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Monday, December 25, 2023

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah - history, photos, review and useful information

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

 Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah - history, photos, review and useful information

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

General information:

Bryce Canyon is a huge plateau at an altitude of 2000 to 2700 meters in Utah. Thanks to its clean air and untouched nature, Bryce Canyon is considered a healing place and attracts many supporters of a healthy lifestyle who roam its vast expanses with pleasure.

Now Bryce Canyon  is one of the big three most beautiful parks in the southwestern United States along with the Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon.

The visiting card of Bryce Canyon  is the spiers sticking up. This is Hoodoo. Whites give them the names of celebrities or famous streets. It has its own Wall Street or Queen Victoria. The Indians believe that Hoodoos are the souls of dead ancestors frozen in stone.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

History of Bryce Canyon

Another couple of hundred years and one of the most beautiful canyons in the United States would turn into one big sandbox. The pioneers are to blame for everything - no, not those who saluted against the backdrop of communist posters. In the United States, pioneers were called pioneers who came to explore new lands of the American continent.

A Mormon pioneer named Bryce was the first to move to the area. The reason for moving to such a wilderness was the hope for the healing of his sick wife, who needed clean mountain air.

Bryce Canyon National Park

For the sake of survival, the Mormon pioneers cut down the forest to build their dwellings and hunted the animals that lived in these places. There were grizzly bears, mountain lions (cougars), coyotes, beavers, deer and many small rodents. The bears were the first to disappear, followed by the mountain lions, the last to leave these places were the coyotes, unable to withstand the competition with humans. The spruce forest that strengthened the slopes of the canyon began to rapidly disappear.

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The canyon was saved by a miracle, or rather the intervention of one person, thanks to which we now have the opportunity to walk among all this beauty. By his decision, which was supported by the US government, the local governor JW Humphrey turned Bryce Canyon into a national park. It was at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bryce Canyon National Park

How to get to Bryce Canyon

You can get to Bryce Canyon by road number 9, which starts at the exit of Zion Canyon. A trip to Bryce Canyon National Park  fits perfectly into an itinerary that includes the Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon. You need to start it from Las Vegas, which is also worth stopping for at least one night.

From Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon - 420 km or 4 hours drive, and between the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon - 250 km. or about 3 hours drive. The nearest convenient tourist town Kanab is 120 km away. or 2 hours by car. Remember also that next to Kanab is Zion Canyon National Park.

Review of visiting Bryce Canyon National Park

Remembering my visit to Bryce Canyon, I understand that it was the most beautiful national park in the southwestern United States. Bryce certainly does not compare with the grandeur and size of the Grand Canyon. It also looks nothing like the very beautiful Zion National Park. It doesn’t look like anything at all - red spiers resting against the sky, stone windows and bridges, bizarre shapes of rocks, and all this on a vast territory. In Bryce Canyon, I had one of the best sunrises of my life.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Useful information about Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is open year-round, admission costs $20. If you are traveling with a company and have plans for more than three national parks, then it is better to buy an annual subscription to visit all national parks - it costs $80.

Bryce Canyon stretches from south to north for more than 30 km. At the entrance, you should take a paper map indicating all interesting spots, or download it from the official website of the park. In the photo - the most visited central part of the Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park Map
bryce canyon map

If there is not much time
- up to one day, you can drive through the canyon by car and make stops along the cornice with a view of all the interesting places. But it's better to do at least one hiking track to get a better feel for the beauty of Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park is about 120 km. hiking trails - walk do not cross. If you want to stay overnight in the canyon, you need to take a permit at the Visitor center - near the entrance to the park.

If you went to the hiking track, remember that all roads do not lead out of the canyon and lead UP! Then don't get lost.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Take with you a supply of water, at least one liter. Trekking boots are desirable, although in the summer you can walk in sneakers or sneakers.

There are several campsites and places for setting up tents on the territory of the canyon - you must also obtain permission from the Visitor center at least 48 hours before the intended overnight stay.

On the territory of the canyon, at the entrance there is a recreation area with tables and benches. Tourists practice taking food and drinks with them and having lunch there - this is the most budgetary option, besides, no restaurant will have such a view of the canyon.

On the territory of the park, near the entrance, there is a supermarket where you can buy food, including hot food, there are expensive restaurants in the lodges and in the village in front of the canyon.

The minimum time to visit Bryce Canyon  is the whole day, you won’t see anything in a couple of hours and you’ll just waste your time and money. Better at least a day and a half, with an overnight stay and an early hike at dawn.

Sunrise in Bryce  is worth getting up early in the summer at around 4am to be there at 4:30am. There are points for meeting the dawn on the map. It is important to know and remember that sunrise point (dawn point) and sunset point (sunset point) are the same, so choose any and have fun.

Weather in Bryce Canyon

The best time to visit is from April to October. At this time, the nights can be cold even in summer, up to +5, and the days are warm - from 15 to 30 degrees above zero Celsius. Winters are snowy, but most viewpoints are open to the public.

Accommodation near Bryce Canyon

Tourist accommodation - hotels or lodges are located directly on the territory of the national park - this is more expensive. Inexpensive housing is available in the village at the entrance to Bryce Canyon. The most budget option is a roadside motel 5-10 km away. from the entrance to Bryce Canyon. We chose Bryce Canyon Inn - cozy, inexpensive and even with breakfast, which, however, can be sacrificed for the sake of dawn.

The nearest tourist town is Kanab. There is a lot of tourist accommodation here, the population is mostly white Mormons - very interesting people. You can rent both apartments and hotels / motels with swimming pools and other features. From Kanab it is convenient to visit Zion Canyon and a very beautiful place called White Pocket.

Hotels near Bryce Canyon

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