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Monday, December 25, 2023

Twin peaks san francisco | Best viewpoint in San Francisco

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


Twin peaks san francisco | Best viewpoint in San Francisco
Nicolas Raymond/ Flickr

Twin Peaks San Francisco:

Where to look at the evening San Francisco, the best observation deck in San Francisco, how to see the city in one day and not spend a cent? I'm talking about the best viewpoint in San Francisco - Twin Peaks and how to get there.

The Spanish conquistadors called these hills the "Chest of an Indian Virgin" for their ideal shape and similarity. In real life, both peaks are named Eureka Peak and Noe Peak, which means north and south.

Twin Peaks is not the highest point in San Francisco, but the best in terms of access and views. The highest is Mount Davidson. The Twin Peaks Hills are about 281 meters elevation. In addition to their observation function, Twin Peaks carry a huge reservoir of water (Summit Reservoir), which has been used to extinguish fires since 1954. The idea to build such a reservoir arose after the devastating earthquake of 1906 and the fire that followed.

Today Twin Peaks is a nature park like Griffin Park in Los Angeles or Central Park in New York. There are practically no buildings on Twin Peaks, apart from the car park and toilet.

It's very easy to get there by car, I'll tell you in detail at the end of the article. In the meantime, we got here and, waiting for the sunset, wandered around the perimeter - this is about a kilometer, recognising the individual streets, buildings and bridges of San Francisco. Here is the Market - the widest street that cuts the city into two parts, here is the famous Golden Gate and the park near it, and here is Bay Bridge - another bridge that is undeservedly forgotten when people talk about the city.

Twin peaks san francisco | Best viewpoint in San Francisco
Roger W/ Flickr

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Visible to the south are Mission and Mount Davidson, the Pacific Ocean and Sunset, then beyond Haight Ashbury at the mouth of the Bay, Telegraph Hill and San Francisco's tallest building, the Transamerica office, next to SOMA Square.

We spent more than two hours upstairs, we did not spend so much time on any observation deck, except perhaps to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, but we climbed there on foot.

If you are lucky or find yourself in San Francisco in early autumn, you will be rewarded with a fog that covers the bay and bridges with a milk blanket. And sometimes the whole city. To do this, you need to climb Twin Peaks in the morning.

On July 4, America's Independence Day, San Francisco hosts a festive fireworks display at Fisherman's Wharf. So the best view of the fireworks is from the Twin Peaks hills.

When is the best time to visit twin peaks?

Then when you are in San Francisco, at any time of the day or night. But it is better, of course, in the off-season - early autumn or spring. In summer, Twin Peaks has a crowded parking lot and crowds of people, half of which are locals.

Twin peaks san francisco | Best viewpoint in San Francisco

How to get to Twin Peaks San Francisco

It is most convenient to travel by car - we put Twin Peaks in the navigator of the smartphone and go. On the way, turn your head in all directions - at the foot of the hills there will be beautiful European houses, very similar to those that we are used to seeing in old Europe.

If it so happened that there is no way to rent a car and quite rightly want to save money on a taxi, then you can:

  • Rent a bike, this can be done in the city at street rental agencies.
  • On foot, you can go straight up the slope - you don't have to be an all-rounder for this.
  • By bus # 37 Corbett MUNI - it will take you as close to the hills as possible.
  • Tourist bus with a guided tour - but this is really an extreme option.

Accommodation nearby Twin Peaks 

If possible - choose housing here, San Francisco is a compact city - you will kill two birds with one stone. And the place is beautiful and the observation point is close by and it is not far from any city location even without a car.

How do I find cheap accommodation in San Francisco?

We book on Hotels . Why? Because this search engine allows you to find the best options and not pay extra. The search goes through several popular booking systems, it remains for us to choose the best option.

Our recommendations:

• Delphine on Diamond is an apartment in San Francisco just a short drive from Twin Peaks.

Address5285 Diamond Heights Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131, United States


• Twin Peaks Hotel - this option will allow you to see the Castro area and its surroundings while remaining close to Twin Peaks, a little nuance - the hotel is geared towards gays.

Address: 2160 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States


• Perramont Hotel is the best budget accommodation option near Twin Peaks.

Address: 2162 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States


The Metro Hotel is a boutique hotel located near another famous landmark of San Francisco - Painted Lady.

Address: 319 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States


How to get to San Francisco

By car, and you need to rent it directly at the airport. And if the city itself does not need a car, then the surroundings deserve at least a day trip. For example, the 49-mile road that runs through all the attractions and locations of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

We rent a car through the international site
 - clear prices and rental conditions, a choice both among international operators and among local ones.


How to buy an cheap flight ticket to San Francisco?

On the website - we use it and are satisfied, especially with the low price calendar - you can immediately see the price level by month and day. Directly on the website of the airlines it will be 100% cheaper.

If you are traveling around California and have a little time, then you can fly to San Francisco from one of the airports in the state - here is a detailed list of airports with links to websites.

Thanks for reading....


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