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Monday, December 25, 2023

Parking near the national mall in washington dc

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Parking on the National Mall

National mall parking

Since public parking is very limited near the National Mall in Washington DC, it's a good idea to plan ahead so that you can enjoy your visit without spending too much time driving around looking for free space. On-street parking in busy areas of the city is limited during morning and evening rush hours (7:00 am-9:30am and 4:00 am-6:30pm). There are many metered public parking spaces at the National Mall by Madison and Jefferson Drives in front of the Smithsonian Museum, but they tend to fill up quickly, and street parking is limited to two hours.

The best way to get around the city center and especially around the National Mall is to take public transport. If you want to park in a downtown garage or public parking lot, you should expect to walk a good distance to Washington's popular attractions.

Parking on the National Mall 

Ample parking and access to the National Mall

East Potomac Park/Hains Point - Ohio Drive. 320 parking spaces. This parking lot is FREE and convenient to the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. It is located over a mile from the Smithsonian museums.

Cheap parking near national mall

East Potomac Park (Hains Point): This free car park has 320 parking spaces and a convenient tidal pool and Jefferson Memorial. It is more than a mile walk from the Smithsonian Museum.

Union Station: over 2000 parking spaces. Prices are$ 10 to $ 24for 24 hours and under. The garage is located off the east side of the National Mall near the US Capitol. To get to the west end of the mall (and the tidal pool), take the $ 5 sightseeing bus or take the metro to Smithsonian Station. It is also the starting point for excursion including Old Town clapboard and DC Ducks.

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center: There are over 2000 parking spaces. Prices are$ 12 to $ 35for 24 hours and under. Access is possible from Pennsylvania Avenue and through the two entrances at 14thStreet. The garage is adjacent to the National Mall, National Theater and Liberty Plaza.

Colonial Garage: Colonial has many parking lots in Washington DC Some of the closest locations to the National Mall include:

  • 1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW
  • 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW
  • 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW
  • 122 C St NW
  • 409 3rd St SW
  • 400-430 10th S SW

Parking Management, Inc : PMI is one of the largest providers of parking in Washington DC Some locations near the National Mall include:

  • 1220 E Street, NW
  • 500 12th Street, NW
  • 415 11th Street, NW
  • 875 D Street, NW

Disabled parking

Passenger Access Loading Zone at the National Mall:

  • National Museum of American History: Mall and Constitution Avenue entrance
  • National Museum of Natural History: Mall Entrance
  • National Air and Space Museum: Shopping Mall Entrance
  • S. Dillon Ripley Center: Mall Entrance
  • Freer art gallery: Independence Avenue entrance

Garage close to the National Shopping Center with disabilities Parking:

  • Colonial Parking at Capital Gallery (6th and Maryland Avenue, SW)
  • Colonial Parking at Holiday Inn (6 & C Streets, SW)
  • And Ronald Reagan Buildings (14th and Pennsylvania Avenues, NW)

Long-Term Parking

Parking in Washington DC is expensive. If you visit for several days, during the night, parking options are limited, but there are several alternative parking spaces that will save you money.

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