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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Thrilling Climbs and Ocean Vistas: A Day of Hiking in Acadia National Park

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Saturday, January 13, 2024

Lace up your boots and join our exhilarating journey through Acadia National Park, where breathtaking summit vistas, daring rock scrambles, and encounters with majestic wildlife paint the perfect picture of an unforgettable adventure. We'll conquer the iconic Beehive Trail, ascend the challenging Gorham Mountain, and cap it off with the panoramas of Acadia Mountain, all under the watchful eye of a soaring peregrine falcon. Prepare for stunning scenery, thrilling climbs, and a delicious reward at Café This Way – your Acadia odyssey starts now!

Exciting hiking Adventure in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA
Image of Acadia National Park, Maine, USA 

Early Morning Thunderstorms and a Delicious Breakfast

Our Acadia adventure began with a rude awakening courtesy of a thunderstorm. But after resetting the clocks and catching some extra sleep, we were fueled up for a day of hiking and exploring by a delicious breakfast that almost made us forget to take photos! Warm sunshine and grapefruit juice accompanied scrambled eggs, cheesy toast, and baked tomatoes, setting the perfect tone for the day.

Falcon Watch and Beehive Climb

First stop: the Precipice Trail, where we spotted a majestic peregrine falcon soaring through the cliffs. Unfortunately, the trail was closed due to nesting birds, but the views and the thrill of the sighting were worth it.

Next up, the iconic Beehive Trail! With clear skies and minimal puddles, we tackled the climb with glee, enjoying the stunning views and the exhilarating challenge of the ladders and rungs. Remember, folks: the Beehive is a one-way street, so ascend and conquer, then descend via Gorham Mountain! We savored the panoramic vista from the summit before continuing our journey through the Bowl and up and down Gorham Mountain.

Second Summit: Acadia Mountain and Hidden Gems

One mountain wasn't enough on this glorious day! Acadia Mountain beckoned, and we readily answered its call. After navigating the rooty path and a bit of rock scrambling, we were rewarded with breathtaking views of Somes Sound from the top of the large rock. A surprise encounter with three snakes on the descent added a touch of adventure to the pleasant, yet steep, downhill trek.

Delicious Dinner and Restful Tea

Dinner at Café This Way was a delightful finale to the day. Lobster and crab spring rolls with plum sauce tantalized our taste buds, while Tony's special of grass-fed veal with wild mushroom and fingerling potato hash was a culinary triumph. Blueberry muffins from the Acadia Store and a cup of tea by the water provided the perfect post-dinner relaxation.

A Day to Remember

From dodging thunderstorms to conquering mountain peaks and enjoying culinary delights, this day in Acadia was a symphony of adventure, beauty, and deliciousness. We slept soundly that night, dreaming of falcons, beehives, and the sun-kissed peaks of Acadia.

Cadillac Mountain, Northern Maine, Acadia
Image of Cadillac Mountain, Northern Maine, Acadia


Our Acadia adventure unfolded like a map of hidden treasures. From falcon-watched cliffs to summit selfies on Beehive and Gorham, each step unfolded a panorama. Acadia Mountain's rocky embrace surprised us with hidden trails and Somes Sound's watery mirror. Unexpected serpents added a dash of adrenaline, while Café This Way's culinary magic refueled our tired legs. Acadia etched a piece of its wild beauty on our hearts, and its siren song beckons us back for more. If you seek adventure cloaked in granite and kissed by salt air, Acadia awaits, ready to weave its magic on your own trail.


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