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Monday, December 25, 2023

Outlets in New York | The 9 best outlet in New York state

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Many have made purchases in the best shopping centers in New York, however, each of us wants to buy good designer things and at the same time not overpay for them. There are two options for this: wait for seasonal sales in New York or go to the best outlets, which are quite a lot near the metropolis.

Shopping enthusiasts can dedicate a whole weekend to a trip to outlets, combining shopping with walks in beautiful places or skiing on snow-white hillsides.

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Outlets in New York

Outlets in New York are a great place to shop. There are several shops in Manhattan selling designer clothes at greatly reduced prices. Major outlets in New York are located outside of Manhattan or even outside the city. However, they are easily accessible by transport, such as by bus. See below for my list of NYC outlets and other shopping tips.

Outlet - what is it

The origin of the word outlet is connected with the English "Outlet Center". This is the name of a specialized type of shopping centers, where they sell goods with good discounts. 🔗 Shopping in New York

Outlets are of two types:

  • Factory outlet. In these centers, goods that are left with the manufacturer (in factories and warehouses) are presented.
  • Outlet-mall. They accumulate products that were not sold in boutiques and stores.

In the article, we will present some of the largest outlets near the US capital.


1. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Woodbury is the largest outlet, which is located at a distance of 74 km from New York. You can get to it by car or by a special bus. Travel time will be from one to one and a half hours, depending on the traffic.

This is a huge world of discounts that extends to large collections of unique designer items. It will take more than one day to get acquainted with the diverse assortment of goods presented in 220 stores. Here you can see such famous brands as Prada, Betsey Johnson, and Gucci.

2. Empire Outlets

The first outlet center, located in New York itself, has recently opened its doors. It's called Empire Outlets. Located in Staten Island, this complex is next to the ferry terminal and is easily accessible from Manhattan. Not all retail spaces are open here yet, but eventually Empire Outlets will have about 100 stores. A special highlight is that it is located next to the water, and Manhattan is visible from it. Therefore, here you can also relax, drink and have a snack. In addition to athletes, in New York there are, of course, regular stores with sales.

3. Mills at Jersey Gardens

Mills at Jersey Gardens is located in New Jersey, where both outlets and regular stores operate. The easiest way to get here is by transfer, which can be booked in advance. Although there are buses to the mall. New Jersey does not have a sales tax on clothing. Sales tax on electronic products is 50% lower. So you're in for some extra savings on top of the already discounted prices!

4. Nordstrom Rack Outlet

Over a hundred different well-known brands are represented on the area occupied by this New York outlet. The main thing is to have a tidy sum with you and be patient. Here you can buy clothes from Max Azria or Kenneth Cole, an elegant handbag from Michael Kors or Coach. These are very high quality products that will not lose their relevance for several seasons.

Often, the staff does not have time to make changes to the price tag, so do not be surprised if a pleasant surprise awaits you at the checkout in the form of an additional discount. The biggest discounts here are up to 80% off the base price. Moreover, these discounts do not apply to the sales season, but are valid for the whole year.

5. Smith Haven Mall

This outlet is 86 km away from New York and includes 140 stores. The range of goods presented in them will be of most interest to women, as there is a huge selection of clothes for women and various accessories. In addition, for connoisseurs of gadgets, as well as sports goods, there are also many interesting offers. For example, here you can find products from a world-famous sports manufacturer - New Balance.

Among other brands, Macy's, Swarovski Crystal, Apple and other popular brands can be purchased here at attractive prices.

6. The Crossings

It is 148 km away from New York. A hundred outlet stores are concentrated here, in which discounts range from 25-65%. Interestingly, next to the outlet town there are picturesque ski resorts on the hills of Camelback or Shawnee.

7. Tanger Outlet

Located 126 km from New York. It is worth coming to Long Island in order to purchase goods from famous brands (Armani, Saks, True Religion, Barneys) at a pleasant discount.

8. Mills at Jersey Gardens

This outlet is located in the neighboring state of New Jersey, so you should not look for it in the New York areas. However, geographically, it is located not far from the metropolis, because of this proximity, this outlet center is often referred to as New York.

This is one of the most visited places, you want to come here again and again. Among the stores it is worth highlighting: H&M, Gap, Banana Republik, Victoria's Secret and others that are waiting for their customers. A complete list of stores is available on the Jersey Gardens outlet website. You can get here from Manhattan by bus that departs from the Port Authority station.

9. Waterloo Premium Outlets

It is located 449 km from New York and is located in the north of the state. Here you can buy things from popular brands, for example, Old Navy, Coach, Max Azria and others. When planning a trip, you should familiarise yourself with the information on current discounts presented on the website of the outlet - often they are more profitable than the current ones.


American outlets attract visitors from all over the world with a huge selection of famous brands and very attractive prices for them. By the way, if the financial side of the issue is very important for you, then you can save even more by going shopping in Orlando. If in New York the tax on purchases is from 12.5 to 13%, then in the state of Florida it does not exceed 7%.

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