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Monday, December 25, 2023

Visit Malibu, Los Angeles | Best Beaches and Parks in Malibu

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Visit Malibu, Los Angeles | Best Beaches and Parks in Malibu

Why should you visit Malibu?

One of the most desired places in LA is Malibu thanks to its beautiful beaches, its warm climate, the paradisiacal natural environment and the large number of entertainment centers to have fun with family or friends, not in Vain many celebrities have chosen this place as your permanent home.

Malibu is a mixture of beaches and mountains, so the natural landscape is really beautiful, whether you want to spend a few very romantic days with your partner or live a quiet vacation alone or with someone.

Its kilometer of beaches are the most visited destination by both locals and tourists, but it also offers a lot of fun for those who are looking for fun of all kinds, so we recommend you not to limit yourself to visiting the beaches once you get there.

Visit residential area in Malibu:

This small town has a residential area with a picturesque atmosphere full of wooden houses that adds a touch of charm. Although it is one of the most expensive areas to live in LA, many people (including movie stars) have decided to settle there to enjoy a calmer life every day, a good climate, beautiful beaches and a lot of leisure.

This place also has interesting places to visit such as La Casa Adamson, a property located next to the Malibu pier with Spanish Renaissance style and is considered a national heritage, inside you can find a large ceramic exhibition from the Malibu Potteries tile factory that owned by the owners.

Visit Malibu Pier:

Visit Malibu, Los Angeles | Best Beaches and Parks in Malibu

Going to Malibu Pier is a cool plan if you like to walk along the Californian docks, feel the sea ​​breeze and enjoy the beach atmosphere that you can breathe here. And in addition to this atmosphere, in Malibu Pier you will find small shops with Malibu items and other products, restaurants and bars where you can have a drink or taste fish and seafood dishes, such as the Malibu Farm (it's a little expensive but hey, everyone has a budget. we leave the web so you can see their menu ). There are also places to rent boards for surfing or paddle surfing. We recommend you, in this or in other piers, and if the tide is not very high, go under and make some pictures with the wooden logs that hold it. And if you want to see the typical picture of the houses on the first line  built on wooden structures, you can walk along the beach to the Hotel Malibu Beach Inn.

• Malibu Beach Inn:

This five-star hotel is the epitome of “total isolation”. Each room is elegantly designed, stocked with books and magazines on contemporary art, and all have balconies that do not overlook each other.

A sense of privacy is what guests love about this place. And the Carbon Beach Club restaurant is one of the best in the area. The Malibu Beach Inn also has a spa, a private beach and a cocktail bar overlooking the sea.

Beaches and Parks in Malibu

Malibu beaches and parks

Going to the beaches of Malibu is going to paradise itself, so it is important that you go well equipped with a swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, cap or hat and fresh water, since in the place you will find a lot of sun, although in no case It is a blazing sun, but being cautious never hurts. And once in the place, what are the best beaches and parks in Malibu city that we can visit?

Where is Malibu Beach:

Malibu is a city of Los Angeles (California). It is located on the coast, it  is a beach line of 43.5 km and has about 14,000 inhabitants. Some of the distances to other nearby points of interest are these: Los Angeles is 60 km away (about 40 min by car without traffic) and Santa Monica is 30 km away.

Visit Malibu Beaches official website:

Malibu Beach map:


The 6 Best Beaches in Malibu

If you are only passing through Malibu, we recommend that you go to the Pier and the typical houses that we talked about before, but if you have more time and you want to relax a little, here are the best beaches in Malibu.

Visit Malibu, Los Angeles | Best Beaches and Parks in Malibu

1. Zuma beach

It is the largest and most famous beach in Malibu. It has bars and restaurants, shops, equipment rental service for practicing water sports and a great atmosphere. It is the busiest beach in the area due to the amount of services it offers. If you don't want a lot of stress, avoid weekends. It is 15 km from the Malibu pier.

2. El Matador Beach

A beach with a virgin landscape, quiet, to spend some time enjoying the sound of the sea. If you don't fancy the atmosphere of bars, shops and others so much, this is your option. The access is a bit tricky because it has rocks but if you like this kind of beaches worth. It is located about 20Km from Malibu Pier.

3. Point Dume 

Point Dume is a beach very close to Zuma Beach. Getting there will not be easy at all, since it is a rather rocky beach with difficult access. If you dare to get to this beach, you should know that in the place you can enjoy a relaxation and tranquility that you will not be able to find in any other beach.

It will be unusual for you to find bathers in it, hence it is a really interesting option. It should be noted that it is not the most recommended beach to go with children, since the path can be somewhat difficult for the little ones in the house.

4. Paradise cove

It is a very beautiful beach but before it was private and in some of these beaches there are entrance doors with the "broken" lock, so in some beaches previously considered private you can enter and in others you cannot.

5. Surfrider beach

If surfing is what motivates you to visit the beaches of Malibu, you should know that you have to head to Surfrider Beach. These are the most visited beaches and known to surfers from around the world. This large beach enjoys great waves through which lovers of this sport can slide and enjoy to the fullest.

6. Topanga Lagoon State Beach

If you want to enjoy a day at the beach with your partner or family without getting bored, there is no doubt that this beach is presented as a great alternative. Whether you want to sunbathe, take a dip or surf, this beach is a highly recommended alternative. In addition, as if that were not enough, on this beach you can enjoy innumerable leisure offers that will delight all members of the family.

Parks in Malibu city

Malibu Lagoon State Park:

This beautiful natural park has a lake where birds from all over the region gather to drink fresh water.

Malibu Creek State Park:

This natural park stretches from Malibu Lake to the Pacific Ocean and has three nature reserves Liberty Canyon, Udell Gorge and Kaslow Preserve in which famous films such as Tarzan have been filmed.

Malibu natural parks:

The beautiful landscapes of the natural parks are ideal to explore on foot making excursions along their slopes while admiring the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, Catalina Island or the canyons that create seasonal streams.

These parks full of wildflowers, lakes, waterfalls and caves are perfect for hiking or camping and get fresh air while you delight your eyes with the landscape and revive your lungs with fresh air.

Visit Malibu, Los Angeles | Best Beaches and Parks in Malibu

If you go to visit the beaches of Malibu, it is recommended that you also spend some time doing other types of visits that will fascinate you, such as Malibu Pier, La Casa Adamson or Malibu Lagoon State Park. If you are determined to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in Malibu, take good note of these beaches, since you will be able to enjoy dreamlike places there. You dare?

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