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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Calico Ghost Town: A Unique Camping Experience in California

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Thursday, March 23, 2023

Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town

If you're looking for a unique camping experience in California, look no further than Calico Ghost Town. Located in Yermo, just outside of Barstow, this ghost town turned campground is the perfect destination for anyone interested in history, the paranormal, or just a fun camping adventure.

Whether you're looking to experience the thrill of camping in a ghost town or just want to explore the rich history of the area, Calico Ghost Town has something for everyone. Here's what you need to know before planning your trip:

History of Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town was once a bustling silver mining town in the late 1800s. When the silver ran out, the town was abandoned and left to decay. In the 1950s, Walter Knott, the creator of Knott's Berry Farm, purchased the town and restored it to its former glory. Today, the town is a regional park and popular tourist destination.

Camping at Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town offers a unique camping experience that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're tent camping or bringing your RV, you can camp in the heart of the town, surrounded by historic buildings and mines. The campground offers full RV hookups, as well as tent sites and cabins. There's even a pet-friendly section for those traveling with furry friends.

Camping Options:

Calico Ghost Town offers a variety of camping options, including tent camping, RV camping, and even cabin rentals. The campground has over 250 campsites, each with a picnic table and fire ring. RV sites also come with full hookups, including water, electricity, and sewer.

Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town

Activities at Calico Ghost Town

There's plenty to do at Calico Ghost Town, whether you're interested in history or just looking for a fun weekend getaway. Take a tour of the old silver mine, explore the historic buildings, or try your hand at panning for gold. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the surrounding hills for those who love the outdoors.

If you're visiting in the fall, don't miss the Halloween events at Calico Ghost Town. The town is transformed into a haunted ghost town, with spooky decorations, haunted houses, and more. It's the perfect way to celebrate the season and get into the Halloween spirit.

Things to Do:

Aside from camping, Calico Ghost Town offers visitors a variety of things to do. The historic mine is a must-see attraction, offering visitors the chance to explore an actual silver mine from the 1880s. There are also various museums and exhibits throughout the town, showcasing the history of the area.

For those visiting during Halloween, Calico Ghost Town is known for its spooky festivities. The campground hosts a Halloween event every year, featuring haunted attractions, costume contests, and more.

Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town

Visiting Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town is open year-round, with different hours depending on the season. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for children, with discounts for seniors and military personnel. You can find a map of the town and park on their website, along with more information about camping and events.

Map and Directions:

If you're planning on visiting Calico Ghost Town, you can find a map and directions on their website. The campground is easy to find, just off of I-15, making it a convenient stop for those traveling through the area.

Location and Hours:

Calico Ghost Town is located in Yermo, California, just off of I-15. The campground is open year-round, with hours varying depending on the season. During the summer months, the park is open from 9 am to 5 pm, while during the winter months, it's open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Calico Ghost Town "Q&A"

1. What is Calico Ghost Town?

Calico Ghost Town is a historical landmark and former mining town located in California's Mojave Desert.

2. What city is Calico Ghost Town in?

Calico Ghost Town is located in San Bernardino County, California.

3. Is Calico Ghost Town worth visiting?

Yes, Calico Ghost Town is definitely worth visiting for those interested in history and exploring old mining towns.

4. Is Calico Ghost Town still open?

Yes, Calico Ghost Town is still open to visitors.

5. Is Calico Ghost Town haunted?

According to local legend, Calico Ghost Town is said to be haunted by ghosts of former residents and miners.

6. How much does Calico Ghost Town cost?

Admission fees for Calico Ghost Town vary depending on age and season, so it's best to check their official website for current pricing.

7. How far is Calico Ghost Town from Las Vegas?

Calico Ghost Town is located approximately 130 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.

8. Where is Calico Ghost Town located?

Calico Ghost Town is located in San Bernardino County, California, USA.

9. Is there a park at Calico Ghost Town?

Yes, there is a regional park located at Calico Ghost Town.

10. Is there a map available for Calico Ghost Town?

Yes, there is a map available for Calico Ghost Town that can be found on their website or at the park entrance.

11. Is Calico Ghost Town open on Halloween?

Yes, Calico Ghost Town is open on Halloween and often hosts special events for the holiday.

12. Is there a mine at Calico Ghost Town?

Yes, there is a historic silver mine located at Calico Ghost Town that visitors can tour.


Calico Ghost Town is a unique and exciting camping experience that's perfect for history buffs and adventure seekers alike. With its rich history, stunning desert landscape, and wide range of activities, it's no wonder why this campground is a popular destination for visitors from all over California and beyond.

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