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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

I Climbed "City climb" at hudson Yards and It Was Terrifying

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Wednesday, March 20, 2024

City climb nyc
City climb nyc
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If you're a fan of thrills, I've got you covered: City Climb at hudson Yards.
After hesitating to test this brand new attraction in New York, seeing that I had the impression that it could be a tourist trap and also seeing the high amount of activity, several of you have asked me if I had already tested it… and it tickled me. :–)
Finally I said to myself that to find out, I obviously had to find out for myself by testing it!
So I tested it at the beginning of April 2022, and I loved it!
I'll explain my experience here with supporting photos and above all my feelings… and show you that it's really open to everyone!

What exactly is City Climb in New York?

Located in West Manhattan, in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood, City Climb sits atop the “30 Hudson Yards” building, as does the Edge Observatory.
30 Hudson Yards, also known as the “North Tower”, is made up of 73 stories and is 387m high.
You can see here in the photo where each of them is located:

The edge NYC
The edge nyc

City Climb is thus an activity in New York which offers you to climb to nearly 380m high while being of course very well secured (with a doubly secure harness), which makes it the highest outdoor building climb in the world. 
You will climb stairs then arrive on a platform where you can lean forwards then backwards (while of course being held by your harnesses and ropes 🙂), and above all allowing you to have a unique view of all of New York!
In fact, for me, it looks a bit like a via ferrata (or tree climbing) but on a building 380m high!🙂

How is the rise of City Climb?

You should already know that all the preparation, the ascent and the return to the locker rooms take 1h:45-2h in all.
And as following this experience, you can stroll on the Edge observatory, so plan a slot of 2h:30-3h for the whole thing.

Here are the 5 stages of the rise of City Climb that I explain to you in all objectivity (and without giving you my feelings because it will be for the next chapter):

Step 1: Entrance

You must therefore enter the Hudson Yards shopping center, go up to the 3rd floor (but Level 4 in the USA) and then go through the entrance to The Edge.
Once you have shown your ticket, you will have to go to a special room for those who do City Climb.
Don't do like me by making a mistake and taking the elevator… because you will then have to go down to pass in this room. 🙂
One thing is very important when you come: come on time!!!
Me, for example, I arrived 10-15min late compared to my precise schedule, suddenly they had to put me in the next session, that is to say 45 min later.
So if for example you have an appointment at 10 a.m., arrive at 9:50-9:55 a.m. like that, you will be sure to pass right away and therefore with the session you have reserved.

Step 2: Your information (contact details, height, weight, alcohol level, etc.)

Once you arrive in the information room, you will be measured and weighed because you must be between 1.49m and 2.04m tall and weigh 140 kg maximum to be allowed to do the attraction.
You will also be given a breathalyzer to make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol. So avoid the beer or the glass of wine before going up!😉

Then we will explain the main safety instructions to you. The person working here (the one in the blue polo shirt in the photo below) will read you all the text and you have to say that you are OK with that.
Then you will write your name, first name and e-mail on a computer so that we can send you the information, photos and others by e-mail.

Step 3: the locker room

Once you have been given instructions and learned the little cry of encouragement from the City Climb, then you will go upstairs to The Edge observatory in order to go to the locker room.

Here you will put your backpack, phone, watch, coin… (in short everything that can fall when you climb) in the small chests that you see here:

You will then put on your pretty blue jumpsuit and be in BG mode…or not! haha🙂

Finally, the facilitators/educators will then put on your harness.

You will see that nothing is left to chance.

A first person will install the harness for you and tighten it perfectly. Then a second person will come to check if the harness is properly put on and will adjust it if necessary. After the first one will come back to install a small plastic cable in order to secure the harness and make it impossible to remove alone… unless you have pliers to cut this cable.

Why are they doing this?

Quite simply to avoid accidents and in particular, unfortunately, suicides.
They leave nothing to chance and really protect themselves from any accident by checking the harness, the lanyards (straps), the carabiners, the information on multiple occasions, by noting everything on paper... in short, it's super super super square and they leave no room for improvisation… and in the end it's so much the better because you still climb to an altitude of 380m! ahah 🙂
So once your whole group (8 people max) has their harness, you can do your City Climb battle cry and head for the top.

Stage 3: the climb outside

Just before going outside, you will be explained how the carabiners, the lanyards and the lifeline work, which will allow you to be secure a bit like in a via ferrata or tree climbing... but on the contrary, here, you won't need to remove a carabiner and its lanyard and put it to the next point. No, the lifeline (safety line) is 100% continuous and therefore there is no need to detach.
And besides, be aware that as for the harness, once you are attached to the lifeline, your screwgate carabiners will be secured with a plastic cable and thus it will be impossible for you to cut them without pliers.
Yes, at City Climb, security is maximum !!!!
Once everything is good, that's it, the animators will open the door and you can discover New York … west side with a view of the Hudson and New Jersey.
The first thing they're going to offer you is to go to the edge of the building and lean down to discover the Vessel and the whole Hudson Yards area.
You will see that each time, they take the time to explain to everyone what we see around.
Then you will begin the ascent by stairs and will be able to enjoy the view of lower Manhattan…

Once at the top of the stairs, you will therefore be on the maximum and final platform.

