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Monday, December 25, 2023

Colorado State: symbols, maps, weather and slight

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

 Colorado State

Colorado State: symbols, maps, weather and slight
Source: Flickr / Nicolas Raymond

Some background information on the state of Colorado:

  • Official name: State of Colorado
  • State capital: Denver
  • Other major cities: Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada, Pueblo, Centennial, Boulder, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Grand Junction, Aspen.
  • State Nicknames: Independence Day Centenary State State
  • Motto: Nothing Without Providence
  • Colorado Postal Code: CO
  • State Date of Formation: 1876 ​​(38th in order)
  • Area: 269.8 thousand sq. Km. (8th place in the country.)
  • Population: over 4.6 million people (22nd in the country).


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Colorado means red in Spanish. The territory got its name from the name of the river, known for its violent and capricious disposition. Colorado became part of the United States and received state status on 01 August 1876.

Where is Colorado located? The state of Colorado is located in the west of the central part of the United States and neighbors in the north with Wyoming and Nebraska, in the east with the state of Kansas, in the south with the states: Oklahoma, New Mexico  and Arizona, and in the west with the state of Utah.

The state of Colorado is one of the largest in America, it is known for its picturesque natural landscapes and mild climate, which is especially attractive for tourists in any season of the year.

General information:

Colorado's area is about 270 thousand square meters. km, with a population of about 5 million people. The capital and financial center of Colorado is the city of Denver, the largest in the region. Tourists flock here to admire the picturesque beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is considered a hub for both summer and winter tourism. Denver is also famous for the location of the US Mint. Besides Denver, the big cities in this region are Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, etc.

State Symbols

The Colorado flag is a banner with the capital letter of the state name (C). In the inner part of the letter there is a symbol of a gold mine, stripes of blue, located above and below. They symbolize the clear sky of the state, and the center of white is associated with the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado State Map

Colorado State: One of the largest states of the USA

The state resembles a rectangle in shape. In the center of the territory there are ridges of rocky mountains, rivers flow from the western and eastern parts of the mountains (the largest: Colorado, Arkansas and Rio Grande). The main part of the mountain slopes is covered with coniferous forests. To the east of the rocky mountains are the Great Plains. The plateau of the same name is located in the west of Colorado.

Weather and climate in Colorado

Since Colorado is one of the Mountain States, the climatic conditions are quite challenging. Colorado south is not always warmer than north. Most of the state is covered by mountains, foothills and high plains. The mountains greatly influence the local climate. For this reason, Colorado can be divided into climatic zones: the eastern plains and the western foothills. The eastern part has a temperate continental climate. In summer, the air warms up to +35 ° C, and in winter, the temperature drops to −18 ° C. As for the climate of the western part of the state, it can be called arid, with precipitation mainly in winter.

Like some others, Colorado is interested in its funny state laws. For example:

- it is prohibited to sell alcohol on Sundays, as well as on election day;

- you cannot destroy stones located within the city;

- it is not allowed to ride a horse after drinking alcohol;

- remove tags from bedding (pillowcases), mattresses, and pillows;

- shoot from a bow at moving cars, as well as shoot at houses from various throwing devices, etc.


The main attractions are the picturesque nature. Parks make up over 30 percent of the state's territory. On the map of national parks, first of all, you should pay attention to such unique places as the Old Fort Bent, as well as the Black Canyon (a creation of nature, made in the form of a trail along the gorge, for tourists, 20 km long) or the dinosaur reserve.


West of Denver is the city of Morrison, famous for monuments of paleontology and architecture. According to the guides, about seventy species of ancient reptiles and other dinosaurs were found in this area. The city ​​of Boulder is located northwest of the capital.

Half of the state's residents are students and researchers, based at the University of Colorado, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, equipped with state-of-the-art technology unparalleled on the planet. In addition, there is a Buddhist Institute, CASA (Center for Astrophysics and Space Research) and other modern centers.

Summit Country is famous for its famous ski resorts. Not far from the city of Aspen, there are resorts for snowboarding, places where cycling and hiking are organized, and areas for fishing. Among the attractions are the Garden of the Gods with red "turrets", the Pikes Peak Coag railway track with extraordinary landscapes, picturesque national parks, etc.

The most popular and photographed landmarks include the water mill and the hydroelectric power station, built from wood in 1893. The mill is located near the town of Marble, on a stone block, under which the waterfall of the Crystal River flows. The town is famous for the fact that quarried marble used in the construction of the White House was sent from here to create a memorial to Lincoln, as well as a memorial to Washington.

Industry and tourism

In modern Colorado, you cannot see cowboys in dusty outfits (for whom shooting is the most common activity), Indians with feathers and stagecoaches on city streets. However, despite the fact that the cowboy flavor has disappeared forever, the local lands still attract curious tourists here.

Colorado is especially attractive for ski lovers. The extraordinary beauty of the snow-capped slopes, shining in the sun, attracts not only Americans, but also travelers from all over the world. The most famous resorts in Colorado: Aspen, East Park, and Colorado Springs.

The profit to the government treasury is provided not only through tourism, the state has a well-developed industry. Most of the population of this region lives and works in the east of the state. As you know, in the state of Colorado there are many tunnels built in the mountains to provide moisture to the arid prairie areas in which farming is developed. Farming is considered profitable in this region. Since the territory of the state is located between the major cities of California and the Midwest, transport hubs are concentrated here, which are designed to organize the sorting of goods in the Rocky Mountain zone.

Agricultural activities

Nationally, Colorado is considered a leader in the agricultural and agricultural technology industry. America depends on the goods that are produced in the region. The most promising and profitable is sheep breeding, as well as the production of meat and milk. This is due to the presence of huge territories that are successfully used for breeding livestock.

The government is constantly working to interest farmers in growing not only grain crops, but also potatoes and sugar beets. Currently, the lands that were previously empty are being used on a large scale for the cultivation of corn.


Colorado is an ideal destination for both a relaxing family holiday and active skiing on the snowy slopes. For America, Colorado is not only a major tourist destination, but also an area rich in minerals and a reliable supplier of agricultural products.

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