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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Mississippi, USA - history, attractions and features of the state

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Sunday, November 14, 2021

Mississippi, USA - history, attractions and features of the state

Some background information on the state of Mississippi:

Official name: State of Mississippi
State capital: Jackson
Largest city: Jackson

Other major cities: Biloxi, Vicksburg, Gulfport, Greenville, Clarksdale, Clinton, Columbus, Meridian, Olive Branch, Pascagula, Pearl, Ridgeland, Southaven, Tupelo, Hatisburg.

State nicknames: State of magnolia, State of hospitality State
motto: Courage and arms
Mississippi postal code: MS
Date of state formation: 1817 (20th in order)

Area: 125.5 thousand square kilometers. (32nd in the country.)
Population:more than 2.7 thousand people (31st in the country).


Where is Mississippi located?

On the US map, Mississippi is located in the southern part of the country. The northern part of the state has a common border with Tennessee, the eastern neighborhood is Alabama, the state shares the southwestern border with Louisiana,in the northwest, the Mississippi is bordered by Arkansas, and the southern shores face the Gulf of Mexico. The name of the state is associated with the river of the same name, which carries its waters along the western border.

The population of the state is about 3 million inhabitants, and almost 60% of them are white, blacks account for 37% of the population and only 0.5% are indigenous.

Mississippi, USA - history, attractions and features of the state

Mississippi capital and largest city

the state is the city of Jackson. Other major cities include: Biloxi, Greenville, Clinton, Pascagula, Southaven, Laurel, etc.

Most of the state is dominated by a subtropical climate with long hot and humid summers and fairly mild short winters. In winter, the average air temperature is about +6 degrees in the northern part of the state and about +10 degrees in the south. This area is characterized by frequent hurricanes - tornadoes that come from the Gulf of Mexico. The south of the Mississippi is particularly affected.


There are as many as seven national parks on the territory of this region. Every year a flow of tourists tends here to admire the beauty of nature. For this, all conditions have been created in the state, the infrastructure is well developed.

Mississippi has an official name - "state of magnolias". Indeed, many of these flowers grow on its territory. Even the Mississippi flag features a white magnolia tree combined with the words “We Trust in God” (on a red background with a blue vertical stripe in the center).

Unofficially, Mississippi is called the "state of hospitality." And this is also a confirmation that the most hospitable people live here, who are always glad to guests and are ready to provide any help.

Briefly about the history of the state

Before the arrival of Europeans, tribes of Indians lived on this territory, who were engaged in hunting, cultivation of fertile lands, fishing, and trade. An interesting feature of the indigenous people was that they built their homes on the hills. In 1540 the Spaniards arrived here, later these territories became part of the Spanish colony. The local population did not welcome such a development of events; armed conflicts periodically arose. However, the uprisings were brutally suppressed.

The Mississippi lands were successfully used for growing cotton, and the labor of slaves, who were brought to these lands in 1719, was especially appreciated. I must say that Mississippi is characterized by the fact that half of the population of the future state was in slavery.

In 1803, after the conclusion of the Louisiana Treaty, Mississippi passed into the possession of the United States. Mississippi received the status of a separate state (20th in a row) in 1817.


Most of the slave owners were against the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency of the United States, as he advocated the abolition of slavery. This was the main reason for the secession from the United States in 1861 and the creation of an independent republic. However, after 9 years, Mississippi still rejoined the new state.

The Second World War gave impetus to the development and prosperity of the state - many military factories were built here, jobs appeared.


Vicksburg Military Historical Park is considered one of the main attractions of the state . It represents several ancient buildings and fortifications, monuments that are a reminder of wartime. A total of 1,400 monuments are located on the territory of the complex. Visitors, getting here, are immersed in the real atmosphere of the war and feel like participants in it. Many ditches, fortifications, trenches, ancient tools and structures have been preserved here. There is a charge to visit the complex, however, sometimes there are open days.

Of particular interest is the State Capitol building located in the capital. It was erected at the beginning of the 19th century. Inside the building is a historical museum, which contains many exhibits related to the struggle of the state's population for independence.

Tourists like the port city of Biloxi very much. Many gambling establishments are concentrated here, and all casinos are legal. For lovers of peace and quiet, it will be interesting to visit the National Library. In addition, it will be interesting to see the city lighthouse.


The small town of Olive Branch is famous for having the largest bonsai nursery in America. In addition, tourists will be interested in visiting the Mississippi natural monument - a forest of fossils.

It is impossible not to mention the many festivals held in the state. For example, in the capital Jackson you can visit the international ballerina competition, and in Starkville you can visit the Magnolia Film Festival. Nyssa hosts a beer and honey festival every year.

Mississippi is the dream of literary and musicians, and the birthplace of jazz. Jazz music clubs operate in many cities across the state.

Young tourists will be interested in visiting the Mississippi Children's Museum, located in Jackson.

Interesting Facts

World famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, and playwright Williams were born in Mississippi.


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