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Monday, December 25, 2023

Zip Code Of New York City

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

 If you want to send a letter, parcel, package or something to New York by mail, then you will need to specify the postal code, or as it is also called the postal code of New York. In this article, we will tell you what the New York zip code is. Get ready right away that not everything is so simple, New York has a lot of postal codes, they differ not only from the city district, but also from parts of the district. The base zip code of New York is 10001,  but in order for the package / letter to reach you, you need to specify the exact zip code for the specific address.


New york city area code map
New york city area code map
Image source: Wikimedia

Zip Code Of New York "Manhattan"

The base zip code for New York, and specifically for Manhattan, is the zip code 10001.

This is curious, but the code 10000 does not belong to New York or the United States of America at all, since the zip code 10000 belongs to the Czech Republic, the 10th district of Prague. But everything after the code 10001, with the exception of some indexes, up to 10292 belongs to New York, and specifically to the Manhattan area.

What postal code to indicate when sending

The place or person you are sending to can most often tell you the exact code for New York, for example, the code for Grand Central BRM is 10164.

But if you cannot be given such information, then feel free to indicate the postal code 10001.

As we said above, this New York zip code is considered the main one for the whole city. Even if you send to another area of ​​​​the city where the postal code is different, indicating the index 10001, your message will reach the sorting center in New York, from where it will be sent directly to the desired post office, according to the address you specified.

How can I find out the zip code of a specific address in New York?

If you have an address, but do not have a postal code (you do not know the postcode), then to find it out without asking the person to whom you are sending, use the Google Maps service. To do this, enter the address that you know in the search box, for example 436 Lexington Ave:

Zip Code Of New York City

Next, you will see the exact location of the house, and the description of the address will include the exact postal code of this address.

Zip Code Of New York City

In this way, you can find out the correct postal code of any address in New York, or double-check the correctness of the postal code that you already have.

Zip Code Of New York "Bronx"

The base zip code for the Bronx is 10450. When shipping to various parts of the Bronx, other codes may be required, such as 10454, or 10456.

Here the situation is similar, with the situation around Manhattan, you can specify the main index, and your message will be distributed upon arrival at the post office.

Zip Code Of New York "Brooklyn"

Here, the area codes also depend on its part. Brooklyn's main zip code in New York is 11201. Sending a message with this zip code will deliver it to Brooklyn. If you know a specific index, for example 11221 or 11206, then it is better to indicate it. If you don’t know, then write either 10001 - the main New York zip code, or 11201 - the Brooklyn zip code, and your letter will be delivered to Brooklyn and the postal workers will redirect it directly to the office you need, according to the address.

Zip Code Of New York "Queens"

The zip code for the Queens area of ​​New York is 11101. This is the base zip code, there are different zip codes depending on the part of Queens. But you can also specify this one - the base index, the letter will reach, it will just go a little longer than if you indicated the exact city code.

How to find the zip code for an address in New York

A simple way that I myself use is that on Google maps you can enter the address that you are interested in and Google maps will tell you the exact code of any house. It's comfortable.

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