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Monday, December 25, 2023

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Ohio Attractions:

Looking to find the best places to visit in Ohio? Here is an updated list of the most beautiful places and places of interest.

Also known as "Buckeye State", Ohio became a US state after the American Revolution and was once an agricultural state with agriculture as its main economic activity.

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Ohio's location and accessibility were two key factors in its growth, which has transformed it into an urbanized and industrial state over the centuries. Ohio's largest urban centers are Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, each with their own unique atmosphere and varied tourist attractions.

Named after the Ohio River, the state offers a wide variety of activities and attractions such as scenic natural parks, culinary delights, arts, culture and professional sports.

The Ohioans are crazy about football! The stadiums are always full here, all over the state. Ohio is also called the Roller Coast of America because of its large amusement parks, of which Cedar Point Park is the second oldest in the country.

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The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio:

1. Cleveland

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Cleveland Skyline : Flickr / formulanone

This authentic city of 78 sq. miles was an industrial power for America, and the country would not be what it is today without Cleveland because of its dominant manufacturing position.

Cleveland city is also famous for having some of the best hospitals in the world. With its hospitable people, great food and unique feel, Cleveland is sometimes a better weekend getaway than any tourist city.

Cleveland's most popular attraction is America's only exclusive Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which opened in 1995 and has attracted over 9 million visitors since then.

Popular areas nearby:

  • Ohio city
  • Downtown
  • University circle
  • Coventry village

2. Hocking Hills State Park

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Hocking Hills State Park photo: Flickr / Steven Miller

Hocking Hills State Park
  is like a breathtaking wonderland in southeastern Ohio. The park is gorgeous at any time of the year and has consistently gained international recognition as one of the finest state parks in the United States.

The most popular attractions in the park are Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave, the largest cave in Ohio. Hawking Hills State Park is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Ohio.

Here you can also find Cedar Falls, one of the largest and greatest waterfalls in the state. If you want to reconnect with nature through waterfalls, rocks, trees, countless colorful butterflies and relax in unique tree houses, Hawking Hills State Park is the perfect place for you.

  • Opening hours: The park open every day 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Address: 19852 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

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3. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Cuyahoga National Park

Ohio's only Cuyahoga National Park is located in close proximity to the cities of Akron and Cleveland and covers an area of ​​33,000 acres, full of dense forests, farmland and rolling hills.

The park not only provides an ideal getaway for visitors along the Cuyahoga River, but also has a rich cultural heritage. Remnants of Ohio and the Erie Canal, which traveled here in the 19th and 20th centuries, provide an interesting glimpse into the country's transformative history.

The valley also maintains an important agricultural heritage. Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers visitors activities such as hiking, golf, kayaking, historic train rides, cross-country skiing and more.

  • Opening hours: Cuyahoga National Park open 24 hours / every day
  • Address: Ohio, United States

4. Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Lake Erie

Made up of 36 beautiful islands, Lake Erie is a place where you feel like time moves a little slower, you feel the breeze, and there is always water separating you from your worries.

Some of the Lake Erie islands are in the Ontario region of Canada, and most of them are in Ohio. Three of the islands - South Bass Island, Kelleys Island and Middle Bass Island - attract the majority of visitors.

Kelleys covers 4 square miles of land and is the largest island in Ohio by area, while the bustling Put-in-Bay village on South Bass Island is the most populous, offering a wide range of attractions such as water parks, wineries, dining marinas and many other hidden gems.

  • Address: 770 SE Catawba Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452, United States

5. Columbus

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Columbus, Ohio Skyline

Ohio's metropolitan city of Columbus is well worth a visit with its attractive neighborhoods, vibrant cultural scene and some of the state's most popular attractions.

The city offers something for everyone: it is known for its best park systems in the country and it has one of the famous football schools in North America. Here you can also visit the beloved German Village, which is the most popular area of ​​the city center and a renowned historical area of ​​the country.

Popular areas nearby:

  • Short North Art's District
  • Downtown
  • University District
  • Franklin Park
  • German village

6. Dayton

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Dayton, Ohio downtown

Situated on the floodplain of the Great Miami River, Dayton is known as the city of invention and is one of the Ohio attractions worth visiting. It is an interesting mix of big city luxury and affordability.

This charming midwestern city is mostly associated with aviation, as it is home to the Wright brothers and home to the world's oldest and largest military aviation museum, the National Air Force Museum, which is also the state's most visited free tourist attraction.

The City of Inventions is also the agricultural hub of a diverse urban complex and a great place to educate and entertain visitors with a variety of interests.

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7. Wayne National Forest

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Flickr / Wayne National Forest

Wayne National Forest covers nearly a quarter of a million beautiful acres of southeastern Ohio.
Full of forested hills, impressive lakes and rivers, and 300 miles of trails with incredible views, the forest offers unforgettable hiking, trekking and backpacking walks.

