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Friday, September 15, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Friday, September 15, 2023

Welcome to Van Andel Arena, a world-class entertainment venue nestled in the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This comprehensive guide is designed to be your go-to resource, providing valuable information and insights into everything you need to know about Van Andel Arena. Whether you're planning to attend a concert, sports game, or family show, this guide will ensure that you have a seamless and memorable experience.

In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Van Andel Arena, including seating charts, nearby hotels and restaurants, parking options, upcoming events, ticketing, and capacity. Whether you're a local resident or visiting from out of town, this guide will serve as your roadmap to navigate all that Van Andel Arena has to offer.

Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan
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About Van Andel Arena

Van Andel Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is home to the Grand Rapids Griffins, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, and is also a popular venue for concerts, family shows, and other events.

The arena opened in 1996 and was named after the late Jay Van Andel, a co-founder of Amway. It is a state-of-the-art facility with a seating capacity of 13,184 for hockey games and 12,858 for concerts. The arena also features a 20,000-square-foot (1,858 square meters) club level, 40 luxury suites, and a 4,000-square-foot (372 square meters) video board.


Van Andel Arena was built in 1996 to replace the old J. C. Walker Arena, which was located in the same downtown area. The arena was funded by a public-private partnership, with the city of Grand Rapids providing $40 million and the Van Andel Foundation providing $30 million.

The arena was designed by the architectural firm Ellerbe Becket and built by the contractor Barton Malow Company. It was named after the late Jay Van Andel, a co-founder of Amway, who donated $30 million to the project.

Van Andel Arena Seating Chart and Capacity

Van Andel Arena is a state-of-the-art facility with a seating capacity of 13,184 for hockey games and 12,858 for concerts. The arena also features a 20,000-square-foot (1,858 square meters) club level, 40 luxury suites, and a 4,000-square-foot (372 square meters) video board. Here is a breakdown of the seating sections and their corresponding capacities:

Floor Seating: The floor seating area is typically used for concerts and can accommodate a large number of standing or seated guests, depending on the event setup. The capacity can vary based on the specific configuration for each performance.

Lower Level: The lower level of Van Andel Arena consists of several sections surrounding the floor seating area. These sections provide excellent views of the stage or playing field and can accommodate a significant number of guests. The lower level seating offers a range of options, including standard seating and accessible seating for individuals with disabilities.

Upper Level: The upper level is located above the lower level and offers additional seating options. These sections provide a panoramic view of the event and are an excellent choice for those seeking a slightly elevated perspective. The upper level seating is designed to provide clear sightlines and comfortable seating for attendees.

Suites and Premium Seating: Van Andel Arena also features luxury suites and premium seating options for those looking for an elevated experience. These exclusive areas provide VIP treatment with comfortable seating, private amenities, and personalized services. The suites offer a more intimate and upscale atmosphere, perfect for corporate events, private parties, or special occasions.

The exact seating capacities of each section may vary depending on the event and stage setup. It is recommended to refer to the official seating chart provided by Van Andel Arena or the event organizer for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding seating options and capacities.

With its versatile seating arrangements, Van Andel Arena ensures that every guest can find the perfect spot to enjoy their favorite events, be it an up-close experience on the floor, a prime view from the lower level, or a panoramic perspective from the upper level.

Hotels near Van Andel Arena

For visitors attending events at Van Andel Arena, there are several hotels located in close proximity that offer convenient accommodations. Here are some recommended hotels near Van Andel Arena:

Amway Grand Plaza: Located just a short distance from Van Andel Arena, the Amway Grand Plaza is a luxury hotel offering elegant rooms, a spa, multiple dining options, and excellent amenities. It provides a convenient and upscale option for guests attending events.

JW Marriott Grand Rapids: Situated within walking distance of Van Andel Arena, the JW Marriott Grand Rapids offers modern and stylish accommodations. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, a fitness center, an on-site restaurant, and easy access to downtown attractions.

Homewood Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown: This hotel is located a few blocks away from Van Andel Arena and offers comfortable suites with kitchenettes, complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, and a business center. It is a great option for those seeking a home-away-from-home experience.

