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Friday, March 15, 2024

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Friday, March 15, 2024

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)

Denver is often the first stop for Colorado visitors. Due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the pedestrian city center. Mile High City is developed not only as a beautiful city, but also suitable for outdoor recreation.

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10 free things to do in Denver

For the budget traveler, Denver has plenty of fun and free things to do - here are a few of the attractions to visit in the city. Due to the corona virus pandemic, some of these attractions may be closed or have reduced opening times, so be sure to check them before planning your visit.

1. Enjoy local art on the first Friday of every month.

Denver is one of many cities that offer open galleries and events on the first Friday of every month. Enjoy an evening of art, food, drink and culture as you visit the neighborhood galleries, studios, breweries and restaurants. Events on the first Friday are currently on hold due to the corona virus pandemic, but you can check out the virtual events in the Art District on Santa Fe Facebook page.

2. Hike to the park and amphitheater "Red Rocks".

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / Kyla Duhamel

Amphitheater Red Rocks
Renowned for its status as the country's premier outdoor venue, it is also great entertainment on days when there are no concerts. Denver residents often meet here for exercise and group yoga classes, as well as walking and cycling in the park.

3. Learn about local breweries at.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)

All craft beer lovers should be familiar with the Denver beer scene, which includes dozens of breweries. The Denver Beer Trail is a self-guided tour that can be found on the internet or print at any of Visit Denver tourist information centers, and it stretches through the city's best breweries, many of which offer free guided tours. Some locations may be closed due to the pandemic, so check your stops before leaving.

4. Cherry Creek Cycling Trail.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

This 40 mile path, which starts in downtown Denver and ends in Franktown, runs along Cherry Creek, winding through historic urban areas, tall grasslands and poplar groves. Visitors can go for a walk, bike ride, jog or walk the entire route, sightseeing along the way.

5. Tour of the State Capitol.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)

This magnificent building, modeled on the DC Capitol, is built with Colorado white granite, pink onyx and white marble stained glass windows depicting events and people important to the history of the state. Free guided tours are offered from 10:00 to 15:00. during the week, and there are often temporary exhibitions and galleries for visitors. The Capitol is currently closed to the public - 🔗 check official website to see if the updates will be updated.

6. Enjoy free festivals

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / William Murphy

Each year, visitors can enjoy a unique Denver experience at the many free festivals the city has to offer. Every weekend on the fourth of July, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival invites visitors to experience fine arts, live music and cuisine. Another festival worth visiting is the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, also held in July at Sloane Lake Park. Many festivals have been canceled or virtualized this year with plans to return in 2021.

7. Find out how money is made at the US Mint.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / Jeffrey Beall

From Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, the US Mint in Denver offers free 45-minute guided tours, educating visitors about the history of our currency and giving an insight into how it was created. Tours are currently suspended due to the pandemic - 🔗 check website updates...

8. Tour of the Hammond's confectionery factory.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / Eli Duke

No one can refuse a free guided tour with free samples of the confectionery factory. Hammond's has been making candy in Denver since 1920 and offers tours that allow visitors to see what is happening behind the scenes. The factory is currently open for excursions.

9. See the wildlife at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Reserve

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / mark byzewski

This reserve located near downtown Denver, is home to over 330 species of wildlife including deer, predators, bison and black-tailed prairie dogs. Visit the interactive exhibition at the center before taking a walk along one of the reserve many trails. The visitor center is currently closed due to the pandemic, but the trails and Wildlife Drive are open.

10. Explore the city park.

Free things to do in Denver (Colorado)
Source: Flickr / Steven Martin

In Denver largest park has a lot to offer visitors. Enjoy skyline views as you explore this public green space without spending a penny, or buy tickets to the Denver Zoo or Denver Museum of Nature and Science located within the park.

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