Travelers here also enjoy other challenging and fun activities such as ATV riding, mountain biking or horse riding in season. It is also a pleasure to enjoy nature in the Wayne National Forest.

  • Address: Coal Township, OH 43766, USA

8. Canton city

Home to the popular Pro Football Hall of Fame, Ohio's Canton is primarily known to American football fans. It was here that American professional football was born in the early 20th century, and the American National Football League was formed here.

In honor of the city that played a major role in organizing this sport, the Pro-Football Hall of Fame was created here, which occupies almost 11,000 square meters of unusual exhibition space, the Super Bowl Theater and many other sections, making it a paradise for football fans.

The canton is also full of other national attractions, famous museums, historical sites, music and art districts. This is one of the best places in Ohio for sports, culture and history lovers.

9. Amish country

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Amish country 

Ever heard of the Amish, their traditions and unique way of life? Nowhere else like Ohio can you experience the essence of the Amish lifestyle.

The Amish country of Ohio is located in Holmes County and contains the largest Amish community in the world. Here you can take a peek in a day in the life of the Amish and learn about their traditions and history.

In addition, visitors can enjoy their hearty food, purchase traditional handicrafts at flea markets and antique malls, or simply recognize and experience the simple yet proud Amish lifestyle.

10. Akron

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Akron, Ohio downtown photo by- Jon Dawson/ Flickr

Akron is one of Ohio's scenic spots and is known for a wide range of tourist attractions. For those pursuing exciting cultural pursuits, you will be spoiled for choice of museums and art galleries in the city.

History buffs will also be delighted to come here, as Akron holds significant historical heritage and speaks of its influential role in the state's rich past.

A must-see attraction in Akron is Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Akron Zoo, the former home of F.A. Seiberling, one of the founders of the famous Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. It is the country's sixth largest historic home and tells an important story of America's industrial age.

11. Hopewell Culture National Historical Park 

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Flickr / karen's archaeology stream

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park is home to six exclusive collections of ancient Native American ceremonial mounds, also known as the Hopewell culture.

Earthworks in the park date back to around 200 BC. - 500 AD and presents the interesting history of the Ohio River Valley, which has been a major area of ​​concentration for the Hopewell culture.

In the park, you can observe the excavation of ancient people in the form of circles, squares and many other forms.

  • Opening hours: The park open every day 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Address: 16062 OH-104, Chillicothe, OH 45601, United States

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12. Salt Fork State Park

It is one of the favorite destinations for many Southeastern Ohio residents. Salt Fork is the largest state park in the state of Bakkay with over 17,000 acres of wonderfully relaxing.

The park includes a stunning landscape that creates impressive hilltop sights, numerous streams, open meadows and vast valleys. Here you can also take advantage of the indoor beach and cool off on hot summer days.

  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours/ Every day
  • Address: 14755 Cadiz Rd, Lore City, OH 43755, United States

13. Sandusky

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Flickr / Doug Kerr

Sandusky is a city in northeastern Ohio
that has become synonymous with the world famous Cedar Point amusement park, the second largest operating amusement park in the country.

The nearly 364-acre park is home to some of the world's fastest and tallest roller coasters. It was once a cozy beer garden and dance floor, which later turned into a huge amusement park and thrill-seekers' paradise.

Cedar Point attracts 3.5 million visitors each year and is one of the most exciting destinations in Ohio. Apart from the park, visitors to Sanduski also enjoy the beautiful and very clean city center, museums, shops, restaurants, boating and fishing.

14. Toledo

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio

Dubbed the "Glass City", Toledo is one of the best cities to visit in Ohio. It is beautifully located on the banks of the Maumee River and is a great destination for travelers interested in live entertainment, hands-on glass blowing, food tours and countless other activities.

The city got its nickname because of the glass industry here. In fact, it is called the glass capital of the world, which refers not only to industry but also to glass art.

Some of Toledo's top attractions are the Museum of Art, Toledo Lighthouse, where Mumi Bay meets Lake Erie.

15. Ohio caves

Ohio Attractions | The 15 Best Places to Visit in Ohio
Flickr / James St. John

Ohio caves Located nearly 30 miles from Dayton City, Ohio Cave is the state's largest cave and must-see hidden gem in the region. It has an interesting story of a discovery that happened in 1897.

The caves are hidden underground with green grass and surrounded by corn fields. They were discovered when one day on a farm, a cesspool filled with rainwater and quickly disappeared. This forced the farmer to start excavating, and he broke into a wonderful cave.

The most famous formation is known as the Crystal King, which is the largest and most perfect white crystal in the state. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in state of Ohio if you want to explore natural formations.

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