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Monday, December 25, 2023

bronx zoo in new york - History, map, animals, weather, hours and tickets

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

The Bronx Zoo is located in upstate New York. In the 19th century, the area was owned by Fordham University. His leadership was worried that technological progress would reach this quiet area, therefore, when selling it to the government, they set a mandatory condition - this land should become a habitat for rare and endangered representatives of the fauna. Today, more than 600 species of them live here, in total about 4 thousand animals.

Bronx Zoo In New York

Bronx Zoo in New York
bronx zoo in new york

The Bronx Zoo officially opened in 1899. It is notable for the fact that the dangerous animals here are placed not in cages, but in enclosures: their conditions are as close as possible to natural ones. It is unlikely that anywhere else you can simultaneously admire the Himalayan highlands, the forests of the Congo, the African prairies; sea ​​lions swimming in pools; to visit the savannah inhabited by real elephants... There is even a separate closed pavilion where the Asian jungle is artificially created! Children most of all like to disperse annoying monkeys. Fans of rare insects will love a walk through the Butterfly Pavilion, built in the form of a caterpillar.

The Bronx Zoo does have a lot to offer and it is beautifully maintained. A few of our favorite areas were the butterfly indoor gardens, fury lemurs, gorillas and Komodo dragon exhibit.


The Bronx Zoo was founded in 1899 on a vacant lot in the southern part of the area. From the first years, its most important task was the preservation of endangered species, and the zoo continues to perform this honorable function today. So, it was here that at the beginning of the 20th century the North American bison was saved from extinction: the offspring of the livestock in the Bronx Zoo was used to repopulate the Great Plains region.

Bronx Zoo Map

Bronx Zoo in New York
Zoo Map 🗺️

American Animals at the Bronx Zoo

A unique feature of the Bronx Zoo is that it houses a large number of animals native to the United States. You will see not only such classic animals as zebras and giraffes, but also a herd of American bison, a few (rescued) grizzly bears and even bald eagles. If you are in doubt about which New York Zoo to visit and looking for the most impressive animals, you should definitely choose the Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo in rainy weather

On a rainy day, you'll enjoy exploring Jungle World and the man-made Asian rainforest at just the right temperature. Animals that live here, such as otters, tapirs and gibbons, feel as comfortable here as in the natural environment. Another option for spending winter time at the zoo is a 4D cinema. Keep in mind that you have to pay for this separately. 4D cinema is a combination of 3D movies and physical effects such as wind, fog, smells and light.

Zoo visit

The fastest way to get from Manhattan to the zoo is the express bus BxM11 here complete schedule. You can take one of the Madison Avenue bus stops, such as the corner of Madison Avenue and East 39th Street. You can pay for your ride with a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard or Apple Pay linked to a credit card. Get off at the Bronx River Pkwy & Bronx Zoo Entrance stop. The Bronx Zoo opens at 10:00 am and closes its doors from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, depending on the season. Before you start your walk, check the map and plan your route.

Useful tips:

The Bronx Zoo is far enough from Manhattan to plan to spend at least a day there. If you decide that this is too far for you, then go with the children to the Central Park Zoo.

What to watch

At the entrance to the zoo, take a free map: this way you can not only easily find the animals you are interested in, but also find out the feeding schedule for fur seals and penguins, and in summer also the departure time of the monorail through the wilds of Asian forests and camel rides.

Choose a continent, natural area or specific animals to your liking - and go! Among the recreated ecozones are the African savannas (lions, hyenas, zebras), the Great Plains (bison), the forests of the Congo (gorillas), the highlands of the Himalayas (snow leopard and red panda), the jungle (langurs, gibbons and tapirs) and Madagascar (Nile crocodiles, numerous lemurs, fosses and boas). In the World of Birds, the House of Waterfowl and Sea Birds, the World of Reptiles, the Butterfly Garden and the Mouse House, animals are collected without reference to geographical regions.

The delight of children and adults is guaranteed in the Giraffe House, where guests are also greeted by amazing aardvarks that look like a pig, a kangaroo and a rabbit at the same time.

