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Monday, December 25, 2023

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA | Which city in America is the best to visit Disney Park

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA | Which city in America is the best to visit Disney Park

Anaheim, America's Disneyland, is one of the largest and most famous in the world. It resembles a huge kindergarten, where everything is created for the joy of kids. Its location is in Anaheim, California.

The park itself consists of two parts:

  1. Disneyland (opened 1955)
  2. Disney California Adventure Park

The common name for the two parks is Disneyland Resort or Disneyland California.


  • History of creation
  • Interesting Facts
  • Anaheim - where is it located and how to get there
  • Where to stay
  • How Disneyland Park works
  • Transport inside the amusement park
  • Representation
  • Park opening hours and hours
  • Ticket price
  • Disneyland park photo
  • More articles about entertainment

History of creation

Disneyland near Los Angeles is the oldest in the world. It was built during the lifetime of the legendary cartoonist Walt Disney and under his control. (The second park was Disney World in Orlando, Miami).

Disney loved his job, and was also a tireless inventor. On his estate for his beloved daughters, he built a miniature railway and it was after this that he fired up the idea of ​​creating a huge amusement park for children. Initially, he wanted to build a park next to his studio, but there was not enough space.

That is why he acquired 65 hectares of land and began construction, for the financing of which he launched a special television project called Disneyland. The construction of the park based on Disney's sketches began in 1954 and was completed 366 days later.

This is interesting: on the opening day, the park was visited by 30 thousand people, the next day more than 50 thousand guests came here. Over the entire 1955, the park was visited by more than 1 million people, so the idea of ​​the park justified itself almost immediately.

Interesting Facts

Something interesting about Disneyland:

  • In 1959, the leader of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev wanted to visit Disneyland. But, for safety reasons, he was not allowed to enter the park. This fact angered the Soviet leader terribly.
  • In Florida, Orlando, the second Disneyland, called Disney World, is opened. The park was conceived by Walt Disney himself, but the construction was completed after his death.
  • The first Disneyland built outside of America was Tokyo Disneyland, Japan. The opening took place in 1983. The ticket price is 4100-5500 Japanese yen. The park has seven thematic zones.
  • In Europe, in the city of Paris in 1992, Evro Disneyland was opened. The ticket price ranges from 55-75 €.
  • The youngest Disneyland amusement park, opened in 2005, is located on about. Lantau in Hong Kong.
  • In Moscow, in the Nagatinskaya Poima, in 2015, construction work began to create a Disneyland in Russia. He has already invented a name - DreamWorks. In total, it is planned to build three Dream works parks in Russia - in the capital, in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Anaheim - where is it located and how to get there

The birthplace of Disneyland is the USA. The park is located 45 km south of Los Angeles (California), in the small town of Anaheim.

You can get here either along the high-speed highway in your own car or by bus. The whole journey will take from forty minutes to an hour.

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Those who will get to the park by car should pay attention that parking near the park is paid, as well as parking near hotels and restaurants.

There are two ways out of the situation:

  1. The first is to book a hotel room near the park, leave the car in its parking lot and get to Disneyland itself on a specially plying shuttle.
  2. The second is to leave your car at a special parking lot at Disneyland Downtown, where you can park for 3 or 6 hours for free, but in this case you will have to leave the park itself in order to park your car.

Where to stay

There are many hotels in Anaheim to stay in while visiting Disneyland. But it is better to pay attention to hotels, either belonging to the park itself, or participating in the partner program (information about hotels can also be found on the official website of the Park).


It is worth paying attention to such hotels (located at the resort itself and next to it), such as:

  • Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
  • partner hotels (46 total), such as Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites, Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel and others. Everyone can choose the best one for themselves, based on their preferences.

Please note that all hotels have swimming pools, entertainment and animators for children, and transportation to the park entrance.

How Disneyland Park works

You should immediately pay attention to the fact that you should take at least 2 days to visit Disneyland California. The first day is better spent in the more fabulous, older part, and the second - in the "drive" and modern Disney California Adventure.

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA | Which city in America is the best to visit Disney Park
disney california adventure

The Old Disneyland Plan (1955) was designed by Walt Disney himself. He divided the entire territory into several parts - "countries":

  • Adventure World - jungle.
  • "Frontier Country" - American Wild West of the 19th century.
  • "Fantasy Land" - the world of Disney cartoon characters.
  • "Country of the Future" - the world of space travel and travelers.
  • "Holiday Country" - open areas for games and sports.
  • "New Orleans Square" - a recreation of the Old City Square (XIX century).
  • "Bear Country" - the world of the American South.
  • "Multown Mickey" is the world of the main Disney character - Mickey Mouse (a whole mountain with the houses of Mickey himself and his bride Minnie).

In the center of the Park there is a central square and a wide Main Street, decorated in the style of American towns of the beginning of the 20th century, from where trains leave in the direction of each of the "countries".

There is also the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is the hallmark of any Disney cartoon.

Each location has its own key attractions.

For example, in the "Borderland" it is "Thunder Mountain" - a kind of roller coaster, with carriages, decorated in the form of carts of miners of the early XX century.

In the "Land of the Future" these are two attractions at once, which either "send" their visitors into "space", or - to the bottom of the "ocean".

