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Monday, December 25, 2023

The New York Aquarium is the oldest aquarium in the United States

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

The New York Aquarium is considered the only aquarium, one of the oldest and constantly functioning in the United States. In October 2012, the aquarium was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, however, after a little over six months, it was partially restored and continued to operate.

Briefly about the history of the aquarium. The New York Aquarium was established in 1896 and was originally located in Battery Park. At that time, there were about 150 species of representatives of the water world.

Later, when the famous zoologist Charles Haskins took over as director of the water park, the number of specimens of fish and marine animals increased significantly. In 1914, five bottlenose dolphins were brought here. At that time, the experience of keeping bottlenose dolphins in captivity was not common. Interestingly, one of them lived for a year and three months.

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The New York Aquarium is the oldest aquarium in the United States 

In the autumn of 1941, when the tunnel was being built

linking Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, Battery Park has ceased operations. Most of the aquatic inhabitants of the New York Water Park had to be temporarily placed in the Bronx Zoo until a new aquarium was created.

In June 1957, the aquarium began its work at a new location in Brooklyn (the ocean beach of Coney Island), where it is located to this day. It should be noted that it was this picturesque location that almost killed the aquarium and its inhabitants when the coast felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Sea water filled the basements of all buildings located on a vast territory (six hectares!). Electrical equipment was damaged, which caused the death of a large number of fish. Other inhabitants that were in the aquarium were saved by a small team of employees. About $6 million was spent to eliminate the consequences of the destruction. When the main part of the work was completed, part of the park began to work, although the rest of the work continued actively.

In particular, the open-air aquatic theater was restored.

Spectacular performances are held here, in which California sea lions take part. They demonstrate amazing tricks: they crawl, sink into the depths, give voice, demonstrate the game with the ball. This place welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests every year.


"Sea rocks"

Here is a strip, the length of which is ninety meters, reminiscent of the northern Pacific coast. Guests of the park can admire such marine animals as black-footed penguins, walruses, seals, etc. Little visitors really like to watch how the animals are fed. The feeding process is a show: the penguins playfully jump up after the fish, the walruses “fish out” the herring from the big “straw”, the otters like to play ball with the employees of the institution. These animals tend to eat in a playful manner. They, before eating a tidbit, sniff it, throw it up, bite it - this is similar to entertainment with a toy.

" Reserved Hall"

Here you can see the diversity of the underwater world: amazing coral reefs, the inhabitants of African lakes with fresh water and the flooded forests of Brazil. Among the rare inhabitants, one can single out the East American bullhead and moray. Of particular interest to visitors are sand sharks, rays and turtles.

In the outdoor aquarium, there are performances in which sea lions participate. This is a very popular attraction that attracts a huge number of visitors. Sea lions are able to perform amazing tricks: they dance, jump through the ring, roar menacingly, like African lions, and even demonstrate kisses.

Goals of the New York Aquarium

An important task facing this unique institution is to tell people about the life and problems of the representatives of the ocean. Demonstrate the diversity of the animal world of the seas and oceans, their unique and inimitable beauty. Expositions are constantly updated on the territory of the aquarium. This is possible thanks to the interaction of zoos and aquariums. Various mass events are constantly held here, research is being carried out.

Many inhabitants of the aquarium took part in the filming of famous films about animals.

The New York Aquarium is the oldest aquarium in the United States
Coney Island, NY Aquarium
Image source: Wikimedia


The New York Aquarium always welcomes guests. On Fridays, from 15:00 to 15:30, visitors are given the opportunity to pay as much as they themselves consider necessary for entry. At other times, you will have to pay $12 to enter the aquarium. If you order tickets online here, there is a small discount.

The New York Aquarium in 2020 stopped its work during the pandemic for four months. When it reopened, visitors were presented with a new exposition called "Spineless", the "heroes" of which were invertebrate marine inhabitants. 

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