Courtyard Grand Rapids Downtown: Situated in the heart of downtown, Courtyard Grand Rapids Downtown provides contemporary rooms, a fitness center, an on-site restaurant, and easy access to Van Andel Arena and other attractions in the area.

When making hotel reservations, it is advisable to inquire about any special packages or discounts available for event attendees. Many hotels offer exclusive rates or packages that include perks such as shuttle service to the arena or discounted parking. It is also recommended to book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak event seasons, to ensure availability and secure the best rates.

Whether you prefer luxury accommodations or comfortable and convenient options, these hotels near Van Andel Arena offer a range of choices to suit different preferences and budgets, ensuring a pleasant and convenient stay for event attendees.

Things to do near Van Andel Arena

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum: The Grand Rapids Art Museum is located just a few blocks away from Van Andel Arena. It houses a variety of art exhibits, including a collection of American and European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum: The Grand Rapids Public Museum is located just a few blocks away from Van Andel Arena. It houses a variety of exhibits on the history and culture of West Michigan, including a dinosaur exhibit and a hands-on science center.
  • Grand River Riverwalk: The Grand River Riverwalk is a popular spot for walking, biking, and fishing. It is located just steps from Van Andel Arena.
  • Restaurants: There are many restaurants located in the downtown area near Van Andel Arena. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, from casual to fine dining.

Dining Options near Van Andel Arena

When it comes to dining options near Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids offers a diverse culinary scene to suit various tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for a quick bite before an event or a leisurely meal afterwards, there are plenty of restaurants and eateries located in close proximity. Here are some recommended dining options near Van Andel Arena:

The B.O.B. (Big Old Building): Located just a short walk from the arena, The B.O.B. is a multi-level entertainment complex with several dining options. From steakhouses to sushi bars, you can find a variety of cuisines to satisfy your palate. The B.O.B. also offers a lively atmosphere and often hosts live music events.

Stella's Lounge: Known for its delicious burgers and extensive craft beer selection, Stella's Lounge is a popular spot for a casual and satisfying meal. It's a great choice for burger enthusiasts looking for a laid-back dining experience.

Linear Restaurant: If you're seeking a more upscale dining experience, Linear Restaurant is an excellent choice. Offering a farm-to-table menu with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant showcases creative and contemporary American cuisine.

San Chez Bistro: For those craving Spanish and Mediterranean flavors, San Chez Bistro is a must-visit. With a menu featuring tapas, paellas, and other delightful dishes, this restaurant offers a vibrant and flavorful dining experience.

Leo's Restaurant: If seafood is what you're after, Leo's Restaurant is a top recommendation. Known for its fresh seafood selections and elegant ambiance, Leo's offers a refined dining experience with a focus on quality and flavors.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company: Beer enthusiasts will appreciate the Grand Rapids Brewing Company, a local brewery and restaurant. Enjoy a range of craft beers along with a menu that offers diverse options, including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

It's advisable to make reservations or check the availability of these restaurants, especially during peak event times, to ensure a seamless dining experience. Whether you're in the mood for casual dining, international flavors, or fine cuisine, these dining options near Van Andel Arena provide a range of choices to satisfy every palate and enhance your visit to Grand Rapids.

Van Andel Arena Events

Van Andel Arena is renowned for hosting a wide array of exciting events throughout the year. From concerts by popular artists to thrilling sports games and special performances, there's always something happening at this vibrant venue. Here are some upcoming events scheduled at Van Andel Arena:

Concerts: Van Andel Arena attracts renowned musicians and bands from various genres. Stay tuned for upcoming concerts featuring both international and local artists. To purchase tickets, visit the official Van Andel Arena website or authorized ticketing platforms. Keep an eye out for pre-sale opportunities, which may be available to newsletter subscribers or members of fan clubs.

Sports Games: Van Andel Arena is home to the Grand Rapids Griffins, a professional ice hockey team. Cheer them on as they compete against other teams in the American Hockey League (AHL). Additionally, the arena occasionally hosts other sports events such as basketball games and wrestling matches, providing thrilling experiences for sports enthusiasts.

