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Monday, December 25, 2023

Should You Go to Antelope Canyon, Arizona?

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Should You Go to Antelope Canyon, Arizona?

Useful information about Antelope Canyon. Is it worth visiting Antelope Canyon if you are traveling through the national parks of the southwestern United States - these are the states of Arizona and Utah?

This is exactly the question we had. It was at the very end of the journey and it threatened to slowly turn into a non-stop series from National Geographic - stones, arches, huge crevices in the ground called canyons, the winding Colorado River and the Indians. And it’s a pity to “turn off” and you gradually get tired of endless viewing. Night was not an option - even the dreams were a slightly distorted reflection of the past day.

In addition, Antelope Canyon is another attraction, try to hit it.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Brief information about Antelope Canyon

It is located in the state of Arizona, on the border with Utah in the Indian territories. It is the Indians, to whom American laws are not written in the literal sense of the word, who run the canyons and other natural monuments.

The only thing that the redskins inherited from their pale-faced "brothers" is the principle "you have to pay for everything." Read about the prices for visiting the canyon below.

There are two Antelope Canyons:

  • Upper Antelope canyon
  • Lower Antelope canyon

The nearest tourist town is Page
, where you can also find inexpensive lodging and food - a supermarket, cafes, restaurants.

The canyon is a narrow gap in the ground - the length of the part of the canyon open for tourists is 200 meters. But what is 200 meters!

From the surface of the earth, the canyon is not visible, you can walk through and not notice everything interesting underground.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

How to get to Antelope Canyon

The nearest town is Page, from there to the entrance to the canyon less than half an hour by car.

We move along Highway 98 towards Kaibeto, cross the entrance to the Upper Antelope Canyon, after about 400 meters turn left towards Navajo Route N22B (Antelope Point Road). On the left we will see a pointer to Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona Map

Canyon entrance and information service coordinates 36°54'9” N, 111°24'39” W

Antelope canyon, Arizona
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

How to enter Antelope Canyon

You cannot enter the canyon on your own. Only as part of a group. There are several travel agencies that manage tourist and cash flows. The largest is Ken's tours.

The number of visitors to the canyon is limited, simply because more than the 200-meter crevice will physically fit people there. Therefore, it is better to take care of booking a tour to the canyon a few days in advance. We were lucky, besides, it was the low season - the end of May, and we got to the day.

You can book places to visit Antelope Canyon on this website:

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope Canyon Tours

There are two types of tours to Antelope Canyon. Namely, a tour for photographers and a tour for ordinary tourists.

The tour for photographers last 2 hours, in addition to any photo equipment, it is allowed to take a tripod with you, the group moves more slowly than the tourist group and makes stops in the most beautiful places. The number of people on the tour for photographers is 5 people.

Photographer tour cost $42 plus $8 Navajo Permit Fee

The tour for ordinary tourists lasts 1 hour 15 minutes, cameras can be any, a tripod is not allowed, stops are shorter. The number of tourists on this tour is 15 people.

The cost of the tour for ordinary tourists is $20 plus $8 Navajo Permit Fee.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Best time to visit Antelope Canyon

In the summer, from early July to mid-October, there is a high chance of bad weather, so the canyon may be closed without further notice. That is, even if you book the opportunity to visit the canyon, in case of bad weather (rain, for example), you will not get into the canyon. You pay money on the spot, so you just have to change plans, which is also not very good.

The day before the visit, it is worth checking the operation of the canyon on the day of your planned visit on the website

Spring and early summer are the best times to visit Antelope Canyon, with little chance of rain.

The best time of the day to shoot in Antelope Canyon is around noon, when the sun enters the narrow gap of the canyon from above. The play of light and sand will make your photos, if not unique, then pleasant memories.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope Canyon visit review

Although weary after two weeks of wandering through the rocks and deserts of Arizona and Utah, we had great fun. Antelope Canyon is a must visit.

We'll have to get used to the crowds of tourists from which we have lost the habit during the trip, the place is compact and popular, so just ignore the crowd and enjoy the creation of nature.

Beautiful photos are obtained by throwing a handful of sand from the bottom of the canyon up to the crevice - when exposed to light, spectacular photos are obtained that adorn computer screensavers from users around the world.

Close-ups are very cool, Antelope Canyon is an Instagrammers dream.

Citizens of post-Asian countries need a visa to travel within the United States. You can read here about how to get it without problems. 

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

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