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Monday, December 25, 2023

Fisher Island: most expensive private island in the world

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Fisher Island is actually an island city that was built at the very beginning of the 20th century. Then, after more than 90 years, considerable investments were made there and in fact the city became a super multi-island and, moreover, the most expensive island in the world.

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Fisher Island

An island that most of the inhabitants of the planet can only look at from a picture.

Fisher Island: most expensive private island in the world
Fisher Island
Image source: Flickr/Ed Webster

The picturesque oasis of luxury and comfort is guarded around the clock by the internal security service, it can only be reached by ferry or helicopter, and the average cost of housing here reaches 10 million dollars.

This is the most expensive and closed club, where the wealthiest people in the world have gathered.

How do rich people live today? What is unique about the closed island, and who exactly inhabits it?

A fairy tale in reality

This is about Fisher Island is a man-made piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean, with an area of ​​0.9 km².

The island is a statistically separate area of ​​Miami-Dade County, USA, and is named after its famous owner, Carl Graham Fisher, an industrial magnate of the early 20th century.

Despite its small area, Fisher Island accommodates a golf course with artificial lakes and exquisite landscaping and 18 night-lit tennis courts.

In the western part of the island, berths for yachts have been erected that can accommodate vessels over 60 meters long, and in the eastern part there is a resort recreation area with a children's playground and a 700-meter beach.

Along the perimeter of the area are six-story club-type houses, villas and hotels equipped with outdoor pools and green spaces.

Sand for the beach was specially brought from the Bahamas, and palm trees, flowers and ornamental birds in the gardens: pink flamingos, toucans and macaws, were collected throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

So that residents do not have to leave the residence, the island has an eight-year school, a post office, a bank, an observatory, a health center with a spa, a grocery store and restaurants that can offer the most exquisite delicacies.

At the same time, local services do not accept cash and credit cards. All residents have an account, from the balance of which funds are debited. All personnel serving the rich are able to speak at least three world languages ​​and are trained to satisfy any available whims of their masters.

How much does it all cost?

To enjoy life on Fisher Island as a tourist, you need to purchase a membership in the Fisher Island Club for 250 thousand dollars. Membership also comes with an annual fee of $20,650. The fee opens up the opportunity to attend all club events and entertainment venues.

People who own real estate on the island contribute an additional 23 thousand a year to local public organisations and 20 thousand for a condominium. Tuition at school is paid separately and reaches 26 thousand per year. In return, local teachers promise to teach children Chinese and Spanish, as well as the basics of financial and information literacy.

Don't forget about housing prices. The cheapest apartment is here not less than 700 thousand dollars with a minimum living area of ​​340 m².

To protect the peace of the islanders are taken by their own fire department and a security service of 50 armed men. They patrol the area around the clock on boats, protecting it from outsiders.

It sounds funny, but in order to get to the island, residents must tell the guards the password.

Who lives on the island

On Fisher Island, there is a strict rule that property owners are required to indicate their real name in official documents, and therefore all its residents are well known to the interested public.

In 2011, the island was registered722 families who came from 50 countries of the world. 60% of the population are Americans and British, 15% are from Hispanic countries, 15% are from the post-Soviet space, the remaining 10% are Asians, Australians and Africans.

Celebrities who live on fisher island

Among the celebrities who bought real estate here are the American actor Mel Gibson, his colleague Julia Roberts and the Soviet hockey player Pavel Bure. Boris Berezovsky has a villa on Fisher Island.

In 2006, Fisher Island employees staged a protest march. The workers claimed that they were paid too little and that their health insurance did not cover all expenses. Despite the best efforts of the union, the demands of the island workers were rejected, and one worker was arrested and fired.

How to get there

Since Fisher Island is not connected by a bridge, the only way to get here is by water. For these purposes, a ferry departs from Terminal Road around the clock. It is also worth remembering that since the island is private, you cannot sail here without an invitation, so if your friends or relatives are not on the list of residents of the club, the only way to visit here will be to rent a luxurious room in the local hotel, the price for an overnight stay, which sometimes costs more than a thousand dollars.

For the right to use all this, you must pay 250 thousand dollars a year.

The island cannot be entered without the invitation of its resident. A security guard meets incoming vehicles at a private ferry terminal, checks the documents for each passenger in the vehicle, and checks against the guest list at the guardhouse. That is why there is absolutely no crime here.


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