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Friday, November 18, 2022

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights - 2022

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Friday, November 18, 2022

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights tour 2022 should definitely be on your itinerary if you're in New York during Christmas. In New York, and especially in Brooklyn, you will see houses with Christmas decorations: garlands, figures of deer, snowflakes and Santa Clauses. The area where this tradition is observed the most is called Dyker Heights. It is famous for the most beautiful Christmas illuminations and decorated houses. It's an amazing sight, and a guided tour of Dyker Heights is the best way to see all this lush beauty.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 

Dyker heights Christmas lights 2022
Dyker heights Christmas lights 2022
image source: Richie S

What is dyker heights?

Dyker heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that lives in apparent tranquility practically all year round, but everything changes when the Christmas season approaches.

During the month of December, almost all the residents of this neighborhood bring out their best Christmas decorations, huge and shiny, in what seems like a competition to see which house is the most and best decorated.

Dyker heights, a neighborhood of Italian origin that, year after year, surpasses itself with its surprising and even extravagant Christmas decorations(it is said that the neighbors can spend up to 20,000 dollars each year on the lights and dolls (imagine what they will pay of electricity!) And there are even companies specialising in Christmas decorations for this type of house).

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History of the dyker heights lights

It's not a very old traditional, but it has become well known enough that hundreds of people come to tour the dyker heights Christmas lights.

It all started at Lucy Spata's house, at 1152 84th st, when she decided to put up the first Christmas lights in 1986.

Her mother, who loved Christmas, had passed away and she couldn't think of anything else but to put some angels on the facade in her honor.
At first, the neighborhoods did not like this initiative at all, so contrary to what they expected, the more they complained, the more lights Lucy put on. In the end, many neighbors ended up imitating her and this is how this tradition of decorating houses for Christmas in dyker heights arose.

Where to see the lights of dyker heights?

The area specially decorated with lights and giant dolls ( either Santa Claus, a showman or a pair of reindeer) are located in the blocks between approximately 11th and 13th avenues and 83rd and 86th Streets.

Tour of Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge

During this tour you will visit Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. These are two American-Italian neighborhoods vying for the title of the most beautifully decorated area during the Christmas holidays. You will take a bus from midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn, where you will take a guided walk and see amazingly decorated houses. By the way, the advantage of this tour compared to exploring the area on your own is that the guide will tell you all about the history of this Christmas tradition (it started with just one decorated house!). He may even introduce you to some of the happy owners of these homes. Some of them hire entire companies for thousands of dollars to make the best jewelry!

Christmas decorations in Manhattan

Once you've experienced the Christmas atmosphere of Brooklyn, the bus will take you back to Manhattan. On the way back you will have a great view of New York.

Travelerlifes advice:

The most important piece of advice I can give if you are interested in this tour: do not delay booking! The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights tour should be on your itinerary if you're in New York in December. These tours are very popular and sell out quickly. Don't wait too long to book your tickets, otherwise your desired dates may no longer be available.


The Spata family and the Polizzottos were the first in the 1980s to start this tradition, which today has become a classic.

In Dyker Heights there are houses with more minimalist and elegant Christmas light decorations and others, really exaggerated and with little taste, there really is no middle ground.

But I think that what most of us are looking for is the excess, those decorations that just by seeing them you only think, “where do they keep them and how long has it taken them to put this together?”.

So if you want to be amazed, take note of Dyker Heights' most impressive Christmas lighted houses.


Lucy Spata's house stands out for the 40 angels located in the garden and that she placed in honor of her mother who died in 1986.

  • 1152 84th Street


On the same street is the house of the Polizzotto family, the decoration was commissioned by the late Alfred Polizzotto during his initial fight with cancer 26 years ago.

It stands out for a huge Santa Claus located right at the entrance to the house, mechanised horses weighing more than 1,000 kilos or toy soldiers that are almost 9 meters tall.

  • 1145 84th Street


James Bonavito is the owner of the B&R Christmas decorations company, and his house is the most elegant in the entire Dyker Heights neighborhood.

The house is decorated in green, red, and gold lights, with life-size toy soldiers, deer, and Christmas decorations throughout.

  • 1134 83rd Street


Sam the Greek's house has over 295,000 lights, and even though he is in his seventies, he lights all of his lights himself.

Fun Facts About Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

When did the tradition of Christmas lights start in Dyker Heights?

It all started in the 1980s, when neighbor Lucy Sparta decided to decorate her house with Christmas decorations in honor of her late mother. Gradually, other neighbors joined in the operation, which became an annual event and an undeclared neighborhood competition for the best decorated house at Christmas. In fact, some families even pay professional decorators to create a personalized and different design for them.

This tradition draws thousands of people to the Dyker Heights neighborhood each year. It is so popular that guided tours have sprung up to discover the smallest details of the district.

Where do the neighbors keep the decorations for the rest of the year?

Many residents store ornaments in their homes, in storage rooms or garages. The size of these foci is quite large. With a little organization, it is therefore not surprising that they have a specific space to store them.

Other residents are retained by decoration companies, as they are the ones who provide the lights and decorations when families hire their services.

How much do the decorations cost?

It depends on the decorations and the size of the house, but we are talking about figures ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars between the electricity bills and the services of the specialized decoration companies. A lot of money !

How do neighbors get into their house?

If the inhabitants clutter their house with decorations and lights until there is not a single hole left in the garden, how do you get inside without tripping? Luckily for them, most houses have a secondary door in addition to the main entrance, so the neighbors don't have to do an obstacle course every time they want to enter the house.

Useful information:

After purchase, you will receive a voucher to be printed and used as a ticket.

Departure times: 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00

Duration: 3.5 hours

Starting point: McDonald's 51st Street (1651 Broadway & 51st Street)

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