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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Mill Pond Park: A Riverside Haven in the Heart of New York City

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Craving a vibrant escape in NYC? Look no further than Mill Pond Park! This 11.57-acre gem boasts championship-level tennis courts, scenic picnic areas, and serene waterfront views, making it ideal for families, athletes, and nature lovers alike. Discover world-class tennis, fire up the grill, or simply relax and unwind - all within this urban oasis. Ready to unleash your inner athlete, indulge in a delicious picnic, or soak in stunning scenery? Mill Pond Park awaits!

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park, Bronx, NY
Mill Pond Park, Bronx, NY 
Photo by Malcolm Pinckney


Nestled between E. 150th St and E. 153rd St, the jewel of tranquility known as Mill Pond Park (Wikipedia) has been a cherished escape for New Yorkers since its grand opening in 2009. This 11.57-acre neighborhood park, idyllically located along the Harlem River waterfront, offers a blend of recreational facilities, scenic views, and vibrant green spaces. Let's explore the amenities, activities, and the inviting atmosphere that defines Mill Pond Park.

A Walk Through Time:

Step back in time as you explore the park's rich history. The land, once known as Mentipathe by the Lenape people, was home to Cromwell Creek. Traces of Macomb's Dam, built in 1813 near the Harlem River, whisper tales of its controversial past. Later, the bustling Bronx Terminal Market thrived here, leaving behind the iconic Powerhouse, now a vibrant hub housing cafes and restrooms. Stroll along the waterfront and imagine the bustling market activity, the clanging of barges, and the aroma of fresh produce.


  • Tennis paradise: Hone your skills or ignite your passion for the game on 16 world-class Deco Turf tennis courts, used even at the US Open! Grab a permit online and hit the court during the season (April to November).
  • Family fun: Let the little ones loose at the dedicated sand play area, while older kids can cool off at the spray showers. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the spacious grassy areas for family bonding.
  • Scenic escapes: Take a leisurely stroll along the ADA-accessible esplanade, offering stunning views of the Harlem River and the west Harlem skyline. Soak in the fresh air and unwind amidst the urban landscape.
  • Community hub: Plan your next celebration or gathering at the designated barbecue area with grills provided. Remember to follow the park rules and obtain a permit for events exceeding 20 people.
  • Convenience is key: Restrooms are available for public use at Exterior Street and E. 153rd Street, ensuring a comfortable visit for all.

Recreational Haven:

Mill Pond Park is synonymous with recreation, boasting 16 state-of-the-art Deco Turf tennis courts. The Deco Turf surface, renowned at the Olympic Games and the U.S. Open, transforms tennis into a premier experience for both enthusiasts and casual players. The park beckons with an ADA-accessible esplanade, perfect for jogging or a leisurely stroll, and a shaded outdoor classroom designed for the curious minds of children.

Picnics and Play:

Embracing the spirit of community, Mill Pond Park provides designated barbecuing areas for visitors. These carefully appointed spots allow for a delightful picnic experience. Rules are in place to ensure safety and cleanliness, emphasizing the importance of responsible barbecuing. The park's expansive greenery invites families to engage in sand play, creating memories against the backdrop of the serene Harlem River.

Riverside Serenity:

The park's strategic location along the Harlem River ensures breathtaking views of west Harlem, adding an extra layer of serenity to the atmosphere. The carefully designed esplanade provides not only a space for fitness activities but also a vantage point to marvel at the urban landscape while basking in the calming riverside ambiance.

Tennis Enthusiasts' Paradise:

For tennis enthusiasts, the Stadium Tennis Center at Mill Pond Park is a beacon of opportunity. Located at Gateway Center Boulevard and East 150th Street, this center offers lessons, court rentals, and a chance to hone your skills amidst a professional setting. Whether during the outdoor or indoor season, this facility adds a dynamic layer to the park's recreational offerings.

Practical Amenities:

The park understands the importance of convenience, featuring public restrooms at Exterior Street & E. 153rd Street. These facilities enhance the overall park experience, ensuring visitors can freshen up and enjoy their time in comfort.

Neighborhood Harmony:

Situated in the heart of zip code 10451, Mill Pond Park serves as a testament to community harmony. Spread across 11.57 acres, this neighborhood park is an essential part of Community Board 04, under the attentive representation of Council Member Diana Ayala. Its designation as a neighborhood park highlights its role as a communal space for residents.

Planning Your Visit:

  • Location: Major Deegan Exwy bet. E. 150 St and E. 153 St, Bronx, NY 10451
  • Hours: Vary depending on season and activity. Check the NYC Parks website for current hours.
  • Public Transportation: Easily accessible by subway and bus lines.
  • Activities: Tennis, picnics, playgrounds, waterfront walks, educational programs, and more.


In the bustling landscape of New York City, Mill Pond Park stands as an oasis of greenery and recreation. Beyond being a haven for tennis aficionados, it invites families, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking a moment of riverside serenity. With carefully curated facilities and an atmosphere of community, Mill Pond Park remains a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban life and natural beauty. Visit and discover the joy of urban leisure at the heart of the city.

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