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The most popular locations in the Park are also:

  • Jungle Cruise.
  • "Big Ranch" (with a real petting zoo).
  • Autopia with the House of the Future (by the way, just stuffed with technology from Microsoft)
  • "Indiana Jones".
  • "Haunted Manor".
  • "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  • Saloon "Golden Horseshoe", decorated in the style of the Wild West saloons.
  • Roger Rabbit Machine.

Take a note: in the center of the main square of Disneyland, there is a monument to the founder Walt Disney, who holds by the paw of his favorite cartoon character - Mickey Mouse.

Disney California Adventure  is a miniature replica of Los Angeles. There are the same streets, with the same houses as in the City of Angels itself, and there is also a Hollywood studio. There are many attractions in the Park, which, of course, are associated with various cartoon ribbons.

For example, the attraction "Monsters", which is based on the cartoon "Monsters, Inc."

There are also authentic attractions in the Park, for example, "The Hollywood Tower", where a real "killer lift" rolls up and down in the free fall mode, or "Flying Tires", where you can ride on huge tires that slide along the site due to the flow air and aerodynamics.

Please note: it is better to visit all the slides (and other attractions of the park) using the Fast Pass system. Cars with a similar inscription stand next to each top attraction. After scanning the access wristband, the park employee issues a ticket, which indicates the personal time of visiting the slide (regardless of the queue).

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA | Which city in America is the best to visit Disney Park

After the attraction is visited, it is worth walking around the park for 40-60 minutes and visiting the Fast Pass again to get a ticket for the next slide.

In all parts of the unified park, there are stages and platforms where various, including musical, performances are held, as well as 3D cartoons are broadcast. The show program changes almost every month, the schedule of performances can be found on the maps placed throughout the park.

If you come to Disney California Adventure with very young children, then you should definitely visit Bugs Land. Here are the safest rides, swings, carousels, fountains. Interestingly, adults are also allowed on them.

At the end of your walk in the Park, you should take a ride on the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel.

It is located in the heart of the Park, at Paradise Pier. There are two types of booths on the wheel: fixed and moving inside the Wheel.

In the evening, next to the Wheel, there are Light Shows, which usually start at 21.45 pm. This is the perfect end to a walk through Disneyland California.

Transport inside the amusement park

Walt Disney himself thought about park logistics in old Disneyland, and since the middle of the 20th century, almost no changes have been made to this system. The whole park is "entangled" by the railway, so beloved by the cartoonist.

The main station is located in the Central Square. Every few minutes, trains departed from it, decorated in the style of passenger locomotives of the late 19th century. The old Park also carries out transportation by retro cars; there is also a specially created monorail system.

At Disney California Adventure, the logistics are more modern. Minibuses, electric cars and rare cars run here, which can take visitors to any area of ​​this "mini-city".

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The program of shows in the Park is constantly changing. But there are shows and events that take place almost every day.

For example:

  • The launching of the US flag on Main Street.
  • Show "Alice in Wonderland".
  • The program "Anna and Elsa Invite".
  • Meet  Disney Princesses at the Royal Hall.
  • The program “Acquaintance with the inhabitants of radiator sources in the Automotive Land” (based on the cartoon “Cars”).
  • Heroic Encounters program (with Spider-Man and Captain America).
  • The Amazing Dance program with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The Jedi Academy program (based on the Star Wars movie).
  • Show Fantasmic! (in the locations "Rivers of America" ​​and "Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island").
  • Fireworks "Remember - Dreams Come True".
  • A parade featuring Princess Mulan.
  • "Sound Parade with Mickey" (featuring all of the most popular animated Disney characters).

When booking online on the park's website, pay attention to the "Special Tickets" tab. There you can buy tickets for special events that take place one or more times a year. For example, "Halloween with Mickey Mouse" or "Disneyland After Dark - Throwback Nite", a late night party just after New Years.

Also worth paying attention to are tours such as Disneyland After Sunset or Disneyland in the Dark. This is a truly colorful and magical tour.

On the official Disneyland website - you can see photos and videos of attractions and entertainment for the whole family.

Visit Disneyland and Disney Park California, USA | Which city in America is the best to visit Disney Park

Disneyland park hours and opening hours 

Disneyland California Park in Los Angeles is open every day from 10.00 to 19.00. From 08.30 to 22.30 in the parks there are tours according to the "Magic Morning" program.

Ticket price

It should be noted right away that the price of Disneyland tickets for 1 day varies depending on the date. Park tickets for 1 day can be bought online on the official website. All tickets purchased in this way will be valid until the end of the year.

Also, the cost of tickets to California Disneyland depends on the number of days and the options included. The best bet is to buy multi-day tickets, which include the Magic Morning option, which means that you can arrive at the park an hour and a half earlier than the official opening and skip the lines at several attractions.

The prices are as follows:

2 days (without Magic Morning option)99.50 dollars
3 days$ 90 (+ 1 "Magic Morning")
4 days72.50 (+1 "Magic Morning")
5 days$ 61 (+1 "Magic Morning")

Of course, Disneyland is a country of childhood, a country of fairy tales and dreams, but it is so real, thought out to the smallest detail that it seems like a real world that even adults, despite its high cost, noise and endless queues, do not want to leave. It's so great to return to a carefree, fun-filled childhood even for a few hours.

Disneyland park map

Disneyland park, California map

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