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Monday, December 25, 2023

Beautiful Places in Arizona: White Pocket

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023


White Pocket, Arizona, USA
White Pocket, Arizona, USA
Image source: Flickr/John Fowler

White Pocket: Beautiful Places in Arizona

White Pocket is a beautiful place relatively close to California in Arizona, a natural attraction that is located next to the Grand Canyon. Where to go from Los Angeles for a week - useful tips and addresses.

White Pocket:

This place is relatively close to the Grand Canyon, but few even Americans know about it. And those who know are in no hurry to get here because the usual freeways and highways are not laid in White Pocket, no burgers within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, no marked routes and signs. At first, it even seemed strange for an advanced US in terms of tourism.

The tourist brochures (white pocket trailhead ) are full of information about a similar attraction, The Wave, which is located nearby, in the state of Utah, but not a word about the Arizona White Pocket. However, after all our rides through the states of Arizona, Utah and Nevada, this place turned out to be the most impressive and very photogenic.

White Pocket, Arizona, USA
White Pocket, Arizona, USA

You don’t even have to be a photographer to take cool pictures, masterpieces are obtained literally on your phone.

This place is unpopular with tourists for one reason - it is very difficult for an ordinary tourist to get to White Pocket without an SUV or pay an agency $ 180 per person for an organized tour, the agency also needs to be found.

Find accommodation in Kanab

You can get to White Pocket on your own only by renting an SUV. In the town of Kanab there is the only office that rents jeeps by the day, you can rent them for the day or for the day. The rental price is $120 for an old Grad Cherokee, which did an excellent job.

Beautiful Places in Arizona: White Pocket

White Pocket, Arizona, USA

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White pocket- brochure &  map:

How to get to White Pocket from Kanab city

The easiest way to get to White Pocket is from Kanab, Utah, a well-known location for those who travel to Zion Canyon or the North Corniche of the Grand Canyon. Usually they make a transit stop here.

The place is located approximately in the middle between the cities of Kanab (Utah) and Page (Arizona), almost on the border of two states. From Kanab you need to go along road No. 89a for about 2-3 hours. On the way, you can make at least three stops to admire the wild beauty of the Arizona desert.

White Pocket is a real non-pop place for travelers, and at the same time extremely beautiful, we spent the whole day here, returned closer to 10 pm and do not regret at all about the money for renting a jeep or spending 5 hours on the road.

From Kanab to White Pocket about 100 km., of which off-road - about the final 30 km., no experiments with cars - you are guaranteed to get stuck. Only four-wheel drive and high ground clearance. The surface is rocky at first, then sand with stones, rutting, descents and ascents. Stopping on the sand is not worth it, look for a place on the side of the road with a hard surface. In the rain, too, you should not go to White Pocket. Rain in these parts happens in early spring and autumn, sometimes it can drip in early summer.

When approaching the point indicated in the navigator, we see only inconspicuous rocks, nothing special. By the way, the navigator is mandatory, there may not be anyone to ask for directions. Near White Pocket there is a small parking lot - free of course, the place is wild. There is also no one to take money for entering the park.

We leave the car and go on foot towards the heaps of stones and rocks. It is behind them that natural beauties are hidden - multi-colored rocks and the opening striped relief, as it were, in a section. Approximately what is shown in school textbooks on physical geography, only more beautiful and live.

There is no infrastructure in the form of tracks, fences, signs and cola kiosks on White Pocket. There are no organized viewing platforms either. A place for those who love nature in its purest form and, I hope, in the near future there will not be massive tourists pouring in here like in the Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon which are in the neighborhood.

The White Pocket feature is a lot of large and small puddles, it’s beautiful to shoot reflections in them, try it. They did not wait for sunset - they were afraid to return in complete darkness.

Such a short journey turned out to be between a long car road trip through Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

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Weather in Arizona and when is the best time to go

The best time is late spring and early autumn, there are not so many tourists yet and it is not so hot. At the end of May it will be quite warm during the day - up to + 25-28 and cool in the morning and evening - about +5 +10 Celsius. In summer, temperature contrasts will remain, and the general degree will rise to +35 during the day and +25 in the morning.

How to get to White Pocket

To get started, buy an air ticket to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, then rent a car and get to the city of Kanab. 

In Kanab, take a jeep for one day and get to White Pocket along road 89a. You can also get to White Pocket from the town of Page and combine White Pocket with the Horseshoe of the Colorado River and Antelope Canyon.

White Pocket, Arizona, USA
White Pocket, Arizona, USA

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