Special Performances: Look out for special performances that bring unique experiences to Van Andel Arena. These may include Broadway shows, circuses, ice skating shows, and more. These events often captivate audiences with their dazzling displays of talent and creativity.

To stay updated on the latest events and purchase tickets, visit the official Van Andel Arena website or subscribe to their newsletter for announcements and exclusive offers. It's recommended to secure your tickets in advance, as popular events may sell out quickly.

Van Andel Arena prides itself on offering a diverse range of events, ensuring there's something for everyone's entertainment preferences. Whether you're a music lover, sports fan, or interested in special performances, Van Andel Arena is the place to be. Plan ahead, mark your calendars, and get ready for unforgettable experiences at this premier entertainment venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Getting to Van Andel Arena

Van Andel Arena is located at 130 West Fulton Street in downtown Grand Rapids. It is easily accessible by car, bus, or light rail.

By car:

  • The arena is located off of I-196 and I-96.
  • There is a large parking garage located directly across from the arena.
  • The cost of parking is $10 per event.
  • There are also several other parking garages and surface lots located in the downtown area.

By bus:

  • The arena is served by several Grand Rapids bus lines.
  • The nearest stop is located at the corner of Fulton Street and Monroe Avenue.
  • The cost of a bus ride is $2.25.

By light rail:

  • The Grand Rapids–Kent County Metro Line light rail system has a stop located at the corner of Fulton Street and Monroe Avenue.
  • The cost of a light rail ride is $2.25.

Here are some additional tips for getting to Van Andel Arena:

  • If you are driving, allow plenty of time to park and get to the arena.
  • If you are taking the bus or light rail, check the schedules in advance to make sure you know when the next one will arrive.
  • If you are attending an event that is expected to be crowded, consider carpooling or taking public transportation.

Van Andel Arena Parking

When attending an event at Van Andel Arena, it's essential to plan your parking ahead of time to ensure a smooth and convenient experience. Here are the available parking options near Van Andel Arena:

On-Site Parking: Van Andel Arena offers on-site parking for event attendees. The arena has its parking lot, conveniently located adjacent to the venue. It provides easy access to the arena and is a popular choice for visitors. Please note that on-site parking availability may vary depending on the event, so it's recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.

Off-Site Parking: In addition to on-site parking, there are off-site parking facilities available near Van Andel Arena. Several parking lots and garages can be found within walking distance of the venue. These off-site parking options often provide a convenient alternative, especially during busy events.

Parking Fees: Both on-site and off-site parking facilities may have parking fees. The pricing structure can vary depending on the duration of your stay and the event. It's advisable to check the official Van Andel Arena website or contact the parking facility directly for information on current parking fees.

Accessibility and Alternative Transportation: Van Andel Arena is committed to providing accessibility options for all visitors. Accessible parking spaces are available for individuals with disabilities near the venue entrance. Additionally, there are drop-off points for guests who require special assistance.

If you prefer alternative transportation options, public transportation, such as buses and taxis, are available in the area. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also popular choices for getting to and from Van Andel Arena. These options can help alleviate parking concerns and provide a convenient way to reach the venue.

When planning your visit to Van Andel Arena, consider your parking preferences, budget, and accessibility needs. It's advisable to arrive early to secure parking, especially during popular events. Be sure to check the official Van Andel Arena website or contact the venue directly for the most up-to-date parking information.

Tips for attending an event at Van Andel Arena

  • Arrive early: This will give you plenty of time to park and get to your seat.
  • Dress warmly: If you are attending a hockey game, be sure to dress warmly. The arena can get quite cold, especially during the winter months.
  • Bring a camera: This will allow you to capture all the action of the event.
  • Be sure to follow the arena's rules and regulations: This will help to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.


Van Andel Arena is a premier entertainment venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a great place to catch a concert, a sporting event, or a family show. With its state-of-the-art facilities and convenient location, Van Andel Arena is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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