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Monday, December 25, 2023

Weather in washington state | monthly weather report

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

 Weather in washington state

Weather in washington state | monthly weather report

Average monthly temperature, rainfall and daytime

Washington DC has mild weather compared to many parts of the United States. The metropolitan area has four seasons, although the weather can be unpredictable and changes from year to year. Fortunately, DC's worst weather is usually relatively short.

Although D.Ts. located in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region, it is believed to be in the humid subtropical climate zone typical of the south. The suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia that surround the city have climates that are influenced by altitude and proximity to water. The eastern regions near the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay have a more humid subtropical climate, while the western communities with higher elevations have a continental climate with lower temperatures.

The city and the central parts of the region fluctuate with the weather between them. Most months in the city average about three inches of rain.

Blizzards occasionally occur in Washington DC during the winter. Temperatures often hover above freezing in winter, so we can get a lot of rain or freezing rain during the colder months. Spring is beautiful when flowers are blooming. The weather is wonderful in spring and is the busiest time of the year for tourist attractions. The summer months in Washington DC can be hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Late July and most of August are good times to relax in an air-conditioned room.

Autumn is the best time of the year for outdoor recreation. The vibrant colors of fall foliage and cool temperatures make this a great time for walking, hiking, biking, picnics and other outdoor activities.

Fast Climate Facts:

  • Hottest Month: July, 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius)
  • Coldest month: January, 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius)
  • Wettest month: May 4.3 inches

Spring in Washington DC

Spring season is a pleasant time to visit Washington, D.C., as high temperatures typically average around 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). Cherry blossoms in April attract large crowds to the National Mall. However, the weather can be unpredictable this season, so despite the spring bloom and sunny days, you should also be prepared for cool nights and occasional winds and rains.

What to pack: Don't forget to bring your jacket with you for the evening. While it can be tempting to fully embrace spring, you should still pack warmer clothes usually anyway.

Average temperatures by month

  • March: 55° F (13° C) / 33° F (0° C), 3.9 inches
  • April: 66° F (19° C) / 42° F (6° C), 3.3 inches
  • May: 76° F (24° C) / 52° F (11° C), 4.3 inches

Summer in Washington DC

D.S. built on a swamp and you will believe this summer. Although high temperatures are usually in the 80s Fahrenheit, humidity hovers around 60%. Summer is a great time to relax in one of the city's many museums. July is also the city's second wettest month - thunderstorms can appear quickly, especially at the end of the day.

What to pack: Pack clothing that will keep you cool, such as lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen that wick moisture away and dry quickly. Avoid polyester or synthetics.

Average temperatures by month

  • June: 84° F (29° C) / 62° F (17° C), 3.6 inches
  • July: 89° F (32° F) / 67° F (19° C), 4.3 inches
  • August: 87° F (31° C) / 65° F (18° C), 3.9 inches

Autumn in Washington DC

Autumn in Washington DC is beautiful, with temperatures unlike spring. It's also the driest time of the year, so you don't have to worry about rain ruining your trip. Unlike summer, D.S. also less crowded in autumn when children return to school.

What to pack: Pack for temperatures ranging from the mid 30s Fahrenheit in late fall through to the 80s Fahrenheit in September. By November, you will need a winter coat and jacket. Don't forget your comfortable shoes!

Average temperatures by month

  • September: 80° F (27° C) / 57° F (14° C), 4.1 inches
  • October: 69° F (21° C) / 44° F (7° C), 3.5 inches
  • November: 58° F (14° C) / 36° F (2° C) 3.3 inches

Winter in Washington DC

Despite its geography, D.S. can be frozen and unpredictable, and snow and ice storms occur during the season. January is usually the coldest month and is often gray with rain or snow fall. On average, Washington, DC accumulates about 17 inches of snow per season, with most of it falling in January or February. January month is also the coldest month with average low temperatures regularly below freezing.

What to pack: Bring warm winter clothing, such as heavy sweaters, as well as boots and a waterproof coat to keep you dry. Winters can be humid, so staying dry and warm is critical.

Average temperatures by month

  • December: 48° F (9° C) / 28° F (-2°C), 3.8 inches
  • January: 43° F ​​(6° C) / 24° F (-4° C), 3.6 in
  • February: 47° F (8° C) / 26° F (-3° C), 2.8 inches

Washington, d.c. temperature by month, rainfall and daytime

Weather in washington state | monthly weather report

  • January: 43 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.03 inches, 9.32 hours
  • February: 47 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.48 inches, 10.21 hours
  • March: 56 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.23 inches, 11.35 hours
  • April: 67 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.15 inches, 12.51 hours
  • May: 76 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.13 inches, 14 hours
  • June: 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.23 inches, 14.47 hours
  • July: 89 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.13 inches, 14.48 hours
  • August: 87 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.88 inches, 14.03 hours
  • September: 81 degrees F, 3.82 inches, 12.5 hours
  • October: 69 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.07 inches, 11.35 hours
  • November: 59 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.83 inches, 10.24 hours
  • December: 48 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.8 inches, 9.34 hours

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