The baboon reserve is inhabited not only by these monkeys, but also by Nubian ibex and hyraxes. At the Mammal Pool, visitors can't take their eyes off the California sea lions. We also recommend appreciating the grace of animals on Tiger Mountain and watching grizzlies and polar bears.

Bronx zoo in New York

Children's zoo

If you came to the zoo with children, be sure to visit the children's section. In it, kids can play on the playground and learn a lot of interesting things about animals: how they eat and move?. This section is a cross between a playground and a petting zoo. If desired, you can feed the lambs or llamas. Those who are familiar with the cartoon "Madagascar" will especially enjoy the zone of the same name. There you will not only meet African animals, but also see them in a habitat very similar to the real one.

Children's entertainment in the zoo

It is proposed to visit the habitats of predators by moving in wagons. A monorail has been laid across the territory of the zoo - this allows you to travel with small children, and in general, not to get too tired. The zoo is very large: the area it occupies is 107 hectares. It will take a whole day to see it in its entirety. There are also additional entertainments here: an exhibition of dinosaurs, camel riding, feeding penguins and fur seals.

Next to this amazing zoo is the Botanical Garden - a visit to this stunningly beautiful place will complete your tour. There are many plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. This is the Fragrant Rose Garden, and desert cacti, representatives of tropical flora and underwater plants ...

When vacationing in New York, especially with children, be sure to visit the Bronx Zoo. You will learn a lot of new things and get an unforgettable pleasure by visiting the world of living beings, feel like a part of nature.

Bronx Zoo in New York

Bronx Botanical Garden

Adjacent to the Bronx Zoo is the New York Botanical Garden. In my opinion, it would be a great idea to combine their visit. I would recommend starting with the botanical garden. You can easily get here by tube (line 4 or D) to Bedford Park Boulevard and from there walk about 15 minutes to the north entrance to the garden. If you walk through the garden from north to south, you will leave it through the main entrance. From there, you can walk to the Belmont entrance to the Bronx Zoo, which is located at 2348 Southern Boulevard.

Useful information

Address: New York, Bronx, Southern Blvd 2300. The nearest subway station is Asia Gate. 

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00. From April to October, on weekends, the zoo closes at 17:30, from November to March on all days of the week - at 16:30.


  • Adult (13 & over) - $30.95
  • Senior (65 & over) - $28.95
  • Child (3 - 12) - $22.95
  • Child (2 - under) - admission to the zoo is free. Prices on the page are for April 2022.

You can arrive at the zoo within one hour of the entry time you select for example a 10:00am time spot means you must enter between 10:00am and 11:00am. Once you're here, stay as long as you would like. Buy a ticket to the zoo online.

FAQ ➡️

  • Is the zoo is open all years?

Yes, it is. Closed thanks giving day, Christmas day, New years and martin Luther King Jr day.

  • Do they have poler bear there?

Yes, they have.

  • How big is the zoo?

The land area of the zoo is 265 acres. The Zoo pretty big. You can download the Map of the zoo online. Make sure to make a reservation online for you visit.

  • Do they do student discount?

Yes, they absolutely do and group discounts. Check their official website for specifics on how much of a discount. Also, be sure to bring your student ID.

  • Is the Bronx Zoo open regular hours?

Yes, until 5pm. But remember you have to reserve tickets before.

  • Are there free parking of have to pay?

No, there is no free parking, parking is $17 for the day. You can park in the street and walk over. If you lucky enough to find a spot.

  • Can pet's be allowed in the zoo?

No, pet's are not allowed even if leashed. The only animals from outside the zoo that are allowed in are service animals and the local wildlife that warders in. There are some zoo animals that room around the grawnds (peacocks and peahens mostly in my experience) and they would be in significant denger if anyone could bring their pets.

  • Is Wednesdays still free?

Yes, you just have to do the reservations online on a Monday for Wednesdays Free day.

  • How I can find cheper ticket?

You have to go on the website on Monday after 5pm to have cheaper tickets for the zoo.

  • How can I purchase regular admission tickets online?


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