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Monday, December 25, 2023

San Diego "beaches" | The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
San Diego "beaches"

I think no one will deny that the "beaches" of San Diego play a big role in the life of every local and are the center of attraction for hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are 33 beaches in the city, 70 miles of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches. For tourists and locals alike, the beach is one of the most favorite vacation spots. We will tell you about the most popular of them and help you figure out why they are interesting and good.

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Tim Wilson/ Flickr

You can swim in the ocean all year round, but from September to April the water is very cold, so it is suitable only for extreme lovers and those who are not afraid of low temperatures. In summer, from mid-May to mid-August, the swimming season usually starts and everyone can swim. Here San Diego Beaches Lifeguard Services.

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The most popular beaches are Coronado, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Torrey Pines and La Jolla.

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The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego

1. Pacific beach, San Diego

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego

One of the most popular destinations for young people and students. A huge beach where you can not only sunbathe and try surfing, but also play volleyball and meet a large number of young people. The Boardwalk connects Pacific Beach with Belmont Park, where one of the oldest wooden roller coasters still lives today. You can walk to the park on foot, it will take about 30 minutes, or rent a bike, roller skates or Seaway.

Farmer's Market is also held at Pacific Beach every Tuesday, where you can buy cheap organic fruits and vegetables, as well as much more, from jewelry and flowers to soaps and various aroma oils. During the fair, local restaurants prepare food in tents right on the street.

This beach is known for its Taco Tuesday, which takes place every Tuesday when local establishments offer tacos and alcoholic cocktails at a very good price. Taco Tuesday runs throughout the city, but it's Pacific Beach where the fun continues until dawn. Most likely all bars and restaurants will be overcrowded this evening.

2. Ocean beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Michael Fraley/ flickr

In this place, you can see the real beach California, which is so often portrayed in various films. Hippies, tanned surfers, skaters, weird herb and powder shops, and two-story vegan supermarkets.

There is also the famous dog's beach, where you can bring your four-legged friends for a walk, and a large number of volleyball courts.

The waves in Ocean Beach are slightly higher than in Pacific Beach, so there are a lot of surfers here. You can rent a surf and a suit at almost any surfer shop, of which there are a lot, and they are all located near the beach.

Ocean Beach is also home to the famous Sunset Cliff's. A beautiful place with Cliffs and great views, as well as a couple of small, secluded beaches.

In Ocean Beach, just like in Pacific Beach, there is a weekly Farmers Market, only on Wednesdays. It is slightly larger than Pacific Beach, and in some ways even more interesting and delicious.

On the main street of Newport Ave, there are countless antique shops with very interesting things. Vintage jewelry and household goods, dishes and furniture can take a couple of hours to visit. Keep in mind that they work until 5pm.

3. Mission beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Paul Toogood/ flickr

At Mission Beach you can rent a jet ski, and if you have a boat, you can take it out to the bay, as this place is equipped with a special boat ramp.

Mission Bay Park or Mission Beach is ideal for swimming, as the beach is located on the bay and the water is much warmer than on the ocean coast. The bays are not so deep, therefore, the water in them warms up faster.

Another plus of this beach is that there are almost no algae here. The disadvantages include a large number of people, parking difficulties and the water may seem a little dirtier compared to the rest of the "beaches".

4. Torrey Pines State Beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Jennifer Boyer/ flickr

Torrey Pines Beach is fairly clean with minimal algae on the shore and in the water. The ocean can be slightly colder than the Coronado or La Jolla. There are no shops or attractions nearby. The beach has a picturesque view, for which many people come here. Nearby is the Torrey Pines State Preserve, which itself is very beautiful with its canyons on the inside and towering Cliff's above the ocean on the outside.

There is Del Mar State Beach next door to Torrey Pines. There is not much difference between them, except that there are a lot of pine trees on the Torrey Pines.

5. Coronado Beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Alan Sunners/ Flickr

One of the best "beaches" in the world is located on Coronado Island from the ocean side. The Coronado beach is much wider than the rest (about 150 meters of sand separates the stone rampart from the ocean). There are quite strong waves and cold water here, but according to personal experience, in comparison with other beaches, tan Lay's down much faster here. It can get crowded here on weekends. But most of the people mostly congregate closer to the Del Coronado hotel, so in search of solitude, you can move to the north or move 30 meters away from the ocean on clean sand. The disadvantage of Coronado beach is the large amount of algae.

6. Black's Beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Tony Webster/ Flickr

Black's Beach is a unique location located under the Torrey Pines cliff in San Diego, USA. This Pacific paradise is famous for its amazing scenery and crystal clear waters. It got its name from the nearby horse farm, which once kept thoroughbred black horses, from the southern part of the beach you can see many of the mansions where you can stay for a while.

This beach is quite specific as it is known for its nudist practice, which is prohibited on all "beaches" in southern San Diego. This place is quite wild and secluded, you can get here by funicular, the length of which is about 3 km. The local underwater canyon is very popular for surfers, and competitions are held here several times a year.

The beach is 2.5 km long and 20 meters wide. Its infrastructure is rather poorly developed, the nearest cafes and restaurants are located at a distance of several kilometers. The delight of tourists is caused by dolphins, which, due to the great depth, often swim close to the coast.

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7. La Jolla Beach

San Diego "beaches" |  The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Diego
Bryce Edwards/ Flickr

La Jolla Beach is an approximately one mile long sandy beach located in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla. The beach stretches from a rocky cliff north of La Jolla Cove to Black Beach south of the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve.

The southern part of the beach has a rocky coast, so it is not very suitable for swimming. Here, on several lines, there are expensive villas with pools and several hotels.

There is a public area in the central part of the beach. There are umbrella's and sun loungers, and almost in front of the entrance to the beach, opposite the memorial to veterans, there is a parking lot. If you go to the beach through the main entrance, then bypassing the playground on the left side, you can see the map of the Underwater Park, which is located in this place right in the ocean. It is an ecological reserve with artificial reefs surrounded by underwater life. With its gently sloping entrance and plenty of reefs, the waves are minimal, and diving and snorkelling enthusiast's can appreciate the life that rages in the 1971 underwater park. In the same part of the beach there are various places for recreation: restaurants, beach bars, a tennis club, a picnic area, a playground. There are sun loungers, showers, toilets and changing cabins. Avenida de la Playa, the street leading to the beach, is visited by surfers.

In the northern part of the beach is the Oceanographic Institute, founded in 1903 and is one of the oldest and largest centers for the study of the oceans, the atmosphere and the Earth in general. The old building of the institute was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1982. The beach also houses a pier owned by the institute, and next to it is a huge aquarium with 3000 inhabitants of the underwater world representing 380 species.

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