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Monday, December 25, 2023

Where to Eat in Los Angeles (good and cheap) | Top 11 budget friendly restaurants in los angeles

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


Where to Eat in Los Angeles (good and cheap) | Top 11 budget friendly restaurants in los angeles

Where to Eat in Los Angeles (good and cheap) 

Where to eat in Los Angeles?  Well this is one of the largest cities in the United States and in it you can find Restaurants with cooking styles from all over the world!. The most famous neighborhood in Los Angeles is Hollywood they are the world mecca of cinema and show business  this is one of the most visited cities in the US and attracts people from all over the world  in terms of cuisine the same  you can find Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Italian and also many Mexican restaurants! among others…

Where to Eat in Los Angeles (good and cheap) | Top 11 budget friendly restaurants in los angeles

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Los Angeles offers us thousands of options to choose from  in this case the recommendations are based on typical places or with history as well as places that are close to tourist attractions there are many other places to eat well and cheaply in Los Angeles but if they are very Away from the tourist areas they are not useful for travelers like us… That if… prepare to get fat! Some of the typical dishes of the area include very large portions!.

In this post we are going to recommend 11 restaurants to Eat in Los Angeles, good and cheap!

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Top 11 budget friendly restaurants in los angeles

1. Thai Dishes on Broadway

We ate at this Thai restaurant, as it was very close to our Santa Monica hostel (next to the pier) and we loved it! Their dishes took us to our beloved Thailand and that is priceless. Or rather: the menu of the dish of the day costs between $ 11-14 (and there is free water). It is served between 11 am and 2 pm from Monday to Friday. We tried a curry (massaman) and a chicken teryaki dish (that's good, more than thai is Japanese :-p) and both were very good!


2. Dino's Chicken & Burguers

This place was recommended to us, which apparently makes one of the best chickens in town. The advice is: skip the burgers and grab the $ 8 menu of ½ chicken and potatoes. Keep in mind that if you don't like spicy, better look elsewhere. If you go at rush hour get ready for a possible queue, as you can imagine it is one of the favorite food stalls of the Latino community, and it is a legend! Theirs is to order it to go (there are no seats inside, there are only a few outside).


3. Pink's Hot Dogs

Another great Los Angeles classic. If you feel like a good hot dog, this is your place! It is a small, simple but authentic and picturesque restaurant, the kind that you might well see in any American series. The menu is quite extensive but it is essentially based on hamburgers and hot dogs of course! The dog with cheese and chili costs $ 5 but there are some more complete ones, such as the Tha La La Land Dog, which has sausage, guacamole, diced tomato, bacon and sour cream ($ 8.3).


4. Philippe the Original

This restaurant is one of the oldest and best known in Southern California, and is located in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. The star dish that was born by chance in 1918 is the 'French Dipped Sandwich', which consists of roast meat, roast pork, leg of lamb, turkey or ham served on a freshly baked French roll previously dipped in the natural sauce of the roasts and finally Swiss, Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack or Blue cheese. Appetizing, right?


5. Eggslut

There are several places, but we recommend you go to the original that is in the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles. At first glance it is just another place, where they prepare breakfast, but its great star " The Slut ", an egg sandwich with mashed potatoes, sauce and chives is so delicious that in several magazines it stands out as one of the cheap places to eat in Los Angeles. Tip: there are always queues, so try to go at odd times.

6. Leo's Tacos Truck

It is a food truck that prepares what many define the best tacos in Los Angeles. It has several trucks scattered around the city, but whichever one you choose they will always be rich and tasty, just like the authentic Mexicans (the tacos, not the Mexicans). The tacos al pastor ($ 1.25 / each) are highly recommended. They also prepare other typical Mexican dishes such as quesadillas or burritos, but come on ... I would go and get puffed up on tacos of all kinds.

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7. Elena's Greek Armenian Cousine

Not too far from Griffith Park, you will find this Greek-Armenian restaurant that offers quality homemade mixed dishes for around $ 9-12. Refrain from vegetarians: Almost everything here includes a good skewer of meat (although, in fairness, there are falafel and other veg-friendly dishes).


8. Nickel Diner

In the heart of Los Angeles you can find the Nickel Diner restaurant, a somewhat baroque establishment full of lights and colors. Nowadays it has become a fashionable restaurant as it offers good dishes at affordable prices. Its star dishes are catfish, meat sandwich, bacon and baked eggs.

9. Jimmy

It is the most famous fast food in California, here they serve delicious hamburgers, although for us the big star is the potatoes: we have no idea how they are made but they remain crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and not at all greasy. The double burger costs less than $ 4. If you want potatoes and a drink (you want!) The menu costs $ 6.7.

There is also a "secret" menu that is good ... it is not so secret.


10. Mason's Dumpling Shop

And we finish this post of 10 restaurants where to eat cheaply in Los Angeles with one of our favorite foods: dumplings! Actually there are other Asian dishes, but the truth is that the specialty of the house are those homemade dumplings that are delicious. You can choose dumplings cooked, steamed or grilled. They are all good but we wouldn't hesitate: a serving of grilled pork dumplings ($ 9) and a serving of soup with crab and pork dumplings ($ 9.5).


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11. The veggie grill

Located in the Hollywood neighborhood, The Veggie Grill is a veggie restaurant with veggies as the flag. Here you can find any type of vegetarian dish and menu at a very cheap price and of extraordinary quality.

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