its own rules. The hills protect against the entry of extra people here, in fact, also limiting the number of those who want to leave here. When a fire breaks out in the hills during the hot season, it is really alarming, since there is no way to run.

The population of the city of Riverside is about 300,000 inhabitants. This is a beautiful city with magnificent architecture and a lot of attractions.

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Inland Empire of California


The area of ​​the region is 70,000 km². The population is 4 million people, which makes it the 3rd most populous area in California and the 14th in the United States.  Most of the population of the agglomeration is concentrated in its southwestern part, adjoining the Big Los - Angeles.


The name " Inland Empire " was used in the California newspaper Riverside Enterprise in April 1914. It is likely that the developers came up with this name in order to advertise real estate in this region and emphasize its advantages. It is related to the fact that the region is located some distance from the Pacific coast, and also with the fact that it was originally called the " orange empire " due to the fact that these fruits were grown in it. 

The City of Riverside is an inland empire of the State of California. Attractions

One of the most popular places

The city is considered to be the historic Mission Inn. From the height of the Mission Inn, which can be reached during the 75-minute tour offered by the Mission Inn Museum, travelers can see another attraction of the city - Mount Rubidoux. This place is loved not only by tourists, but also by locals. There are many convenient routes leading to the mountain peak. Along the route, you can admire cacti and beautiful wildflowers, in addition, there are many historical monuments that tell about the history of the city.

The summit of Rubida is crowned by the symbolic peace tower, and the flag of the United States flies in the air. In addition, on the top of the mountain, a giant cross offers a picturesque view of the surroundings, and you can sit and relax on the stone steps with beautiful carvings. This place is considered the oldest place in the United States for an open-air Easter sunset service. This tradition began in 1909 and continues to this day.

Hotel "Mission inn" is located on a vast territory and looks like a castle. This unique hotel is more than a hundred years old, the walls of the building are simply “saturated” with history. This mansion can be visited as part of a tour that lasts for 75 minutes. As one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa invites visitors to continue the tradition of overnight visits. In addition to access to areas of the Mission Inn that are not included in the tour program, visitors can stay in rooms with an unusual interior that retains the spirit of history. The Mission Inn features many award-winning restaurants including Duanes's Prime Steak and Seafood.

City of Riverside - Inland Empire of California
Mission inn hotel riverside CA
Image source Wikimedia

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A very memorable event of the hotel is the Festival of Lights, which is held for a month and a half at the end of the year. This unique event begins with the "Turn On" ceremony, when the entire hotel flashes with more than five million bright lights in an instant, and then a colorful fireworks show begins. Animators work on the territory, tourists can ride in horse-drawn carriages, there is even pristine snow here.

The Marsh Field Aviation Museum has been around for over a century and tells about the history of aviation. There are many exhibits here, including 70 aircraft. Marsh Field Historical Park is located near a huge aircraft that is outside the boundaries of the museum. Reconnaissance aircraft, bombers and UAVs can be seen up close. Inside the museum, in addition to aircraft, there are interesting interactive and historical exhibits. On the territory allocated by the March air base, the Riverside National Cemetery is located. Every serviceman who has performed active service with dignity has the right to be buried in this cemetery. It is not allowed to hold any recreational activities, including cycling, photo shoots, running, etc.


Southwest of downtown is the 250-acre Citrus State Historic Park. Half of the area is made up of magnificent citrus groves, reminiscent of California's citrus heritage, and the center offers guided tours that introduce the history of citrus production in the state through interactive displays and various exhibits. On weekends, tourists can take tours of the grove and participate in fresh fruit tasting.

The fruit stand is designed in the form of a huge orange and is located at the entrance to the state park, surrounded by palm trees. A well-maintained trail leads to the Sunkist Center through sagebrush and citrus groves. In a cozy gazebo located outside the Sunkist Center, there is a great place where you can have a picnic and taste fresh fruit.

The Van Buren Drive-In Theater is located in the Arlington Historic District, near the historic park. This place is very popular among moviegoers and lovers of a relaxing family holiday. This is one of the few drive-in cinemas that operate in the country today. Films are screened from Thursday to Monday, with affordable ticket prices creating a lot of competition for huge cinema chains. In addition, exchange meetings are organized at the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre.


The riverside UCR Botanical Garden is of particular interest. These gardens are set on forty acres of land, with four miles of trails criss-crossing the grounds. Here you can relax on comfortable benches, and to find out more detailed information about the flora presented in the botanical gardens of the UCR, about the history of use in the region, etc., it is enough to take advantage of the tours conducted by qualified associate professors.

The Fox Performing Arts Center is, in fact, the main arena for live music, festivals and entertainment. It is in the Spanish Colonial Revival style and opened in 1929. Initially, it was the home of a vaudeville and cinema, and since 2007, after a large-scale reconstruction, the historical theater has become a modern entertainment center.


Next door is the Riverside Municipal Concert Hall, which is run by the same production company and offers a similar repertoire to attendees.

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Fairmount Park is located

on the territory adjacent to the Mount Rubidoux park. There are many interesting objects to explore here. Around Lake Evans, which is a water masterpiece of the park, there is a bike path leading to other outdoor areas: tennis courts, children's areas, a shell, a historic boathouse where those who wish can rent pedal boats.

City of Riverside - Inland Empire of California
Fairmount park riverside, California image
 source: Wikimedia

A decorative wrought-iron hedge encloses a huge, picturesque rose garden located on the south shore of Lake Evans. As a rule, by May, all the roses are already blooming. This is an amazingly beautiful place for walking, photo shoots, organizing a holiday.

The Main Street Shopping Center is a pedestrian zone in the central part of the city. The mall includes small shops, heritage sites, and other downtown Riverside facilities. Main Street is immersed in the greenery of gardens and surrounded by fountains; there are plenty of opportunities for tourists here to make the day unforgettable.

There are many historical and cultural monuments around the Main Street shopping center, including the Mission Inn. Numerous eateries located along the mall offer a huge selection of dishes from casual snacks to fine Italian cuisine.


Sycamore Canyon Wilderness is located on 1,500 acres and is located near the city center. This is a home for wildlife with a huge number of trails. Here you can go hiking, mountain biking. Of particular interest is the Sycamore Canyon, where you can even see rattlesnakes. The nature of the canyon is unique and replete with rare plants, among which there is, for example, the scarlet monkey flower, Fremont poplar.

The Riverside Museum features unusual rotating exhibits in addition to a permanent collection of over 1,500 items. Here you can always learn something new for yourself.

The Box Springs Mountain reserve offers a challenging route to the top of the 3,000-foot mountain, which offers great views of the city and the Moreno Valley. 

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