One of the facilitators will then show you the technique for leaning back, and you can then try your hand at it.

Then he will show you the technique to lean forward and you can do it.

On the spot, we will take your picture as they did for me and the group that was with me that day and that I did not know 0 (I explain below how to get these pictures), and you will have time to redo at your leisure for a few minutes what you want.

Step 4: return to the locker room

After 40-45 minutes spent up there, you will come out of the platform, you will go down a little, you can remove your lifeline since you will be in complete safety, we will then remove all the plastic cables, and finally you will go down to the cloakroom on foot through the interior of the building.

We will then remove your harness, you will be able to recover your belongings… and “American style”, we will give you a big medal while congratulating you on having passed this test that is City Climb!
Class, right?
Me, in any case, I am proud to have my medal and this memory of the climb!

Step 5: done

There you go, you've gotten dressed, picked up your backpack, your phone... and can now enjoy The Edge observatory and its wonderful view of all of New York!
And the must is that you can tell it to yourself with your medal! hahaha 🙂
“I DID IT!!!!”

How did I feel at City Climb?

So yes, I will explain to you my feelings during this climb which is neither rock climbing nor via ferrata but a unique building climbing activity that everyone can do, because it's really simple. There really is no difficulty. The most complicated is really in the head, and precisely here is my opinion.

As you may know, I studied STAPS, then was a PE teacher for 11 years. So I both climbed at university, taught climbing too, I practiced magnificent via ferrata in the Alps several times… and did tree climbing quite a few times.
In short, my feeling when I booked the activity and until I arrived on the platform was:
“Frankly, I'm not afraid, I've climbed a lot of times, I don't have not dizzy, and I'm really doing this for the blog to test and find out what it's really worth.”
In short yes yes you can say it, I was the “braggart”! hahaha🙂

So yes during the preparation in the locker room, then at the start with the view on the Vessel and on the stairs with the view on the west and the south of New York, I was very very well.
But at the time of arriving on the platform, at the very top, there I felt like ants in my feet or rather it is as if my feet and ankles were compote.
I then said to myself “why am I here??? pfff' and me who was doing my clever thing…”.🙂

Of course, I didn't give up.
Exactly when I had to test the leaning back position, I breathed and above all I remembered that they had checked my harness, the lanyards and all the stuff 258 times… so I went there slowly and there “WOAHHHHHH”!!!!!
It was so good !!!
So I continued with the forward position, and then at the end when we could do it again alone, I really enjoyed it!

So even if at first I minimised the activity, in the end I was stressed but then I was super happy and proud of myself, and happy to have been able to enjoy the place, the view and this unique experience so much!

The 10 things to remember about City Climb

1. you have to arrive on time (the best thing is to plan to arrive 5-10 min in advance).

2. you can ride from 13 years old (13-17 years old must be accompanied by an adult).

3. you must be between 1.49m and 2.04m tall.

4. you must weigh 140 kg maximum.

5. do not drink alcohol at all before climbing otherwise you will be refused.

6. you must understand English otherwise you will be turned away.

7. maximum security

8. it takes 40-45 min to climb so it's quite long in the end.

9. you have to think about covering yourself if you are chilly (depending on the season when you do this).

10. it's an experience that is phew'. We take full eyes!!!

How much does the City Climb experience cost, and how do you book your climb?

The rate is $185 per person excluding tax, which makes $201.42, 201 USD or 196 EUR
Yes it's expensive and not given to everyone, but quite frankly the experience is so unique and the fact that it lasts all even nearly 45 min at the top, that in the end, I think it's worth it!

So to book, you just have to go to the official website:

When should you book City Climb?

For the moment, there is always a little space 24 hours before or even on D-Day, so if you ever feel like it at the last moment, it's possible!

Do you have to take the souvenir photo pack?

When booking, we offer you the “Climb Personalized Photo Souvenir” pack at $20.
Personally, I find it rather nice in the end since during the whole climb, it is not at all possible to have your phone or camera to take a picture of New York or have your picture taken or take a selfie.
So as one of the animators has a compact camera and takes a picture of each person and the whole group, it allows you to come back with lots of memories!
If you choose this pack, know that by going down to the bottom, before the store, you will then be given the photos in a notebook (see below) and you will also be given a link to access all the photos of your session on the internet in order to download them afterwards.

Where is City Climb at Edge located and what are its hours?

City Climb is as I said west of Manhattan in the Hudson Yards area.
NY Subway Line 7 is right next door.

  • Address: 30 Hudson Yards, New York.
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily


So convinced or not?
It is true that if you are prone to vertigo, you can forget. 🙂
But if you haven't, I'm sure you'll be tickled…and even more so if you've read my article so far.
I, who was rather reluctant at first, or rather I was wondering whether despite the price, it was worth it, well I got my answer: a big yes!!!
Yes, I recommend City Climb, yes it's a good plan in New York, because it's simply unique in the world!!!
Come on, it's your turn to go up there???🙂 🙂

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