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Monday, December 25, 2023

Central Park Bridges and Arches

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

There are more than 10 bridges in Central Park and several arches. I will tell you which are the most famous ordered from south to north to facilitate the journey.

You will discover the others as you wander through the park, you have to leave something to chance, don't you think?

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1. Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge in Central Park
Gapstow Bridge in Central Park

The Gapstow Bridge crosses The Pond at 62nd Street. It's great for people-watching on Wollman Rink in the winter.

In summer they will be able to enjoy the sight of the birds of the park that in this area is abundant.

2. Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge in central park
Bow Bridge in central park, NY 

The  Bow Bridge is by far the most famous bridge in Central Park, at least it is the one that appears in the most movies and series.

It crosses The Lake at 74th Street, very close to the Bethesda terrace & Fountain.

With its 20 meters it is the longest and one of the most beautiful with its neoclassical - Renaissance moldings.

I recommend you sit at sunset on the benches near the bridge, see how it is reflected in the waters of the lake and enjoy the rowing boats plowing through its waters.

In the movies we have been accustomed to seeing it as a special place for lovers, and in real life, in fact, it is. When they cross it, they will surely run into some newlyweds photographing themselves on their wedding day.

3. Balcony Bridge

Another of the park's original design bridges (1860). It is a solid stone structure located very close to the west entrance of the park on 77th Street.

Balcony Bridge in central park
Balcony Bridge in central park
Image source: Flickr/TheTurducken

From the Balcony Bridge you will have beautiful views of The Lake and the skyline of 5th avenue.

4. Oak bridge or Bank Rock Bridge

Another bridge over The Lake, this one at the northwest end of the lake at 78th Street.

Oak bridge in central park
Oak Bridge in Central Park
Image source: Flickr/TheTurducken

The structure that you will see is a replica of the original, as the effects of time took their toll on this wooden bridge that is over 150 years old.

It is the place in Central Park most visited by bird watchers.

5. Gothic Bridge

Gothic Bridge in Central Park
Gothic Bridge in Central Park, Ny

It's actually called the 28th Bridge, but it's also known as the Reservoir Bridge or Gothic Bridge because of its gothic decorations.

It is at the west end of the Reservoir at 94th Street.


Trefoil Arch In Central Park
Trefoil Arch In Central Park
Image source: Flickr/oinonio

Throughout the entire length of the park there are more than a dozen arches that are very representative of Central Park.

Originally they were designed to facilitate the transit of carriages without interrupting the passage of passers-by.

If you want to have a banquet of arches, visit the page of the park where they are geolocated and tell you a brief description of each one.

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