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Monday, December 25, 2023

The 10 secrets about the existence of the Statue of Liberty

  Rajesh Kumar Rana       Monday, December 25, 2023

Every country has its own iconic buildings. When it comes to the most iconic buildings in the United States, it should be the Statue of Liberty in New York. Although it was given by the French, it means more to Americans, because the statue of the goddess symbolizes bravery, freedom, and peace, which is also in line with the mainstream values ​​of American society. Most of us are familiar with this statue, but some of its secrets may not be very clear. Let me tell you the secrets of the Statue of Liberty: Maybe many people don't know, 10 secrets of the Statue of Liberty!


1. The statue cost $500,000 to build

The Statue of Liberty was created by the famous French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. The cost of creating this statue came from crowdfunding. This is the first crowdfunding activity in the world. So a total of The amount spent was almost $500,000, which may sound like a small amount, but it happened in the 19th century, and if converted to the current exchange rate, it would probably exceed $10 million. So the amount is still huge!

2. The statue's preferred destination is not New York

Now we all know that the Statue of Liberty is in New York, the largest city in the United States, but the first choice of destination was not New York, but Baltimore, Boston, San Francisco or Philadelphia. At that time, New York did not have enough funds to come To pay for the base, these cities are willing to pay. However, due to various reasons, in the end the statue was still chosen to be built in New York.

3. The Statue of Liberty "disappeared" once

In history, the Statue of Liberty has disappeared once, of course, this is not the real disappearance, but the famous magician David Copperfield, through the magic show, the Statue of Liberty disappeared in front of the audience, this time The performance took place in 1983 and was a great success and made people all over the world better aware of this great statue.

4. The statue has been modernized

Maybe many young people don't know that the Statue of Liberty was modernized. In 1984-1986, the statue got a new torch and flame. It was made of copper and covered with 24k gold leaf. The previous The flashlight had to be replaced due to water leaks, but it can still be seen in the Statue of Liberty Museum, in addition to that, the head and arms have also been modified, because experts found that the head has been off-center by 60 cm, while the arms are also installed at a distance of 45 cm from the body.

5. The statue can produce 30 million copper plates

The current appearance color of the Statue of Liberty is green. There was a time when it was half brown and half green. However, these are caused by years of oxidation. The real color is golden copper, so if you take the Statue of Liberty If it is made into copper plates, it can be replaced with about 30 million copper plates.

6. An interesting comparison

A lot of people love to make comparisons these days, so what would an interesting comparison to the Statue of Liberty look like? First of all, the height of the statue is equal to the height of a 22-story building, and the length of the face is as long as the queen-sized double bed, and the hands are twice as long as the face. If you want to buy shoes, the size of the shoes must be 879 yards, and the waist circumference It is as long as a double-decker bus and weighs about five times that of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

7. Statues are not completely still

Although the Statue of Liberty is very heavy, it is not completely motionless, because according to experts' findings, when the wind is strong enough, it will swing about 8 centimeters, while the torch in the right hand swings about 16 centimeters , in fact, it is not felt at all from a distance, so many people may not know this!

8. The mysterious number "7"

I don’t know if you know it, but the Statue of Liberty is closely related to the number 7. For example, the crown on the head has 7 pointed horns, which symbolize the 7 continents of the world, and the number of windows on the head is 25, and the torch around There are 16 leaves, and the height of the statue is 151 feet. If their numbers are added together, they are all equal to 7. Whether it is intentional or accidental, it seems that the author of the statue has a great preference for 7, or some unknown secret!

9. Close relationship with Freemasonry

Although there is no accurate evidence, there has always been information about the Statue of Liberty and Freemasonry, because the author of the statue, Frederick Auguste Bartholdi, is a Freemason. Freemasonry members, and the torch held by the Statue of Liberty is the torch symbol of Freemasonry enlightenment, so from all indications, this statue is closely related to Freemasonry.

10. The Statue of Liberty Might Be a Man

prototype is Bartholdi's mother, but according to expert research, the face of the Statue of Liberty is likely to be his mentally ill brother Jean-Charles Barthold Erdi, after comparing the photos, it was found that they were indeed very similar, so the probability that the Statue of Liberty is a man is very high. Of course, this statement may be difficult for some people to accept, so it is still controversial until now!

Do you know any other secrets about the Statue of Liberty? You can leave a message with me below!📩

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